Now, the same thing is true when it comes to the subject of mundane things like supply, money, or transportation. Never, never meditate or pray for money, for supply, for housing, for companionship. Never pray or meditate for a seat in the airplane, or a seat in an automobile. Never under any circumstances, don’t even be tempted to turn to God for anything. But when you meditate or pray, pray and meditate only for God awareness.

 God, reveal thyself. Father, speak to me. When thou uttereth thy voice, the earth of error melteth. Here God, where thou art, I am. And where thou art, I want to be. And where I am, thou art – but where I am, I want to know that thou art. I want to feel that thou art. I want an assurance that thou art. Give me thy assurance.

 Let me know that thou art here and I will go into a den of lions, and I will go out on the road even on a weekend holiday, only be with me. I don’t want to be any place alone. Be with me, but let me be conscious of thy presence. Let me be aware of thy presence.

And then when I have that presence, then whatever supply is necessary for any purpose, it appears, whether it is the supply of money, or the supply of transportation, or the supply of housing. Whatever it may be, it is there, not because I have prayed for it, but because I have prayed to live consciously in the presence of God and let God be my supply.

And so it is, we do not have God and supply. We do not have God and companionship. God is supply and God is companionship. God is my friend; the Lord is my husband; the Lord is my Father and my Maker; the Lord is my wife. God is my all and then, once I have the conscious presence of God, I have God present as a companion or a wife, or a dollar, or whatever the need may be.

Now, all of our work from the beginning of it in the Infinite Way, has been the demonstration of God, never the demonstration of health, never the demonstration of supply, never the demonstration of business. Always it has been demonstrate God. I think you find that in Living the Infinite Way.  Demonstrate God. When you have God, you have allness.

For instance, you never will get safety or security from God. God is thy high tower and God is thy fortress. Therefore, the only bombproof shelter there is, is God. And don’t bother about the concrete ones because bombs shatter those, too. But none of them has ever shattered God. And if you live in God, there is your safety and your security.

So it is, God is the health of my countenance. Therefore, I do not need health—I need God. And when I have God, I have health, for God is health. And you will find that the foundation of the Infinite Way, in the textbook The Infinite Way, tells us that our principle evolves around two words—the word ‘as’; the word ‘is’. God is manifest as individual being, your being and mine. God is manifest as the health of my countenance. God is manifest as supply. God is manifest as safety and security. God is manifest as peace on earth. Therefore with all thy getting, get God.

And the word is. In God, there is no past and there is no future. The only time that God is, is now. It is now that God is holding up this earth on nothing. God upholds this earth on nothing. When? Not an hour ago or a minute from now. Now, in the eternal Now, God is. And as long as we have God now, we have an eternal is of harmony. Let us not think about God or ourselves as of yesterday. Let us not think of God or our needs as of tomorrow, but live in the realization that God is and God is the same yesterday, today and forever. God is the same from everlasting to everlasting, but only because God is. And it is in this isness that we have God’s nowness. And we don’t want God yesterday, and we won’t need God tomorrow. It is now in this moment that becomes an eternal now that God is our demonstration.

And the Master tells us, Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free. And so I would like to tell you that Infinite Way healing work is based on a series of revelations which came to me on the origin and nature of evil and how to deal with them. And it is on this, that our work, our healing work, is based.

To illustrate this for you, let me tell you that neither good nor evil can take place any place other than within your consciousness. It cannot take place outside of you, for you would not be aware of it. The only awareness you can have is that which takes place within your consciousness. And never forget this because it will save you years of misery in blaming anybody and everybody else for your troubles, when nobody is responsible for them but you. Not even the administration that happens to be in office. Very difficult at times to, uh, acknowledge this; very difficult to believe that it wasn’t, eh, somebody in our earlier experience in life or somebody in our present experience in life; but the fact of the matter is that whatever takes place, takes place in and through our consciousness and therefore, we are responsible for what takes place in our consciousness.

Now, we are not responsible in the sense that we’re either good or bad. We are responsible in the fact that we’re either enlightened or ignorant. And of course, being in ignorance of the law doesn’t excuse us. We pay the penalty for our ignorance the same as if we were the most evil people on earth. And that is difficult, too, to know how much suffering we are experiencing in our innocence because of our ignorance. And we’re not even responsible for the fact that we’re ignorant. We have been taught ignorance from the time we were born. In fact, it seems to be the greatest subject on the face of the earth and the one most widely taught—ignorance and superstition.