No, you see The Infinite Way reverses the whole of the human picture, the whole of the human picture. It doesn’t allow you to sit back in your chair and expect anything, not even gratitude from anybody, not even love from anybody, not even compensation from anybody. It says that you are the one who must put it out into this world, if you hope to experience it.

It takes your attention away from this world, and it says, “God is my Source. I look to the Father within me, because He has said, ‘Son, thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine. The whole kingdom, my whole kingdom is within you. All that I have is thine. Just begin to share it.’” Do you remember the widow? Remember the widow? “What have you in the house?” “Oh, a few drops of oil.” “All right, begin to pour the few drops of oil,” and the cruse of oil never ran dry. And do you remember the Master? “Master, we have only a few loaves and fishes but a whole multitude to be fed.” “All right, break, break the few that you’ve got. Let’s begin, not go out and seek more. Break the few that you’ve got. Cast them on the water; spread them; begin to share them; put them out.” And so you’re going to find it too. When you stop praying for yourself and use your whole time and effort to realizing the Christ for the benefit of your family, your friends, your enemies, the world at large, you will find that your own good will be a reflex action of the good that you have, the bread that you have put upon the waters.

It has been customary in metaphysical thought to say, “Oh, you must be grateful for this, or you must show appreciation for this.” No, no, it isn’t so. It isn’t so. I have to be grateful, and I have to show appreciation, and I have to give. You don’t have to do anything. You have to make your own life. And what you decide to do is strictly your affair. Why is this true? Because my good comes from my Father, not from you, and therefore, it lies within me to let the fullness of what my Father gives me flow forth, and that’s all I’m responsible for. Not your gratitude, just mine. I’m only responsible for the flow that I let out from me, not anything that comes to me. Anything comes to me must be the reflex action of what is pouring out from me. And believe me, if it isn’t pouring out from me, it isn’t coming to me.

Well, you see what makes The Infinite Way a difficult one? One of discipline. It is the fact that we no longer can blame our troubles on God, or our neighbors, or our marriages. We blame our troubles on our own inability to discern and live the Truth. And then we begin to make our correction within ourselves. When we do that we have a very big job.

Now, let us accept first that I and my Father are One, right here where I am. This very place whereon I stand is holy ground, and right here embodied within me is all that the Father hath. He has incorporated Himself in me. So that, watch this now carefully. There is only one legitimate demonstration in The Infinite Way. You cannot demonstrate person, place, or thing. You can only demonstrate the Spirit of the Lord. When you have that it appears externally as health, supply, harmony, freedom, peace, joy, power, dominion, all the things that heretofore we have been trying to demonstrate and failed.

Now, the substance of this cover is leather, so our first concern in demonstration shouldn’t be a cover. It should be leather. If we have leather, then we can have a cover. On the other hand, if we don’t want a cover, we can have something else out of the leather, a pair of sleepers if we like. But let us have the leather, and then we can have a hundred other things. Good.

Our substance is God. The substance of all form is God. So let us not try to demonstrate a person, a thing, or a condition, but let us demonstrate always the Spirit of the Lord, the Presence of God, the realization of Christ. Call it any term you like. Then let It take form. And if our need is transportation, it will be there. If our need is dollars or pounds, it will be there. If our need is a home, it will be there. If our need is customers, they will be there. If our need is a student body, it will be there, but we must never try to demonstrate it. We must try to demonstrate only that “where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” And keep on demonstrating the Spirit of the Lord, the Presence of the Christ, the realization of God’s Presence.

That is the meaning of the Master’s great teaching. “Take no thought for your life, what you shall eat, what you shall drink, wherewithal ye shall be clothed. Your heavenly Father knoweth that you have need of these things,” so why should you take thought for them? Seek ye the realization of God. Seek ye this consciousness of the Spirit of the Lord, and then you will see that the Spirit of the Lord will take form, and that form each day will be those very things which we seem to require in the human picture. You see there is no separation between Spirit and the things of the Earth. The Word becomes flesh, and when you have need of a loaf of bread, pray take no thought for a loaf of bread. Just take thought for this Spirit of the Lord and watch how quickly it will appear as a loaf of bread.

We are not concerned with the form of our good. We are concerned with demonstrating the substance of our good. Then, when we have the substance, it appears as form. I’ve never seen the righteous begging bread. I can assure you that it is an impossibility to tabernacle with God twenty times a day and experience lack or limitation in any form for very long.

Now, every businessperson learns that one of the greatest secrets of success is in an intangible word—service or good will. More money, real, real iron-hard money has been earned by service and good will than has ever been earned by things. More successes are achieved with service and good will than is ever achieved with diamonds. So it is with this. The only success that we can ever know, real success, is in proportion as we can demonstrate an actual realized Christ, the Spirit of the Lord.

And so it is that I’m going to give you as a class gift that very passage, “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” And don’t expect to find it any other place, because you’ll be disappointed. Only where the Spirit of the Lord is, is there liberty, and that liberty will take the form of freedom, mental freedom, moral freedom, physical freedom, financial freedom, political freedom, any kind of freedom but only be sure of this where the Spirit of the Lord is. Do you see that? That’s where it is. That’s where harmony is. That’s where peace is. That’s where people can come together in good will. Where? Where the Spirit of the Lord is. Take the Spirit of the Lord away from people, and when they come together, they either battle or rob each other. But that can’t happen where the Spirit of the Lord is. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. And I think that’s our lesson for this morning.

Thank you.