From the Infinite Way Letters 1958 an excerpt:

Seek Only Spiritual Fruitage

“Choose you this day whom ye will serve.”7 In the world’s state of material consciousness, the power of inertia will continue operating in individual consciousness until the finger of the Lord is upon one and then that person has no longer a choice as to whether or not he will remain in a material sense of life: He must turn to the spiritual path. Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain. John 15:16

God has already chosen you. You have already been touched by the finger of God and placed on the spiritual path. But even though God has placed you on that path and
there is now no turning back, at this period of your unfoldment, there is still the opportunity for a choice: You can choose to let your progress be slow or to speed it up. You have the choice as to whether or not you will abide in the Word and so live with it that you are keeping your mind stayed on God constantly throughout the day and night, acknowledging God continuously: God as the source of your food, God as the source of your intelligence, God as the source of your spiritual strength, God as the infinity of your supply. The more you practice this, the more you are opening your consciousness to the inflow of the Word, the voice of God, and when It utters Itself within you, the earth of error melts—the earth of material discords, the earth of material power—and you find yourself established in the spiritual life.

However, if your mind is divided against itself, you will fail. If you are praying in the Spirit and through the Spirit and with the Spirit, but are thinking in terms of material good; if you are thinking of the fruitage of prayer as something you can see, hear, taste, touch, or smell, you will be postponing the day of your spiritual regeneration. When you pray, remember that God is Spirit, and pray only for the word of God and its spiritual fruitage. Do not try to turn stones into bread; do not try to turn spiritual prayer into baker’s bread or butcher’s meat; do not pray to turn your spiritual communion with God into a material power of demonstration.

Seek the kingdom of God, the word of God, and the fruitage of that Word. You will find that this Word translates itself of its own accord into the added things. Do not go to the Father for baker’s bread, butcher’s meat, farmer’s vegetables, transportation, or currency, but let these be the added things. Your desire must always be for God and for His kingdom and His angels—spiritual fruitage—and, above all, that you may be receptive and responsive to the word of God which comes to you within your being as a still small voice.

Throughout the day and night, you will be tempted over and over again as was Jesus in the wilderness and later at Gethsemane. You will be tempted to fear some power, that is, you will be tempted to accept two powers. This belief in two powers may overwhelm you unless you have stabilized yourself in the principle of one power through continuous daily and hourly practice with each and every appearance. Whether it is in the newspaper, on the radio, or over television; whether it is in the experience of your family, your friends, or your relatives—every time that you are presented with something which testifies to two powers, you have to realize consciously: *There is no power external to my being, either for good or for evil.

The kingdom of God, the kingdom of all Power is within me; and God-power is spiritual power. There is no power for good or for evil external to me. There is no power in thoughts or things: All power is in the word of God within me. You will be confronted by untold dangers—not necessarily in your own personal life, but certainly in the lives of people around you—and you will have to stand alone in the midst of these dangers. You will not be able to speak of what you have learned to anyone because no one would understand what you are saying, no one would be able to accept it. Only you, silently and secretly, will have to hold fast to your vision: *“Which of you convinceth me of sin?”8

Who convinces me that there is a power besides God? Who convinces me that there is danger anywhere, or lack? God has given me dominion over everything in the air, the sky, the sea, and the earth, beneath the seas and beneath the earth. I shall not fear what man can do to me—physically or mentally.

I shall not fear what mortal things can do to me—little things like germs or big things like bombs—because I recognize only one power, the word of God. The fruits of this spiritual Word are harmony—physical, mental, moral, and financial harmony. The fruits of the word of God are life eternal. The word of God must be realized within you, and the fruitage of that Word will appear outwardly, visibly. When a person arrives at that point of spiritual regeneration called illumination— the descent of the Holy Ghost or baptism of the Spirit—he has lost the capacity to sin.

The human mind, that is, the mind that is unillumined with spiritual truth, always wants to benefit itself. It is not thinking in terms of the universal good, but it is usually thinking only of how it can benefit itself. Having recognized that the Spirit of the Lord is upon you, there is no longer any reason to act in terms of what will be for your own benefit. When the Spirit of the Lord has been attained, there is complete freedom from all needs —physical, mental, moral, and financial. There is freedom, freedom in the Spirit, freedom in Christ, and there is no longer any bondage to the flesh, to sin, to disease, or to poverty.