By Joel Goldsmith
Part 4 of 4
Once you have recognized that Christ: you will not need any more forgiving, you will not need any more feeding, you will not need anymore healing. Then what is the function of The Christ… or what was the function of The Christ in Jesus? What was the function of The Christ in Jesus: was it to heal Jesus, was it to feed Jesus, was it to forgive Jesus? Well do you think we are any different? Do you think the function of the Christ is any different in us? Give up this belief, that God planted a Christ in you—for your special benefit. No, the function of the Christ in man, is to bless mankind: to raise up those who are still in sin, those who are still in disease, those who are still in death, those who are still in lack—this is the function of the Christ in you…That is why it has been said, in every spiritual teaching in the world, that the secret of supply is not in getting, it is in giving.”

Some people understand that, and they know full well that the amount of the supply they get—is not supply; it is the amount of supply they can pour out—that is really supply. Ah but let us go a step further now, let us realize this—the function of The Christ in man: is to bless, to heal, to raise, to redeem, to forgive, to feed, to companion each other and the world. Let us, as we contemplate The Christ in us, remember: YOU have not been given to me for my “picayune” satisfaction, or my health, or my life—YOU have been given to me that I may be a transparency for God, that I may show forth God’s Glory on earth.

That is why The Christ is in us, to show forth God’s Glory—in healing, in forgiving, in redeeming, in supplying. And you see, unless we open ourselves this way, and say: “come, eat, and drink, I can heal the multitudes, and I can feed the multitudes.” And invite, not outwardly out here, but spiritually up here—invite the world to your spiritual household; invite this world to come and eat and drink; invite this world to come and be healed. Not through advertising—through inner realization: “thank you Father, I know why The Christ is here in me, I am willing for it to function, I am willing to heal and to feed and to forgive and to redeem—all whom Thou sendest me.” Then you have opened yourself, you have exposed yourself, and you’ll find this—that as The Christ functions for the benefit of others, you are included.

You do not have to be specifically wanting ITS action for yourself—you are just included in ITS action, without taking thought. But here is the point, the function of the Christ in us: “If I speak of myself, I bear witness to a lie.” God has not planted HIS Spirit in me for my glory—HE has planted HIS Spirit in me for HIS Glory, to show forth God’s Glory on earth as it is in heaven. “The heavens declare God’s Glory, the earth showeth forth HIS handiwork.” And the Christ in us, is for the purpose of showing forth God’s Grace to man.

The least we can do is to let this Christ that is within us: forgive those who may have offended us, those who may have offended our race, our religion, our nation. Those who may in any way have offended against us: let this Christ forgive them, for Christ does not judge, or condemn—but forgives. Let this Christ that is within us, feed the hungry and heal the sick and raise the dead. You’re not called upon to do it with your understanding—your understanding will never be enough, even to heal a headache.

There is not a person I have ever met on this earth, who knows enough about healing to heal—not even the people who have written 20 books about it. It is the Spirit that does the healing works, all that this Truth-knowing does—is help to lift us up, to where the Spirit that is in us can function. That is the purpose of all these books: to help open this spiritual center, to help put us in the atmosphere of the Spirit—so that the Spirit can function. Jesus knew he could not heal “I can of my own self do nothing, it is this Father within me; it is this Spirit within me that does the works.” But something or other has to bring this Spirit to life—this we do through our studies and our meditations. You see the more we dwell in the Word, that “the Kingdom of God is within us” and realize its nature and its function—the more we are waking this sleeping Christ within us, this dormant Christ.

In our meditations, when we have overcome the nasty habit of going to God for something—we are then enabled to get quiet inside. It comes already you see? When you get quiet inside and you say “speak Lord Thy servant heareth, I am listening.” Eventually you do hear the still small Voice: “I am with you, I have never left you—I will be with you unto the end of the world; fear not, I am with thee; MY

peace give I unto thee.” Now you have the secret! There is this transcendental Presence we call The Christ, that is within us—and it gives us a “Peace” the kind of peace the world cannot give. It is an entirely different kind of peace, and yet it results out here in human harmony, it results out here in health, and supply, and companionship—but it does not know anything about those things.

It gives us the inner peace, which translates itself out here in human terms: “MY Peace give I unto thee.” The moment you hear the “MY” the moment you even feel that something within you, is giving you that impression “MY peace I give, MY Kingdom is established within you, MY Grace is upon thee;” the moment you have that feeling, that awareness of an inner “Something” other than yourself—you have it, you have accomplished it, you have attained your conscious Union with your Source. And from then on, this that says “MY” is always with you: “MY Peace do I give, MY Grace is thine, fear not I am with thee.” You will understand why it was not possible, for the person with only a mental comprehension of Truth, to make their demonstration—Because the demonstration actually was made: from within by this Presence, this Spirit of God in man, this that we call “the indwelling Christ.” This it is, when it is on the field! That is why you have the Scriptural statement “God is not in the whirlwind, God is in the still small Voice.”

The moment that still small Voice speaks in you: “the earth melteth” whether it is a storm, a sin, a disease, whatever it may be—the moment that Voice speaks in you. You see none of that is possible, to the person who is operating entirely on the mental level. They may know it is all up here in the mind, but until there is an answering response from within: they have not yet made contact with the Spirit of God that dwelleth in them—for the very purpose of establishing harmony on earth, as it is in heaven.

It is the function of The Christ in the midst of you—to establish harmony on earth as it is in heaven. The Christ in you is the connecting link, between God’s government and this earth. And so must it BE!

Thank you.

End Part 4 of 4