Now then, does that mean that a human being is God? Definitely not, because the human being is told, “You must die daily.” So what happens, this. The moment I recognize God as the reality of my being, the Law, the Life, the Substance, the Cause, I ask myself, “Since I can’t look in the mirror and see God, where do I look for God?” Answers come back from all over the mystical literature of the world. The Master says, “The Kingdom of God is within you.” Paul says, “Christ in me, the hope of glory.” The poet says, “Closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet.” Now where is closer than breathing? Right within our own being, isn’t it?

So then, if I now want really and truly to know God, to come face to face with God, to let God speak unto me, to let God govern me, there is only one way left. Be still and listen. Be still. “Speak Lord, thy servant heareth.” Keep that inner ear open. You have ears and do not hear? And in the stillness, in the peace, in the quietness, when your attention is turned to that withinness, you will find that God is in the very center of your being and talks to you and gives the treatments for you, which you yourself never will know enough to be able to give intelligently.

The Wisdom of God is foolishness with man, but the wisdom of man is equally foolishness with God. And so let us not be people who believe that we know how to give a good treatment. We know not how to go out or how to come in. We do not know how to pray, Scripture tells us. We must let the Spirit bear witness with our spirit. We must let the Spirit make intersession for us, not the brain, not the thought, not the stirred-up memories of what lies in certain books. No. We must empty ourselves as the Master did. “I can of my own self do nothing. If I speak of myself, I bear witness to a lie. The Father doeth the works.” Then, the Father being within, we learn to get still. We learn to get still twenty times a day, until that contact is made that enables us to receive impartations from within our own Soul. Not that we be taught of men but that we be taught of God.

When you understand The Infinite Way writings, you will see that they’re not trying to teach you anything. They’re trying to lead you back to the center of your being where you can be taught of God. That is the whole function of this new book, “ Practicing the Presence.” Practice the Presence twenty times a day until God speaks to you as intimately as God spoke to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, as intimately as God must have spoken to Jesus Christ, as intimately as Christ must have talked to Paul, so intimately must you be in tune with your own inner being. Then, when you receive your guidance from within, you can make no mistake. You see we do not come to this Truth to be benefited. Only beginners do that. We come to this Truth to be the Light of the world, to benefit the world.

I have here … well probably I will find it later, a letter that just came this morning from England. And a student came to me and told me of two relatives who were in concentration camps in Russia and prisoners there ever since the war and seemingly without hope of release. And the question asked was, “What would I do about it?” And the answer was, “I would pray.” How? By being still and letting the Presence express Itself, voice Itself, announce Itself. That’s all. It may not say anything, but as long as I could feel that the Presence of God was within me, I know God is on the field, just as much up in Russia as here. And so this letter is to announce that the two ladies have been released and sent to their home in Riga.

Now also it says they are the first two from the camp to be released. Did anyone do anything about that? Was that a good treatment? No. That was the realization of God’s Presence. That was bringing God to the scene, and “where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” Did you know that? Where the Spirit of the Lord is. And the only place there is freedom is where there is no Spirit of the Lord, I mean where the only place where there’s imprisonment, the only place where there’s punishment, the only place where there’s confinement is where there is no Spirit of the Lord.

Now then to every situation physical, mental, moral, financial, what do you do? You bring the Spirit of the Lord and then find liberty. The Spirit of the Lord it makes free. You don’t. I don’t. Not mental cleverness. That doesn’t do it. Good treatments don’t do it. What you know of Truth will never do it. What I know of Truth will never do it. But one moment of Divine Inspiration in which the Spirit of God flows will set a whole city free, will set a whole nation free.

Now then, on January 12th, I only been home three weeks from a thirty-five-thousand-mile trip around the world when God gave me this message and told me to start right out again, and this time I’m finishing a forty-thousand-mile trip. And the function of this trip is this. We now have a prayer group praying around the clock, not merely around the world but around the clock. There is not a single hour of the twenty four when there aren’t from one-to-fifty groups praying at the same time but all through the twenty-four hours of the day and night, depending on where you look at your time, and not praying for peace, and not praying for liberty, and not praying for justice, realizing the Spirit of God here and now dispelling the illusions of sense.

And that’s one reason why you are in this room. Those who partake in the practitioner groups are those who have been asked to participate in this program and give us three periods a day—three, not one, not two, but three and seven days a week, so that our work go completely around the clock. As fast as you stop, somebody in Australia picks it up, and when they stop there’s somebody in Hawaii, and when they stop there’s somebody in California, and the Mountain time, and the Eastern time, and the London time. And it never stops, and what is the prayer? It isn’t for anybody or for anything. It’s the prayer of silence until the Spirit of God is realized. When the Spirit of God is realized, then declare: This Spirit of God realized … well let me put it this way, I want to give you the program.