From the “Heart Of Mysticism”, IW Letters : November 1958 Joel S. Goldsmith.

The Word Becomes Tangible Experience

The Word coming to human consciousness becomes flesh, and life in the outer realm begins to transform itself into the pattern of spiritual demonstration. That word of God which you have received in your consciousness becomes the flesh of your body, the substance of your pocketbook, the activity of your business, and the bond in your human relationships. It is your daily bread, the manna which falls day by day. Learn never to depend upon yesterday’s manna. Learn to go to God and pray:

*“Give us this day our daily bread”1—give us this day the staff of life, the word of God, vital and alive, the spiritual Word, the spiritual Presence, the spiritual Power. Every day, Lord, give us of Thy word; let us drink of the fountain of life; let us eat of this inner meat that the world knows not of—the substance of life which is the word of God. “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God.”

2 The Word, then, is the bread; the Word is the substance; the Word is the wine; the Word is the blood; the Word is the meat; the Word is the water. Pray for the Spirit, for the Word. The fruits of that Spirit come to you, first of all, in the form of the word of God entering your consciousness. This may be an audible word; it may be an impression or a feeling; it may be a release; it may be a deep breath. Regardless of how it comes, you will recognize that it is the presence of God which you have experienced.

Therefore, when you pray, pray only for the Word, and the fruits of that spiritual Word will be peace, joy, health, harmony, wholeness, abundance, and infinite good. Pray only for the Spirit; pray that the Spirit of God dwell in you that you may be the child of God, and if the child of God, heir, and if heir, joint-heir to all the heavenly riches. Pray that the Spirit of the Lord be upon you so that you may be ordained to heal the sick and comfort the mourner. Pray that His grace be realized as your sufficiency. This is spiritual prayer, and the fruitage of it is joy, peace, harmony, abundance, wholeness, completeness, perfection, and oneness.

God is glorified in the fruitage of our lives, and in no other way is God glorified. In proportion as we live in this Word and let it live in us, do we experience a harmonious, fruitful, human life. True, there may be problems, but what of it? No one is promised complete immunity from the discords of life while he is on earth living a human life. Problems must inevitably arise, but they can only be a blessing because it is through these problems that we rise higher in consciousness, and through that rising, harmony is brought into our daily life.

The experiences that come to us when we live in obedience to the inner voice are miracles of beauty and joy. . . . Any mistakes which may be made by a person who is obedient to the still small voice will be few, and they will not be sufficiently serious to be irretrievable; he can quickly pick himself up again and soon be wholly immersed in the Spirit. Mistakes are not fatal; not one is forever: Success is forever, but failure is only for a day.

If we make contact with the kingdom of God within us, we shall be living through God the rest of our days. Then spiritual sonship—God expressing Itself as individual Selfhood—will be revealed on earth. God formed us to manifest Itself on earth, to show forth Its glory, and that is our destiny. God planted His infinite abundance in the midst, of us. Nothing need come to you or to me, but everything must flow out from us. And by what means? By that Presence, that Presence which heals, supplies, multiplies, and teaches. That Presence will perform every legitimate function of life, but It is only active in our life as we dedicate and consecrate ourselves to periods of meditation. Devotion and consecration are necessary to give us sufficient purpose so that we remember a dozen times a day to make no move without the realized Presence, or at least without an acknowledgment of It.3

As you study the principles of The Infinite Way, they become embedded and embodied within you—flesh of your flesh, blood of your blood, bone of your bone—and you will find then that when you sit down to do healing work or solely for communion with the Father, whereas, at first, you may call to mind a passage or two from Scripture to serve an inspirational purpose, very quickly, spontaneous truth, the daily manna, will begin to unfold to you from within yourself.

When you learn to live in this manner, you will find that you enter a new dimension of life, and a whole new experience opens up to you. If you begin to make a specific practice of meeting every hour of the day with a scriptural passage, eventually you will come to a place in consciousness where, instead of your remembering some passage, a new statement, or one you have known before, will come to you spontaneously from within. “He uttered his voice, the earth melted.” 4 The moment the voice of God is uttered within you, whatever the particular earth of error, or discord, may be melts.

If you have a difficult day to face, perhaps even a little more difficult that you really can take care of, one that may tax you physically or financially more than you can bear, or that may tax your understanding beyond your apparent spiritual development, instantly, if you have been abiding in the Word, a passage of Scripture comes into your thought:

The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me. Psalm 138:8
For he performeth the thing that is appointed for me.Job 23:14
Greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.I John 4:4

You realize it is true that “the Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works.5 . . . I can of mine own self do nothing” 6—I am not expected to do anything of myself; it is the Father within me that lives my life for me, through me, and as me.

With that realization, there comes a relaxing of tension, concern, fear, worry; and then the Father within can function normally through you. The word of God fills you with spiritual power: The word of God comes to you to perform your day’s activity. The word of God goes before you to make straight the way. The word of God puts the right words in your mouth, if you need words; the right strength in your muscles, if you need muscles; and the right amount of money in your pocket, if you need money. The word of God does this as you learn to receive it within.

There may be other problems in the same day, the problem of health, perhaps, and then comes the remembrance: *God is life, infinite life; and therefore, God must be the life of man. That life which is God cannot be diseased. God, the life of man, cannot be weak; God, the life of man, cannot be old; God, the life of man, is infinite, immortal, and eternal.

This is a truth that has been true since before the world began, and it has nothing to do with me or with my understanding. God is my life. How can I be worried? How can I be concerned about God’s life? Certainly not about God’s life! But I was thinking about my life. Is there any difference? Is there a God-life and a my-life? Is there a God-life and a your-life? Or is there only one infinite, eternal life, and is not that life God-life? Is that not your life and is it not my life?

The moment this becomes realized consciousness, a weight drops away, fear drops away; and you go about your business, the word of God having melted that particular “earth.” But shortly thereafter, something else comes up in the day that to all appearances has more power than God. It may be a germ; it may be infection; it may be the report of a new and more devastating bomb or of a new epidemic sweeping the country, or it may be the unleashed fury of a hurricane speeding in your direction. It makes no difference what it is or what form it takes. The claim is that it is something more powerful than God, but immediately the Word in which you have been abiding comes with a quick and sharp reminder:

*God is one, one power. This thing, then, that is claiming to be power is not power: It is the “arm of flesh,” or nothingness. Nothingness, nothingness! I know the world is afraid of this thing, but in the spiritual life, God alone is power—the Invisible alone is power. Again that Spirit of God takes over and gives you peace.