Son, thou art ever with me and all that I have is thine. How wondrous to hear God’s words reminding me that I am never separate or apart from God and that God knows my need and it is God’s good pleasure to give me the kingdom and all that the Father hath is mine. Oh, the joy and the peace that comes within as I contemplate along this line.

And supposing in my thought there are the memories of past offenses…oh offenses even up until this morning. How comforting it is to know that the Master revealed that his mission was to forgive sin unto seventy times seven. Well if I’m positive of anything at all, I’m positive that I haven’t yet been forgiven four hundred and ninety times and so I still have a few to go. And so I can rejoice in my forgiveness today for my past offenses.

Neither do I condemn thee, God says to me. Neither do I condemn thee for thy faults, for thy failings, for thy sins. Go and sin no more, but if by chance you do, remember that I’m still forgiving four hundred and ninety times. So don’t feel that there is any eternal damnation or any permanent punishment. Just remember, do the best you can today, and live in the constant awareness that I am with you, and that I will never leave thee nor forsake thee.

And so, as we contemplate, can you not see how we are quieting down inside, getting at peace and then we are ready for the next step and that’s when we let go of thought and we say, Speak Lord, thy servant heareth. It’s your time God, speak to me. I will listen for thy voice. I am listening for thy voice. Speak, thy servant heareth.  Instruct me. Reveal thyself to me. I know that thou art closer to me than breathing but reveal thyself. Let me feel thy presence. Let me have an awareness of thy presence or speak to me. Let me hear the still, small voice. In some way, make Thyself known to me. And know I’m listening.

And then, for twenty seconds or thirty seconds or forty or fifty, just be still and listen. And then get up and go about your work because you have opened your consciousness to the presence and power of God and it will function. You may not hear anything or see anything or know anything in this moment, but in the moment when you have a need, you will find that God is right there where you need Him and when.

And so it is, as you learn this form of meditation, and those who can should go through this meditation three, four, or five, six, seven times a day, as often as possible. Because what you are doing in it is opening yourself to a divine guidance, a divine substance, a divine law and then having opened yourself to it, it functions for you. Paul described it, I live, yet not I. Christ liveth my life.

Now, after you meditate this way for weeks and months, you will also find that things are happening in your life that you are not consciously responsible for. I mean, you did nothing to bring about, nothing humanly. You will find people who have been offended at you all of a sudden becoming reconciled. You will find doors that have been closed to you opening to you, whether they are social doors, family doors or business doors, or professional doors. You will also find that traits of character, and physical or mental ills, or moral or financial ills begin to dissolve and disappear, and you yourself can realize, I didn’t pray for that to happen; I didn’t ask for it to happen; it just began to happen of itself. Certainly, the more you live in the presence of God, the less of the absence of God there will be about you. And sin, disease, death, lack, limitation, discord – this only represents the absence of God.

Now, you will find that the meditation deepens. Oh, it may take months, and some cases years, but if you are faithful with this practice, you will find that you are led to still another step in meditation and that is the step of communion. And blessed is the man or woman that comes to that stage of meditation which is communion, because it is in this stage that we actually come into our awareness of God, so that it is no longer a theory or a belief or a hope. It now becomes an experience.

In other words, when you meditate, you will actually know that God is there by a tangible awareness or result. At first, you can feel a feeling of love, a gentle something that seems to go around in a circle within you. It’s as if there were a love going from you to God, and a love returning from God to you. It is just a sense, an awareness, a feeling. You can almost feel that love moving around within you. And then later, it becomes an actual presence there that you commune with as if there were two of you. It is as if there were you and God, or you and the Spirit of God, which is the Christ. And then, as you sit in the silence with it, it is as if It or He were always assuring you of something.

Here I am. Here I am and I will never leave thee. I will go before thee to make the crooked places straight. I go to prepare mansions for thee. Whithersoever thou goest, I will go. Thy people will be My people; thy work will be My work; thy life will be My life; thy joys will be My joys; and there will be no sorrow for I will be in the midst of thee, and I will keep thee from all harm. I will hold thee within Me, and I will uphold thee as thou walkest in the way.

        And so there will be this inner communion and sometimes at first, it comes occasionally, but eventually it comes at will. One can sit down a dozen times, or two dozens times in the day and it is always there. And here, incidentally, is the secret of Infinite Way demonstration and I want to explain that to you, knowing that you are all students.

When I have to come on the platform as today, or tonight, you might some of you ordinarily think that I meditate and go to God for a message, for something to say, or a principle to give. And if you think so, you’re wrong. I never go to God for a message. When I meditate, I go to God for the experience of God, just to have that feeling of God’s presence and that’s all. When I have that, God is the message. There is no God to give a message; there is no God to send a message. God is the message and there’s no finer message to give than the experience of God. It turns out in practical application that a message comes forth, and usually the very message that is needed for those who have come for it. But my concern is not for the message. My concern is that I have the actual feel of the presence of God and then let God utter itself for when He utters His voice, the earth melteth.

Now, the same thing is true when it comes to the subject of mundane things like supply, money, or transportation. Never, never meditate or pray for money, for supply, for housing, for companionship. Never pray or meditate for a seat in the airplane, or a seat in an automobile. Never under any circumstances, don’t even be tempted to turn to God for anything. But when you meditate or pray, pray and meditate only for God awareness.


  1. This is incredible. Everything is in this one segment – I’ve forwarded it to several friends. I feel inspired to really do a minute an hour, no matter what – perhaps with timer. At this strange time in the appearance world, I feel the importance that not I but Christ liveth through me
    love to all


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