By Joel Goldsmith
Part 3 of
As we live with these Truths, as we make these Truths our own: live with them morning, noon, and night; pray without ceasing; pray that we may feel the Presence of God within us, “speak Lord Thy servant heareth;” always inviting God to speak to us; always inviting God to impart HIMSELF to us; always inviting God to share with us. This is prayer, this is spiritual prayer, this is mystical prayer—this is the prayer that availeth much. Because it is not a seeking for things, it is not a seeking for worldly things—it is a desire to come back to the Father’s house. It is the prodigal recognizing ourselves as a prodigal, and saying “Father let me come back to Thy house, to be one with Thee.” I have wandered out here in the world too long, witnessing: that separate and apart from Thee—there is nothing but trouble; separate and apart from Thee—there is nothing but woe. Therefore let me come back within me, let us unite within me “I and my Father are ONE.” Let me feel this ONEness, let me know this ONEness, let me abide in Thee, and Thou in me. Not because I want you to do something for me, just because I want my old original relationship: the relationship that I had with Thee in the beginning, before the world was—the relationship of ONEness.

ONEness, this was the old original relationship between God and man. ONEness! “Son thou art ever with ME, and all that I have is thine” for we are one. Not two, not you here and me up here—but the two of us are right here: “God theFather and God the Son” both here. But you see this must be realized, it does not make any difference what we may own, outside there—if we do not know it, it is of no avail to us. It is the knowing that makes everything available to us. The Truth will not help us—it is the knowing of the Truth “Ye shall know the Truth.” And until we come back and know: that my basic relationship with the Father is ONEness; “I and my Father are ONE, and all that the Father hath is mine” because of this ONEness.

Now, as we live with these Truths within ourselves, we are developing our soul center. It is already there, tightly closed, because of centuries of none use. Every one of us has the indwelling Christ, every one of us has the indwelling Son of God. And I do not only mean us here, I mean everyone on the face of the globe, has an incarnated Christ—everyone at every level of life, has Christ incarnate in them. Just the same as Paul had “The Christ that dwelleth in me lives my life.” You wouldn’t have thought so when Paul was Saul of Tarsus, but that Christ was incarnate in Saul of Tarsus, and came to life as Saint Paul “The Christ that dwelleth in me lives my life.” The Christ that dwelleth in every individual in this world… but not yet living the life of every individual—and not until, the light dawns in consciousness that reveals The Christ within.

You see Paul had reached a place, as Saul of Tarsus, where because of the intense drive within him to know God, even though he was doing it in a wrong manner—nevertheless, in him was the intense drive to know God. Because of that he succeeded, and when he had the experience “Christ”. . . from then on Christ dwelt in him, and Christ lived his life. So with us! Throughout our human experience, up to a certain point, even though the Kingdom of God is within us, even though Christ is incarnate in us—it is of no use to us. It is only from that moment on: when we become aware of IT, when IT announces ITSELF to us, when we feel that indwelling Presence, when something within says “ah this is it, I have made contact, I and my Father are ONE.”

From then on, the Spirit of God lives our life, and we then have the experience that baffles all of the materialists… We have a greater sense of youth, a greater sense of vitality, a greater sense of strength, a greater sense of health, a greater sense of supply, less fears, less woes, less troubles—and they cannot see what is doing it. And they ask, and they are surprised—and they are sure that you have a hidden secret… but you see you cannot reveal “the pearl” to them. In the first place they would not recognize it, in the second place they would trample on it—because it is so indefinable, that you cannot know it except in one way, and that is: that you have an inner feeling, and an inner awareness of it. It is as if there were two, and this “something” within, is always bubbling, this “something” within brings the smile to the face—for no outer reason. That is why very often our joy is questioned: “how can you be so joyous in this world?”

Well it is because we are not reacting to this world, because there is something in here that is bringing about… they could not understand it if I say: “I see behind the scene… I see how mankind could be free of all these problems, I see how the world could be free”. . . it will not be, not for a long time to come… because the world does not want it to be, in this way. It wants to be free in its way—it wants to be free through victory. That is mankind’s greatest weakness—they want victory. And victory always means somebody else loses and somebody else losing, always means somebody else looking to be a victor too. So it is always back and forth and back and forth, and in one battle we are on top, and in the next battle they are on top—but it is always a battle because we want victory.

Now, victory is not the way! Indeed, victory is not the way! There is a Spirit in man, that brings about his freedom: without victories, without warfare, without battles. “Put up thy sword” ye need not fight “not by might nor by power.” The Bible is full of statements showing, that once you have contacted the Spirit within you—you no longer need to resort to the weapons of this world. There is a higher force operating, which the world cannot understand, but which brings you your glories; not your victories, your health, your supply, your friendships, your happiness—these are not victories, these are glories. Because to get them, you did not have to take them from somebody else; you did not have to make somebody else lose, in order that you win.

These are always things that come up out of the world…But you remember, in the earlier years of my work, when the thought presented itself to me, that my supply was coming in from people: every time my supply came in—somebody had some less. And it changed the nature of my prayer, it went something along this line, not exactly, but this is the essence of it: Father I do not want what is already out here—that belongs to somebody else. Let my supply come from within, let it come from new channels, let it come in new ways, so that if anyone shares with me—that they are only a transfer agent, that it does not lessen their supply. If anything, let it increase their supply—do not take it from them so that they have less. If it must come through someone, let it come through them, but not from them—then in the giving, they have nothing less but rather more. So my prayer all my life since has been: Father let it be so, let the loaves and fishes be multiplied—by the Spirit within me. You see this leaves me with a lot of glory but with no victories. No victories, no depriving anyone, no taking from anyone what they may have need of—just the glory of being abundantly supplied, and having the consciousness, that “no one is being deprived of anything because of it.”

This is the whole secret, there is this Christ, or Spirit, or Son of God—within you. And it is a multiplier, it multiplied loaves and fishes of old, it multiplies our loaves and fishes now. In fact, its function within us: is to heal the sick, raise the dead, forgive the sinner, multiply loaves and fishes—this is the function of The Christ that dwells within us. It was there before Abraham was, it will be there unto the end of the world. “I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee… I will be with thee to the end of the world”. . .this Christ, that is innate in every one of us.

We have never been separated from it; we have separated ourselves in belief—by ignoring it; or in many cases, believing it was something that lived 2,000 years ago in the holy land—it did, but it never left; it was never crucified, it never went to heaven—not The Christ. The Christ is the indwelling Spirit of God—that is incarnate in every individual. It constitutes their ONEness with God, it constitutes their relationship with God—because it is the Son of God in you.

The more we ponder and think: about this indwelling Christ, this Spirit of the Father within me that doeth the works, this Spirit within me that multiplies the loaves and fishes—instead of looking out here in the world to persons. “Cease ye from man whose breath is in his nostril, for wherein is he to be accounted of”.. . but always look and think of this indwelling Spirit: whose function it is to heal the sick, raise the dead, forgive the sinner, and multiply loaves and fishes. And then here comes a point too, we are perfectly willing for The Christ to heal us and to feed us—are we as willing that Christ forgive the sinner? Oh yes if we are the sinner! How completely have we surrendered—the desire for revenge, for satisfaction, for someone’s punishment; how completely have we accepted the doctrine—of forgiving seventy times seven; how completely have we been able to say within ourselves “I hold no man in bondage to any sin of the past, or present or future—and I am in agreement, that the Christ within me should forgive…and forgive seventy times seven.”

You see, we do not release ourselves we hold ourselves this way—unless we are willing for the Christ to have full action in us. Not just the action of feeding us, not just the action of healing us—it must have the free action of forgiving and not only us; nor must we think of the Christ—as feeding us and healing us. Ah maybe there is the great barrier! We think that the Christ if we have it: has been given to us to feed us, to heal us, to forgive us—but that is the least part of it.

End Part 3