The first meditation should be for no other purpose than the realizing of the Presence. That is, you sit in the silence in the attitude of “Speak Lord, thy servant heareth.” You listen. You are receptive, and then comes that assurance that “I am on the field.” And you have completed your first meditation for us. Nothing more is asked of you than that.

The second one is attaining the same meditation, attaining that same realization of the Christ, and then realizing that this realized Christ is dispelling material sense—even good material sense, but material sense, dispelling material sense. Wherever it is on this Earth, it makes no difference whether it’s Russia, South Africa, the southern part of the United States, England, Cyprus, who cares. We are not dealing with personalities. We are not taking sides as to right or wrong. We are not trying to be good patriots and defend our country against some other country. We are spiritual students who are trying to realize Christ in order that the world be set free from material sense, whether it’s the world of Russia or the world of South Africa, whether it’s the world of Cyprus, or the world of the United States. Who cares where or what? We are fellow citizens of the household of God. We have acknowledged all men to be our brothers. We have had no favorites. We have acknowledged God as the Father and all men as the brotherhood. Therefore, our second realization is that this realization of the Christ is dispelling material sense.

Now the third one is the same. It is a realization of the Christ, and then the realization that this realization of the Christ is opening human conscience to Truth. You see when material sense is destroyed consciousness is ready for the inflow of Love, of a government by Love, not only by money, not only by politics but by Love. That’s the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, isn’t it?

Now the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth is never going to come until Christ, the Spirit God, so fills the Earth that there is no room for material sense. And here is the lesson of The Infinite Way. It isn’t God or Christ that heals. It isn’t God or Christ that reforms. It isn’t God or Christ that saves the world. It is God or Christ realized. This whole room can be full of God and Christ, and we can all drop dead. This whole room can be full of God and Christ, and bombs can fall and wipe us all out. But let one of us sit in this room and have a realization of Christ or God, and we set the whole room free.

There was just as much God in Russia when those people were prisoners, but the realized Christ set them free. Now remember that since this program was begun on the 12th of January, it has been announced that all concentration camps in Russia are to be closed. Don’t forget that. Don’t forget that other important things have been announced in the world as changes of policy. And don’t you ever forget this that as the days and weeks and months go on and you individually realize Christ dispelling material sense, realize Christ opening consciousness to the inflow of Truth, you are going to witness in your bodies, in your business, in your homes, in your communities, and all the way thousand of miles away the leavening influence of Christ realized.

The one mistake that has been made in religion that has kept the world from the Kingdom of Christ on Earth has been that it has been taught that you can sit in a home, or a church, and pray up to God somewhere and to have something happen. And even for two thousand years that it didn’t happen, they still kept sitting around waiting for it to happen. And they didn’t know that it isn’t God that can be prayed to or influenced. It is God that must be brought into experience. “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” Now if you haven’t got the Spirit of the Lord’s Presence, you just have no liberty. Now sitting praying to a God for something is going to get you nowhere but having the Presence of God is going to free not only you but your patients, your students, and ultimately your whole world. And there is the entire secret of The Infinite Way—GOD REALIZED, CHRIST REALIZED.

And that is why meditation is the foundational point of our work because only through meditation can you bring this release into you. You can’t bring God on the scene with mental abracadabra. You can’t bring God on the scene by praying to God to come down to Earth. You can’t do it by lifting up your eyes. You can’t do it by imploring. You can’t do it by begging or pleading. You can do it only one way, if you can get still enough to let it escape. Browning gave us the secret. Truth is within ourselves. We must open out a way for the imprisoned splendor to escape. Not try to open out a way for it to come into us. It can’t come in. It’s bottled up in us now. The whole of the Christhood is bottled up in individual you and me. And that’s why we have to let it escape.

And incidentally, too, that is why the world is kept in poverty. I don’t know why people will not believe Scripture or accept it seriously. There is no excuse for people remaining in poverty very long, except the few who are so overcome with sickness that they have more than they can do to get out of trouble. But otherwise, there is no excuse for poverty. Why? Because every individual has all the wealth of all the Indies within his own being. Ah, why isn’t he demonstrating it? Because he’s sitting waiting for supply to come to him, and it won’t come. He’s got to open out a way and let it pour out from him, instead of to him. Supply won’t come to anybody, because whatever supply is out there doesn’t belong to anybody. The only supply that belongs to you and me is the supply that is in here. And it’s your supply. It isn’t somebody else’s. It is like integrity. What do you want to borrow someone else’s integrity? You can’t do it. You either have your own, or you have none.

And it is so with supply. You can’t borrow your neighbors. You either have your own supply, or you have none. And where do we get that from Scripture? “Cast thy bread upon the waters.” Whose bread? Thy bread. Where you going to get it from? You have to ask yourself that. It’s within you. How you’re going to release it, how you’re going to open out a way to let it flow? But you’re never going to know the true sense of supply while you’re waiting for it to come in, while you’re praying for it to come in, while you believe you earn it, or deserve it, or are worthy of it, or have a God that ought to give it to you, because none of those things are true. God gave you the infinity of your supply on the same day He gave you your integrity.

Now, if you’re not using your integrity, you have another chance to turn over a new leaf and begin. And if you’re not using your supply, you have another chance to turn over a new leaf and begin, but you begin by not taking in supply but by letting it out. By casting your bread upon the waters and then watching that same bread come back to you with butter on it, or jam, or sugar, or marmalade, or whatever the things you like best. But if you don’t let forth that bread from within yourself, don’t expect it to come back, because it isn’t coming back.