Now, a mental science may always be recognized by that point that it recognizes thought as a power, and of course it says that good thinking is better than bad thinking, right thinking is better than wrong thinking, constructive thinking is better than destructive thinking, but the emphasis, you see, is on thinking. Now thinking is a very human thing. God never thinks, so any teaching that deals with thought is not in the realm of God but in the realm of man. Therefore, it is a science of thought, or it is a science of mind, or it is a science of right thinking, or a science of constructive thinking, but it has nothing to do and no relationship to the absolute Spirit—that which is above all thought, that which does not deal either with right thinking or wrong thinking, that which does not use the power of truth to overcome error, that which does not believe that God is a power that heals disease or reforms sin.

The Spirit goes far, far beyond such things, and so there are those who are better equipped to deal with a science of mind, a science of thought than those who are able to transcend thought and let Spirit Itself, or the descent of the Holy Ghost, be the Presence and the Power unto their experience.

Now, mark this so, there is definitely nothing wrong with any of the mental sciences that were founded by men of integrity. The only fault that is to be found with any of them are those that have been founded by men who definitely have never had a contact with a mental science, until the day that they decided to become an author, so that even in the choice of mental sciences one would do well to pray to be led to those who had their foundations in deep, deep integrity. All right.

When it comes to The Infinite Way, you have another—call it phase or facet—to consider and that is this. You will soon learn that you are under a self-imposed discipline to change whatever your former way of working, whatever your former method of practice, because the old way will not work with the new. I can illustrate that by telling you that this difficulty that I am experiencing began with an illness in Johannesburg, and sudden right out of the clear blue sky I just keeled over, and three of our students came to help me, and one of them has been very, very successful as an Infinite Way practitioner.

Now, this lady, seeing the great distress in which I was at the moment, went into the next room and sat down and was able almost instantly to feel an inner peace, so that instead of giving me a treatment, she was able to turn within and let God give the treatment. And God said to her, “We wrestle not with principalities or powers but spiritual wickedness in high places.” And I had an instantaneous healing—but instantaneous. Within fifteen minutes, I was seating up joking.

Now you see, that cannot be accomplished, that type of treatment, by a person who has been accustomed to mentalizing, to giving mental treatments, to declaring truths, to affirming truths, to stating truths, until they have overcome that habit of thought, that habit of treatment to where, instead of giving a treatment, they receive the treatment from God. It’s a reverse process.

Now, it is in the same way that our work becomes difficult when I say this to you that The Infinite Way reverses your whole attitude toward life. How? Perhaps, if you haven’t studied the books long enough or diligently enough, perhaps you believe that there is a law of good that can operate for you, a law of God, or perhaps you believe that there is a law of evil that sometimes can operate upon you, and in either case, I say to you, “You are wrong.” There is no law of God can operate upon you for good. There is no law of evil that can operate upon you for evil. Why? YOU are the only Law there is. You are the Law that operates upon your world. There is no law external to you, neither a law of God nor a law of devil.

Why is this true? In the whole of The Infinite Way picture, God is infinite, and if God is infinite, there can only be One Law. And if that Law is infinite, there is no you for it to operate on. You must be the infinity of that Law. There is not duality. There is not Law and you. There is Law, infinite Law, operating as your very individual life and being. Do you see the reversal of that process from where you sit here and maybe let a law of evil hit you one day and a law of God benefit you another day, or where you sit here and say, “No, no, I am the Law. I am master of my fate, captain of my soul. I, I the God being of me is the Law unto my being, unto my body, unto my business, unto my practice, unto my student body.”

There may be short periods in our experience when we won’t demonstrate that too well, but the fact is that whether or not at the moment we are demonstrating it, this is the Truth of Being. There is no law operating upon me from without my own being. There is only the Law, which I am, and unfortunately God says sometimes I create good and sometimes I create evil, and it’s true. When I disobey or bring myself in disobedience to that infinite Law of Love, which is my true being, I must expect the same shock to hit back at me, as if I hook up electricity incorrectly. I dare never blame another for my woes in The Infinite Way. Heretofore, we may have said, “It’s my nation’s fault I’m in trouble, my wife’s fault I’m in trouble, my husband’s fault, my neighbor’s fault. Not in The Infinite Way. Acknowledge once and for all whatever inharmonies or discords are in your path are there as an erroneous state of consciousness, which you have not yet overcome, and then you will find that you are loving your neighbor as your neighbor deserves to be loved. And when you violate that and start to believe that your neighbor is responsible for your troubles, you are letting yourself open for all the malpractice that ever will hit you and that is self-malpractice.

Now, you see then that if this is true—“the place whereon I stand is holy ground”—I don’t have to move out into a church. I don’t have to move into a holy mountain. I don’t have to move into another country or a better climate. The place whereon I stand is holy ground. If I make my bed in hell, God is there. If I make my bed in heaven, God is there. If I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, God is there. And where’s all this sum up to? Where I am God is, whether at this moment I’m in heaven or in hell. Never forget that. Don’t think that by moving some other place that you’re going to avoid anything that you’re going through. Never believe for a moment that by getting rid of a person, or getting rid of a place, or getting rid of a circumstance, no, “stand ye still, and see the salvation of the Lord” right where you are. Why is this? Now here’s the answer. I and my Father are one. All that God is I am. “Son, thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine.” Where? Right where you are in heaven, in hell, or in the valley of the shadow of death.