It has nothing to do with the thousands of people who are around you, and you can’t take them into the experience with you. You will still be an isolated individual in the midst of millions of individuals, having the experience alone. Or you may get the idea that you’re in the sanctity of your family life, and so you’re going to take them along with you too. You aren’t. You aren’t at all. You might as well forget every member of your family and all of your friends and relatives. Your children and your parents, forget them, because they cannot enter into this with you. You can share the unfolding truth that may lead them to the experience, and if you yourself are enlightened to any degree, you may help to lift them up to where they also can have the experience. That’s as far as you can go. The experience itself takes place within them, and it has to do purely with an experience that you have in relationship to God.

Now, it is for this reason that whatever of truth is revealed to us, is something that we must work with within ourselves, up to the point of realization. In other words, not try to share it, not try to heal somebody with it, not try to teach somebody it, except what we do silently. Rather, work with it within your own consciousness until you’ve achieved a measure of that light or experience, and then from there on you will be directed how, when, and where, and under what circumstances to share, to impart, to reveal. And ultimately you will have a part in God’s unfoldment to human consciousness, and you will play that part as practitioner, as healer, as teacher, lecturer, writer, in whatever way God chooses.

Now the point that you must see is that first of all you can afford to forget the world, and not be concerned with whether it blows up or not. And I mean even the world of your own friends and relatives; because there isn’t anything you can do about it. Their life is an individual experience, and whether you like it or not, they are going to live it individually. And they may come to heaven via hell. And some of them may take the direct route to heaven, but that won’t be for you to say. That will be for their experience. No one can save me my experiences in life, and you won’t be able to save another theirs. Each one takes the route as it unfolds. But…And you can follow the Master in that also.

When the Master went to the mountains for his forty days of prayer and meditation, he cared little how many died or sinned down on the plains. If they had to die while he was away, that was their demonstration. If they had to go out sinning while he was away, that was their demonstration. His demonstration was to go away for forty days and nights, and stay on a mountaintop, and find his union with God. You could burn up or starve for all he cared. He had one function in life, and that was to maintain his conscious relationship with God. Then, when he had it, he could come down to the plain and share it. Well how about the fellow, though, who was crucified yesterday for his sins, and the one who died yesterday of his diseases, or who was taken into slavery? That had nothing to do with him. That was the individual’s own demonstration, and nothing to do with him.

His demonstration was lived being on the mountaintop. And then benefiting by those, come down. Is that a hard way of looking at life? No, because he knew something that I know. I know something that he knew. We have no power to help anybody, except in proportion as that contact is maintained and sustained. As human beings, no matter how much we love we would have for humanity, no matter how much desire we would be to help each other, let me tell you from personal experience, we can’t heal a headache. You never will, and I never have.

Whatever of blessing anyone has ever had through their contact with me, has come, not because Joel Goldsmith is Joel Goldsmith, but because some time during the day or the night, a God contact was attained and then maintained and sustained. And if there were no such God contact, you would be unfortunate in ever turning to me for help. You wouldn’t get it. There is only help in proportion as the Spirit of God flows in and through me, and if it doesn’t, my human desire to stay down here and to help people would be of no avail to them. It is only by virtue of the contact, and you are in that same position.

You may have all the desire in the world to want to help your relatives and friends, and to heal them, and you may even go further than that and decide that it’s your duty to help save the world. Well, just save your breath and save your strength, because you’re not going to accomplish one single tiny bit of it, except in proportion to your consciously realized Christ. And so if you have to hide away for forty days and forty nights, or four hundred days and four hundred nights, or if you had to do as I did, stay away in a little office for sixteen years without teaching, without writing, waiting for that moment of culmination, then just you’ll have to do it.

Nobody, and many tried, nobody was able to coax me out of my office for sixteen years, because I knew the day hadn’t arrived. Yes, I had had enough light to do some healing work, and some healing work that proved to be very satisfactory. But inwardly I knew. I knew that the thing that was necessary to do the greater work hadn’t taken place, and they didn’t take place until 1946. And when they took place…When it took place, then the greater works, the teaching, lecturing, writing, began to unfold. So it is with all of us. There is an illumination possible to every individual on the face of the globe, in proportion to the intensity of their desire for it.

But while they are under the impulsion of a necessity of making that God contact, they may very well have to be, like Jesus in Egypt, hid away from the world until that spark develops into a flame. Then you can bring the little babe out of Egypt and even at twelve years of age, it can begin its ministry, even though for the next eighteen years it again goes into retirement, and the Master Jesus Christ is unknown to the world until he’s thirty years of age. Undoubtedly he must have had a lot of light between the time he was twelve and the time he was thirty, but if so, it was hid from the world until the moment arrived when he knew, this is it. Then he could go out into the world and heal and teach.

Now, the importance of this is this. You see now that whatever blessing you ever will be to anyone on earth, outside of the human picture, I mean, spiritually, will be determined by your state of individual consciousness. That’s the secret. Whether you become a Jesus, a Moses, a Shankara, will all depend on your developed, individual state of consciousness. And so it is that you will be concerned with the development and unfoldment of God as your individual consciousness, of the Christ consciousness as your individual consciousness.

And so whatever it is that is necessary for your unfoldment and development will be presented to you, but then you yourself will have to avail yourself of it: practice, study, meditate, do all those things until you achieve the final “click,” which isn’t a final one at all, because there isn’t a year after the original illumination, there isn’t a year that deeper illumination doesn’t take place, unless ego comes in. See after the first illumination you only have a…Well, there are partial illuminations, and after those you have many temptations.

For instance, Jesus had the temptation of lack, and the temptation came to him to turn stones into bread. He also had the temptation of fame, and he had to resist that and overcome it. And then he had the temptation of personal powers, the same one that tripped Moses up. “I can make water flow out of a rock.” Like fun you can. But he was tempted, the Master, the same way, with personal powers, personal fame, and with lack. And he overcame those temptations.

I have witnessed in this work how these temptations have come to many people. There is the temptation of lack of funds that tempts a person to go back to using human means of attaining it. Oh they are perfectly good ones, like turning stones into bread, perfectly legitimate ones. Some even that the world would call miraculous, but in your heart and soul you know I did it, and that of course, is what makes it wrong. Any personal attempt to attain supply, the use of the personal I in any way, shape, manner, or form, is a violation of that spiritual integrity.