God Seeks Us 5/6 ~ 2nd Point of Practice

Point of Practice #2

And our point number two is to give up all idea of demonstration, whether the demonstration is for employment, or income, or companionship, or home, even the desire for health and for sinlessness.  Let’s give it all up.  Even the desire to be good and pure.  Let’s give that up too.  And let us translate everything into one desire, and that is to realize God’s Presence, to realize Omnipresence, to realize that the place whereon I stand is holy ground.  That all that the Father hath is mine.  You know after that statement doesn’t it seem strange to still be trying to make demonstrations.  All that the Father hath is mine.  Only one demonstration to make is the realization of that truth.  So let us give up getting health or getting abundance, and let us get acquainted with God.

At first it’s difficult to get acquainted with God, because we think of God in terms of our concept of God.  And that’s why we never really get acquainted, because God isn’t like that at all.  God isn’t like anything that we think God is.  And so one of the things, one of the desires that we have to give up is the desire for God and the way we think of God.  Let us above, in our giving up, let us give up the kind of a God that we have thought about, or visualized, or believed in.  And let us accept God as God without any idea or outline of what it is we’re going to meet when we do get acquainted with God, because we’re going to find a different kind of fellow than we ever thought about.  It’s a different experience.  Those who have experienced God—well I can’t tell you what that experience is like—they can tell you that God isn’t like anything you think God is.

And so it is a good rule to know this.  You don’t know God.  What you’re entertaining is a concept of God, an idea of God.  Oh it may be Jesus’ concept of God as Father or the Father within, or it may be Paul’s concept of God as the Christ.  But it’s still concept.  It’s still concept.  It may be yours.  It may be your parents’ concept.  It may be your churches’ concept.  And you may have given up your orthodox churches’ concept of God and accepted a metaphysical concept of God as mind, or life, or principle.  Give those up too.  All of those are facets of God.

We can speak of God as love, but if we do, we’re speaking of one of the tiniest, little bits of God, because love is only one of the many ways in which God presents Itself.  We can speak of God as mind, but that can’t be God, because mind is only one of the many, many ways in which God presents Itself.  We can speak of God as law, but God must be something more than law, because law is only one of the many ways in which God presents Itself.

So instead of thinking of God in some finite, limited way, let us realize that Life, Truth, Love, Substance, Principle, Law, Soul, Spirit, these are all ways in which God presents Itself to us.  But God is even greater than the sum total of all of them.  And so let us go for the whole vision and not be concerned about what we think God is, or what we’ve been taught God is, or what our books say that God is, and let us turn with an open mind to the revelation of God, the unfoldment of God in our consciousness, and be prepared for it in whatever form it may appear.  And be assured of this, to each one it will come in a different way.

There will be again the story of the four blind men who had climbed up on an elephant, and each was describing the elephant to the others.  One had caught a hold of its tail, of course, and was telling the others that the elephant was like a heavy piece of rope.  And the other one had caught hold of the legs, and he was explaining that an elephant is so wide that you can’t get both arms around it and so thick and so heavy that you can’t move it.  But the other one had caught hold of a tusk, and he was saying, “Why no, no, it isn’t like that either; it’s cold, and it’s hard,” and so forth, and so on.  And so each blind man told what the elephant was from his viewpoint, but the elephant actually was more than the sum total of all those things.  And so it is with God.

I could tell you some of the things and some of the ways in which I have caught glimpses of God, but it would be very incomplete, very imperfect, because I have no way of explaining All-ness.  And you have no way of explaining All-ness, and All-ness will appear to you one day one way and another day another way.  So let us forget our ideas or concepts of God and turn to the revelation of God Itself.  Let us turn away from all forms of God, like health, and abundance, and good, and get acquainted with God.  Acquaint now thyself with him, and be at peace.  Why you know that if you’re to be at peace you have health, wealth, harmony, and all the other things, too, or you wouldn’t have peace.  So to get at peace means to get acquainted with God, and then all these things will be added.

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