Now, behind every form of evil, there is the cause of evil, and that cause is the universal belief in good and evil, the universal belief in two powers. That is why, you see, you aren’t responsible for the evil in your life through any evil propensities—only through ignorance of this law. If it weren’t for our acceptance of the universal belief in two powers, we would never know sin, disease or death. We would never know lack or limitation; we would never know any reason for sin. There’d never be a reason for it; there’d never be an object. It is only because in our thought some things are good and some things are evil, and we naturally would like to have the most evil ones, because that’s the one we know the least about, and that creates a vacuum.

Yes, a universal belief in two powers is the origin of evil. That is what threw Adam and Eve out of Eden—the acceptance of a belief in good and evil. And that’s what keeps us out of Eden. And we return to Eden proportionately to our ability to unsee, to deny, the two powers, good and evil. The way we do that is this: if we start with God, we have to start with Omnipotence. If we have Omnipotence, it must be clear to us that there cannot be two powers. There can only be the power that Omnipotence is.

Now, if we were going by ancient Hebrew teachings, we could accept a God of good and evil because the God of the ancient Hebrews rewarded the good and punished the evil. As a matter of fact, he did a lot of evil himself. When he was prayed to, he killed a lot of our enemies for us. Why they should deserve it anymore than we, we don’t know, but he surely did it for them according to their teaching. And look at all the women he allowed them to take for their private slaves. Well, you don’t believe that. Neither do I, but nevertheless they did, and they had an actual God who went out and destroyed their enemies. We have people even these days that pray that our enemies be destroyed and really believe that God can help to destroy them. Some of them are really sitting around waiting expecting God is going to do that very thing. Just be patient and God will destroy our enemies.

Oh no, God is not a destroyer in that sense. And I don’t think God renders judgment as to who is the friend and who is the enemy. He’d have a hard time keeping up with us if He did—we’ve changed our opinion so often.

Now then, God is omnipotence, the all power. Then this belief in two powers cannot be a law and cannot be truth. It can only be a universally accepted belief, and now we can choose. Shall we accept Omnipotence or shall we continue to accept the world belief in two powers?

Well, we have in some degree, accepted Christ Jesus so let us see what he shows us. Does he show any signs of a God that permits two powers? No. He heals the sick in spite of this belief in two powers, health and disease. He raises the dead so that he doesn’t even accept the belief in death, and that’s the strongest power there is. It’s the last enemy that shall be overcome, and yet he overcomes it, showing that in the kingdom of God, not even death is a power. Therefore disease can’t be a power and age can’t be a power, because if either disease or age were a power, the power would lead to death. But neither disease nor age can lead to death because death itself isn’t a power.

Then the only thing that is power is life and does he not say so? I am life eternal. To know Him aright is life eternal. In Him there is no death; in Him there is no darkness; in Him there is no evil power. And God is too pure to behold iniquity, therefore there can be no power of evil in God.”

And so, if we literally accept Christ Jesus we accept the doctrine of Omnipotence, all power, One power. Some of the ancient Hebrew teachers saw that. Hear O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is One. One life, one mind, one power, one being.

And so it is then that our first work in the morning is waking to the realization of God’s presence and this you will find in…outlined in Practicing the Presence, The Art of Meditation, and in The Infinite Way.  But along with it must come the realization that this is the day the Lord hath made and in it there is only His power.

And therefore, powers of matter or mind are negated. They are not operative in my consciousness, for in my consciousness I am accepting God, the reign and rule of God, the government of God in my experience, and only that. And therefore, there are no laws of mind or matter to function in my experience, only the spiritual laws of God.

Can we prove this? Yes. If God is infinite and if God is a lawgiver, then there’s no other lawgiver than God. And if God is Spirit and God is infinite, then the only law there is, is spiritual law. And so spiritual law being infinite, omnipotent, omnipresent, all these laws of mind or matter are nullified and only divine law operates in, through and as my individual consciousness.

And as you do this, we call this protective work. It is not protecting you from evil; it is not protecting you from evil persons or evil groups or evil influences; it is protecting you from accepting the universal belief in two powers. And you will find this as part of our daily work in The Infinite Way Letters 1955, a chapter called Protective Work.

As you learn day after day, day after day to practice this so that you do not leave your home in the morning until you have within you an assurance of God’s grace—an assurance that besides Me, there is no other power—you will find that you are changing the nature of your entire day. A thousand may fall at your left hand with grippe or flu that day. Ten thousand may fall at your right hand with cancer or consumption or polio. It will not come nigh thy dwelling if you are abiding in the allness, the oneness, the omnipotence, the infinite nature of God’s being.

But only you can do that for you. Remember that a practitioner or teacher of developed consciousness can overcome a particular sin or disease or false appetite or lack for you. And they can do it twice, or three times, or four times, but don’t stretch it too far. You must go and do likewise. In other words, you can come for the loaves and fishes once or twice, but watch out that the Master doesn’t refute you the next time and say, “You sought me yesterday for the loaves and fishes, now again today. When I’m trying to reveal to you a principle that will give you an abundance of supply with twelve basketsful left over. I’m trying to give you, not a healing; I’m trying to give you immortal life without knowing age.”