God Seeks Us 6/6 ~ 3rd Point of Practice

Third Point of Practice

Now, our third point today is put on the armor of Oneness.  This is one of the greatest points in all spiritual teaching.  It is one that is only touched on in the very highest spiritual teaching.  It is a revelation of God as One, not a statement of God as One—a revelation of God as One.  In other words, when we speak of Oneness, we’re speaking of God’s Power as the only Power, not as a power that you use over evil powers or to overcome sin or disease with but as One.  In other words, to put on the armor of Oneness means to be like David going out to meet Goliath.  It means to take off that heavy armor of defense, because there’s no power out there to defend yourself against.  And then he proved that Goliath was not a power.  He was just a braggart, because without any armor in the world’s sense of armor and without any of what the world calls its weapons, Goliath is destroyed.  The least of these things—a little pebble, no armor, no protection.  Now to go out into the world with the armor of Oneness means to go out without the sword of offense or the armor of defense.  It means to go out without affirmations or denials.  Oh you see, when we were in the realm of armor and swords that was easy.  But now when we come to giving up affirmations in the now that gets more difficult.  But those are weapons of offense and defense.

We are trying with our affirmations and denials to destroy sin, disease, death, lack, and limitation.  And there isn’t any.  There isn’t any.  There’s no reality to it.  Those are appearances that tempt us into a battle.  First the battle is with armor, and swords, and guns, and bombs.  And as you get to be a metaphysician and go into the mental realm, the battle is with thoughts, and affirmations, and denials.  You see that.  Now, we haven’t put on the armor of Oneness until we’ve agreed that God, this is the first commandment of the Ten Commandments and the first of the Master’s commandments.  God is the only Presence and the only Power.  Now, as you go out into the world with that—God is ONE—one life that doesn’t have to be saved, one life that doesn’t have to be healed.  God is one soul that doesn’t have to be purified.  God is one substance.  So there’s no bad substance, no evil substance, no too much substance, no too little substance.  So you don’t need any words to change substance with or thoughts anymore than you need things.  God is one substance.  God is the only activity, so there’s no evil activity.  So we need neither swords, nor armor, nor words, nor thoughts of offense or defense, since God is the only activity.  And who is there to fear God’s activity.

Oh yes, you’re going to be tempted.  Oh certainly, maybe at the first street corner there’s going to be a man standing with a gun to hold us up.  And that is our first temptation either to use physical might to overpower him or to use mental might.  But spiritual truth says, “Stand ye still.  The battle is not yours.”  There’s no power but God.  There’s no activity but God, so let him have his little fun with his gun if he wants.  Ah yes, when atomic bombs are flying, everybody wants to buy a bomb shelter.  And those who don’t buy physical ones start to use mental ones and build a mental wall around themselves or a mental defense.  Against what?  The activity of God?  There is no other activity.

Certainly the temptation the world is giving us the temptation of atomic bombs.  And the world is fearing it.  Don’t you ever worry about that.  You can feel that as you travel the trains and planes how the world is fearing it.  Why, why in a Christian world should one fear when the whole teaching is based on God as the only activity?  So bombs can only be another temptation like germs.  We in the metaphysical world aren’t nearly as afraid of germs as the rest of the world, and so we don’t suffer so much from them.  Well, if they were really power, we would suffer from them.  We would have just as many germ diseases, infectious and contagious diseases as the world has, if infection and contagion were power.  But we have already come to see that there’s no power in infection and contagion.  So we walk in and out among it and nothing happens.  Why?  Because if there is such a thing, it’s the activity of God.  If it isn’t, it’s just an appearance tempting us to believe in an activity, substance, or presence apart from God.  Now what difference does it make whether it’s a tiny germ that we’re fearing or a great big bomb?  Both of them have the same power enough to kill us, in human belief.  Can’t be too important which way it is if we’re going to have accept the belief.

Now, put on the armor of Oneness.  Face every situation in life with that one word “ONE.”  If you’re threatened with a bad activity, just smile and remember God is the only activity, for the only activity there’s only one activity.  That’s God.  If you’re threatened with a false sense of substance—too much or too little—smile at it.  Remember, since Oneness is Truth, there’s only one Substance.  There’s no evil substance.  There’s no bad substance.  There’s no sick substance.  There’s just one Substance, and that’s Spirit.  And so it is, if your life is threatened, smile at it.  There’s only one Life.  You can only lose your sense of life by believing that there are two lives—God’s life and yours—and that subjects you to any temptation or belief in all the world.  But the moment you give up all sense of a life apart from God, you have entered immortality and eternality right here on Earth.

If you are suffering from hate, animosity, jealousy, envy, your only recourse is in the word ONE.  If God is Love, there’s only one Love.  There can’t be degrees of it.  There can’t be more of it and less of it, and what’s more there can’t be an absence of it, since Love always is infinite.  Anything pertaining to God is infinite.  So if Love is of God, Love is infinite.  And so when you see hate, envy, jealousy, malice, are you seeing something that’s there, or are you seeing a temptation to believe that Love isn’t infinite or that there’s more than one kind of Love?

And so it is, put on the armor of Oneness.  Face every situation and every condition with the word ONE.  One Life, one Soul, one Mind, one Being, even one Body.  You might even be fearing something about your body.  But if you ever remember that there’s only one Body, since there’s only one God to be embodied.  Oh I know the appearances indicate that each one of us here has a body.  And that’s why we all seem to be different, some healthier, some not, some more, some less.  That’s because we have accepted the belief of duality—more than one.  But if there’s only one God and one Life, there can only be One embodiment, and that One is the Body of God.  Know ye not that your body is the temple of God.  It doesn’t say that each one of us has a temple of God, but that our body is the temple of God.  Your body, my body.  The body is the temple of God.  Since Oneness is the Truth, then there’s only one Body, and that’s that.

That really covers about nine months work.  Gosh, by then, maybe I can get back.

Thank you.

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