By Joel Goldsmith
Part 2 of 4

It is true that most of us, as we came to a metaphysical or spiritual healing… teaching came for healing and that seems to be perfectly legitimate, because it is one of the ways nature has of driving us back to God.  But the point that I make is that even though we receive our healing—and many of us do receive healing even before that desire for God is awakened—we do it because of the intensity of the spiritual power of our practitioner or our teacher.  Sometimes our practitioners and teachers are so deeply imbued with the Spirit of God that most of the people who come to them are raised up, in some degree, whether or not they want anything more than the healing.

However, you can always search yourself, when you are on this Path—to see to what extent the desire for God, is to accomplish something. Now I’m going to show you why this is a barrier, why this often prevents the very thing you are hoping to achieve. Here am I, and let us say I have a desire to be healed, to be made happy, to be made more prosperous, and I’m going to God. Now watch this, I am going to God, but am I going to God for God? No, I am going to God to get over here, to get what I am looking for—so God is going to be my messenger boy, he is going to go over there and get it for me. Do you see how that proves to be a barrier—God is not a messenger boy? Let me tell you another secret, God cannot give you health, God is the health of your countenance—and when you have God, you have health.

What mistake do we make? Me, God, health; me, God, supply; me, God, companionship; here dear God, go out please, get it for me. . . God becomes our servant. You see there is no such God to begin with—so it is all in the realm of imagination; it is all in the realm of imagination, that has been taught to the world for centuries—that there is a God who is your servant. Just tell God what you want, and Santa Claus on December 25th will deliver it to your doorstep, or sooner. There is no such God, and we create a barrier in our own consciousness, the moment we go to God—with our vision over here, on something we desire.

The real secret that has been revealed on the spiritual Path is this: God is the health of your countenance, God is your supply; God does not get supply, God does not give supply, God does not send supply—God is supply. God does not supply us with companions—God is the only companion; but when we have the companionship of God, we have the companionship of each other—because our Union with God, unites us with each other. Our Union with God, unites us with our supply; our Union with God unites us with our health. Therefore the moment we think of God and “something”.. .we have lost our demonstration.

Now all we have to do is to go back in our memory, and think how we have offended—we have not offended God, we have just offended against ourselves, against our demonstration… Because there is no God that can do something—there is only a God that can BE something. And what God IS…is life: so God cannot send us life eternal, God cannot give us life eternal—God IS our eternal life. God cannot give us our daily bread—God IS our daily bread; and when we have God, we not only have our daily bread—we have twelve baskets full left over.

So you see that many of us, until we awaken to this Truth: stand in the way of our own healing, we stand in the way of our own supply…we stand in the way of our own demonstration of happiness—because we are seeking God for a purpose. We are seeking God only as a way station—we are going to stop off at God, in order to reach what we are looking for. No! If we have wandered from the spiritual Path, by seeking God for a reason—we have set up the barrier in our own consciousness, to our demonstration.

Therefore we must go back, start all over again, and realize “seek ye the Kingdom of God and HIS righteousness, and all the rest of these things will be added unto you.” Seek only the Kingdom of God ; seek only the realization of God; seek only the inner contemplation of God. This is not as difficult as it sounds… for this reason: that God is not far off from any one of us; God is closer to us than our breathing; we never have to go to a holy mountain, nor to a holy temple to find God; we do not have to go to a holy man or a holy book to find God. “The Kingdom of God is within you” and every truly holy man or holy book, will turn you back within yourself, and show you—that unless you find the Kingdom of God within yourself, you cannot find it in your human affairs. But if you do find the Kingdom of God within yourself—you find the activity of God in all your affairs. This is why we must go beyond the mind and what it thinks.

This Russian flyer came back from space… and he said “I found no God up in space, so there is no God.” Of course he could look up in space, or down beneath the earth, or up above the sky—he could never find God… because God cannot be seen with eyesight. God is a Spirit, and those who would worship God—must worship God as Spirit. Not as something tangible to the sight, not as something that you see, hear, taste, touch, or smell—and certainly not something, that is to go out and do favors for us. God must be recognized as Spirit. What is Spirit? Ahh, that is Why we say God is Spirit—because nobody knows what Spirit is. If you knew what Spirit is, you would know what God is, and that is impossible.

It is not possible to know God with the mind, it is only possible to know God through the Spirit—and when we study a spiritual message, we are developing that spiritual center in us, that comes to know God. The human being can never know God, that was made clear by Paul: “the natural man receiveth not the things of God; the natural man is not under the law of God, neither indeed can be.” Ah no, only when this he called it: “when the Spirit of God dwells in you.” Only when the spiritual center is developed, only when the spiritual center is opened—only then is it possible to know God, because Spirit knows Spirit. Was it not made clear, “I do not know how to pray, or what things to pray for, but let the Spirit of God bear witness with my Spirit.”

In other words, there is a Spirit in each one of us, which is the connecting link with God, when you develop that connecting link: you never have to speak to God, you never have to ask anything of God, you never have to tell anything to God, you never try to influence God—from then on your contact with God is a communion. It is an inner feeling, an inner contemplation,

I and my Father are ONE” within me. The Father within me, bears witness with my Spirit: “the Spirit of the Lord God is upon me; Thy Spirit dwelleth in me;” or as Paul said, “I live yet not I, Christ liveth in me”.. . this spiritual center liveth in me.

Of course it does not make sense to the mathematician, of course it does not make sense to the atheist, of course it does not make sense to anybody—that is trying to understand God with the mind, or anybody who is trying through human prayers, to get God to do something. God does not respond to human urging. God certainly can never, never be controlled by man, or influenced by man—it is the other way round. God must influence man, God must control man, God must speak to man—not man to God, but God to man.

Now, when we have reversed ourselves, so that we do not pray to God in the sense of imparting any of our desires or wishes to God, when we are through with that nonsense, and our prayer becomes a uniting with God, communing with God: “I and my Father are ONE; Thy Spirit is closer to me than breathing, nearer than hands and feet; where Thou art I am, for where I am is holy ground; Thy Spirit pervades me, animates me; Thy Spirit is the very life of me—within me;Thine is the Kingdom and the power and the glory,” Thine—and all this is within me, closer than breathing; “the Father within me, HE doeth the works; greater is HE [that is with] that is within me” than any he, any problem—that is without.

End Part 2