And so it is that in this experience I firmly believe that when we do not give forgiveness, justice, equity, benevolence, tolerance, freedom, equality to another, we are withholding it from the Christ, which is our true Self. And, therefore, in withholding it from another, in the end, we withhold it from ourselves. How else could we interpret that? “Inasmuch as ye did it not unto the least of these my brethren, ye did it not unto me,” because the only me there is, the only Christ there is, the only Son of God there is, is that which is made manifest as man on Earth, or if there are men on some other planets, we’ll include those too. At this moment, we only know of the man on Earth, and so we will say then that the only God there is, is the God that is manifest as man. The only Christ there is, is the Christ that is made manifest as your individual life and mine. And as we serve each other, we are serving the Christ of each other, and in the service to the Christ of you, I serve myself. In your service to the Christ of another, you are serving yourself.

Now, do you not see that if an individual cannot accept this and cannot put it into action that there is no way to bring them under the law of God, because this is the law and the prophets that you must do it unto the least of these my brethren and the greatest. In the same way, the Master has given us a tremendous teaching. Seems almost impossible to believe that his whole ministry only covered about forty days of healing work. He gave us so much instruction in those forty days:

  • Forgive seventy times seven.
  • Pray for your enemy.
  • Resist not evil.
  • Do not use the law of a tooth for a tooth and an eye for an eye.
  • Do not seek revenge.
  • Do not try to take from others.

It’s very clear in his Sermon on the Mount what our conduct must be to bring us under the law of God.

Now, as we fulfill these terms, we do bring ourselves under the law of God. In the beginning, when we turn to a ministry of this kind, we receive healings long before we have brought ourselves under the law of God, but we have done this by the Grace of the practitioner. In other words, just as many, including those sinners of whom we have spoken, came to the Master and received their release and freedom, even before they changed their way of life. This happens today. Individuals come to us for healings and receive them long before there has been any change of consciousness in them, long before they have changed their ways of life or of thinking. But the Master warns, “Go and sin no more, lest a worse thing come upon you.” In other words, my conscious Oneness with God has set you free. My God realization has given you this healing. I am ordained, because the Spirit of the Lord God is upon me to heal the sick and to forgive sinners. But he says, “Go and sin no more, lest a worse thing come upon you.” In other words, if you persist in the materialistic way of living, there is no way of believing that you are going to find your freedom from material laws and bring yourself under the law of God.

At this point, I would like to introduce to you an idea that may at first seem strange to you, but as you live with it, you will find what a joy it is and what a relief it is to know this. Your salvation—meaning your freedom from the discords of earth—your release from earthly bondage does not come about by changing your thinking from wrong thinking to right thinking nor does your wrong thinking hold you in bondage to the evils of this world, because taking thought is not a power. There isn’t anyone who would have to wait on time for their release if they could accept, if they can feel what I’m about to say to you.

Your release from the bondage of sense is by the grace of God. It is not by an act of man. It is not by an act of thinking. It is not by any act that you may perform. It is not prevented by any act that you do not perform. Spiritual harmony, which means a release from earthly ties, earthly bondage, is completely an act of the grace of God, and the grace of God is something you do not earn. You do not deserve. There isn’t a human being in the world that deserves the grace of God no matter how humanly good they may have been, because human good does not enter at all into the spiritual realm.

Let me remind you, my kingdom, the Christ kingdom is not of this world. It’s not of the world of right thinking or wrong thinking. It’s not of this world at all. “My peace give I unto you, not as the world giveth.” My peace, a spiritual peace, an incorporeal peace, a divine peace, something that you can’t think about, because you don’t know what form it takes, because you are not yet in that kingdom. Therefore, you have no way of knowing what form it will take. Therefore, you can’t think about it.

Now, close your eyes. And those of you who have lived very good lives and have no major sins on your conscience and no evils, no errors, just remember that your goodness is not going to get you into the kingdom of God. It isn’t recognized there at all. And you who have things to forget, sins of omission or commission, major ones or minor ones, please remember this. They have no more power to keep you outside the kingdom of Heaven than the woman taken in adultery, or the thief on the cross, or even Judas Iscariot. “Father, forgive them, they know not what they do,” and to forgive them means to put them right back in Heaven. And so your vices now are not going to operate in this minute to prevent you from receiving the grace of God. Your virtues are not going to be of any help to you.

So you can forget your vices and forget your virtues, and be still without any remembrance of either of them. Though your sins were scarlet, you’re white as snow and without any good to boast about, without any sins to repent of now. God’s grace is in the midst of you, as long as you do not make it dependent on how good you’ve been and as long as you do not feel that your badness has been a barrier to it. You can, in this moment, receive the grace of God, because it is here. There is no other place than here where the grace of God is. There is no other time than now when it is functioning, because the grace of God does not function in the past, and the grace of God cannot be made to function in the future. Therefore, the only time and the only place that the grace of God can be functioning is here and now within you.

Do not set up a barrier of your past mistakes. Do not set up a barrier of your present virtues. Neither your vices nor your virtues count. The moment you open yourself to God, God is there. He can’t reach you in the past, and he can’t reach you in the future. There is only one time and one place where God’s grace can reach you, and that is in the now. Here where I am. If I make my bed in Hell, thou art here. No matter how good I am or if I make my bed in Heaven, thou art here. If I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I am here.