But you see; only you can bring this into your experience. And again, I must prove it to you. Before we came into this room, this was an empty room. And there was no love in this room, but there was no hate in this room, no envy, no jealousy. There was nothing in this room but a vacuum. And now we have been here and we feel something among ourselves, and if we gave it a name we would say ‘love.’ We feel love; we feel compassion; we feel a confidence, an assurance in each other; we feel a trust in each other. Well did we come here and find it in the room or did we bring it here? Yeah. That’s the answer. The only thing we’re experiencing in this room is what we brought here. You see that? You can’t find anything in this room, and if by chance there is someone in this room who brought doubt and suspicion and fear and hate, that’s what they’re experiencing even in the midst of this love, unless they’ve been receptive enough to be healed of it. Do you see that?

Never believe that you can go to Holy Mountains or Holy Temples and get something. And don’t believe that you can go to Holy Books or Holy Teachers and get something. You can only get what you bring in your consciousness. What have you in the house? the Master asks. What have you in the house? And Jesus Christ asked the disciples, when he has a multitude to feed, What have we? And you see, the whole secret is in the answer.

Whatever we have is going to be multiplied. If we brought just a little love, a little faith, a little confidence into this room, it has been multiplied. But without bringing it in here, there isn’t anyone up here on this platform that could instill it in you. It has to be in you and be drawn forth from you.

The word educate – educate: to draw forth, not to pump in. I know some of our teachers still have the idea they can pump something into a pupil, but they can’t. You draw it forth and this is especially true in spiritual teaching. I have witnessed this all my career, that you cannot give a person whose vessel is already full of something else. You just can’t, you can’t give them what they haven’t got. But if they have it, you can draw it forth from them.

And so remember, if you want safety and security and health and peace on earth, don’t leave your house in the morning unless you carry them with you, because what emanates from your consciousness, the bread that you put on the waters, is the bread that comes back to you. You are the one who have an infinite storehouse within you.

Yes, I might say this to you. I was talking recently to a man in a very high place in our nation and he expressed the thought that there are no guarantees that we, in this country, will be able to maintain our republican form of government for many more years and that we may be nearing the very end of our American liberties and freedom; that we may lose these much sooner than we think. And he was telling me about the letters that come from many people saying, Why aren’t you fellows doing something about it? And he said, What can we do—legislate freedom? That was done by the founding fathers. Can we guarantee anybody their freedom? No. Not the freedom that they voluntarily sacrifice themselves and give away, or neglect to protect. No, he said, I have found in our life what you have found in religious life. That all power is within the individual; that there’s no God power outside to protect him, and there’s no devil power outside that can harm him. Whatever it is has to emanate from within his own being.

Now this we have discovered. Well, we’re not so smart; the Master gave it to us. The kingdom of God is within you. That means the kingdom of God’s power is within you. As an individual, it is within you. It cannot be given to you. You must let it flow forth and fulfill Browning—Truth is within ourselves and we must open out a way for the imprisoned splendor to escape, rather than make entry for a light supposed to be without.

Well, there it is. The kingdom of God is within me. And as I learn to trust the Infinite Invisible to appear visibly, there will be fruit on my trees, flowers on my bushes, grass on my lawn; there will be happiness in my life; there will be prosperity in my affairs if I realize that all of the visible and tangible is but the product of an Infinite Invisible that is within me. Not within my husband or wife or parent or child—it is within me. And all good must emanate from me, but I must learn to forgive seventy times seven; I must learn to pray for my enemy; I must learn to forgive those who despitefully use me; I must stop relying on man whose breath is in his nostril; I must stop depending on princes; I must stop giving power to tyrants or government; I must stop giving power to bullets or bombs; I must consciously realize that the invisible spirit of God within me is the only law unto safety, security, peace, happiness, joy, prosperity, and all the rest of these good things of life.

Unless I realize constantly and consciously, that all power flows out from me as a blessing to this world, then it’s no wonder if somebody else comes along and takes away my freedom, or my harmony, or my peace, or my prosperity, for I have given them the power to do it. And I had no right to. All power is given unto me. God has given me dominion over everything there is, not by virtue of my smartness or powers, not by might or by power but by virtue of God’s spirit in me. Not by might nor by power, but by thy Spirit.

And so it is, if each one of us will live in the constant and conscious realization that the power of God is within us and that no man can encroach upon it, no man can touch it. The kingdom of God flows out and blesses all who come within range of my consciousness. You will find then that ten righteous men in a city will save the city. A little handful of people realizing that all power is in individual—in the breast of the individual, within the consciousness of the individual—will stop the lion’s mouth in every part of the world. It will prove that even though they have more temporal power than we that, this is but the arm of flesh, whereas we have spiritual power. And spiritual power isn’t greater than temporal power—spiritual is the only power, and temporal power is no power.

Please, take home with you this remembrance, that the Infinite Way is a revelation which says that God is not a power over sin, disease, death or tyranny or tyrants. This says God is infinite, omnipotence, the only Power, and temporal power is not power whether it is a power of the mind, or power of matter. It is not power. We are living in a fourth dimension of one spiritual power functioning as spiritual law in a universe of Spirit and thereby revealing the non-presence and power of the appearances. And that’s it.

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