This part one is the original transcript by Zane Maser.

The Function of the Christ in You
1962 Holland Closed Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 499A

Good evening. (Good evening.)

The question is raised very often: “What is it that makes this message difficult?” It is not easy, but it becomes easier if we know where the difficulty lies.

To begin with, the message of The Infinite Way is not purely a message that can be understood with the mind. As a matter of fact, even if the message were understood with the mind that would not make it demonstrable in your experience. In other words, it is a going beyond knowing the Truth that is the work—the main work of this message.

There are certain things that we can learn with the mind and then go out and prove them. We can learn how to drive an automobile. We can learn how to pilot an airplane. We can learn how to build a bridge or build a house. You can learn all of these things with the mind, and then you can go out and do them. But you cannot learn to paint a picture, and you cannot learn to play the piano, and you cannot learn to sing, except that you have a quality that is beyond the mind. Oh yes, anybody can take a brush and make something that looks like a man or woman and probably anybody can play the piano and make a tune come out of it. But this is not music, and the other is not art.

To bring forth music, to bring forth art something more than an understanding of painting principles or music principles is necessary. And that something else is called Soul. Without a soul, a painter is not a painter. Without a soul, a musician is not a musician.

So it is that when you are studying a message that has God as its basis, you have to go beyond the mind. You have to reach the Soul. A very prominent scientist has written and it is often quoted that “God cannot be mathematically proven.” Well I am not enough of a mathematician to know whether or not he is telling the truth, but I am willing to take his word for it that God cannot be mathematically or scientifically proven. To prove God, we have to go beyond what we see, hear, taste, touch, or smell.

Let me illustrate this. There are people who say, “Look at the beautiful flowers, and look at the beautiful trees, and look at this zephyr-like breeze, and look at the beautiful moon and the stars and the sun. And these prove God.” Yes, and then comes along a hurricane, and I do not think that God is proven. The question now has to come up, “Where is God?” Surely God is not in that wind, not in that storm, not in the destruction of the flowers or the trees. And our mathematician friends could say, “Now, where is your God?”

We travel the ocean, and I often write that I find God between the waves and the sky. Out on the ocean, I find God very, very close at hand. And then comes a great big storm, and it takes a ship and turns it upside down, and hundreds of people are lost, and somebody says, “Where is your God?” You have not proven God, and you cannot prove God in nature for that same reason that for every bit of good nature there is evil nature.

Other people look at the beautiful birds and the beautiful animals and try to prove God. Then when you go out into their domain and see how one eats another, how cruel one is to another, you have to say, “Now, where is your God in those insects, in those birds, in those animals?” So, if you would prove God, you must go beyond what you can see, what you can hear, what you can taste, what you can touch, what you can smell. You must go beyond the mind, because for every bit of God that you can prove with your mind somebody will show you the other side and say, “Now, where is your God?”

When you have comprehended a spiritual message, you have the answer to that, because when you bring your God-awareness to the storm, do you know that the storm stops. The storm cannot go on if there is the Presence of God there. There is only that storm, because there is the absence of God. It does not make any difference how many human beings there may be. It does not make any difference how many prayers they may be offering up. None of that is the proof of the Presence of God, because nobody brings God to the scene with ordinary praying, certainly not with any prayer that is ordinarily understood. If they could, there would be no storms at sea, because immediately there is a storm everybody starts praying.

No, when the Presence of God is brought to a storm, the storm stops, no matter how deadly it may be. When the Presence of God is brought into the area of animals, beasts that prey upon one another stop preying upon one another. They are only preying upon one another, because there is an absence of God. There may be a lot of religious human beings around, but there is not actual God.

For instance, if you were to take the literal statement that God is Omnipresence, then God fills all space and nowhere on Earth is there a sin, or a disease, or a death, because in the Presence of God, there could not be a sin, a disease, or a death. That could not be, because then God would not be Omnipotence. God would not be too pure to behold inequity. God would not be Omniscience—all knowledge. Oh no, when you take the statement literally God is Omnipresence that is perfectly all right. God is Omnipresence.

There are some people in Europe in the last thirty years who would hardly agree that Omnipresence was Omnipresence all of the time and in all places. Many things took place on this continent, in this war that do not testify to the Presence of God and would give the atheists the opportunity of saying, “See, there could have been no God here, or this could not have happened.” And they would be right. There was no God there.

God is Omnipresence, but God is nowhere, until God is realized. Until somebody, somewhere actually has the realization of the Presence of God there is no God in operation. That is why these horrors could take place. They could not take place in the presence of Jesus Christ. They could not take place in the presence of Moses. They could not take place in the presence of Elijah. Of course not, where those men were the Presence of God was.

Let me bring it up to date. Take this world and its many sicknesses today. And note the tremendous suffering of many multitudes. Notice the much praying to God, even the trips to Lourdes. And notice that under ordinary circumstance, if some doctor does not come along with a discovery to cure that person, they die. God does not save them. No, if some medicine is not discovered or some surgery is not discovered, some remedy, they die. Notice the difference when those who are on the spiritual path and are confronted with the same conditions call for spiritual help and then see the difference in the results. Why? Because the spiritually endowed practitioner brings to that situation the actual Presence of God, and where the Presence of God is there is liberty. Where the Presence of God is there is healing.

Wherever Jesus walked there was healing, and there was forgiveness of sin, and there was feeding. Wherever any spiritually minded individual exists, there must be healing. It does not mean that everyone gets healed, because frankly everyone is not receptive to spiritual healing. In the case with the Master remember that in Jerusalem, he did not, no in his hometown, he did not many mighty works, because of their unbelief. And remember that in Jerusalem he said, “Oh Jerusalem, oh Jerusalem, I would, I would take you under my arms but ye would not.”

To be receptive to spiritual healing means that there must be an innate desire for God, not just a great desire to be healed. There is no virtue in that. Everybody in the world wants to be well. Everybody in the world wants to be well, so that they can take care of their family, and they can work. There is no spiritual value in that. The ground for spiritual healing is in the individual who not merely wants to be healed—being healed is a natural desire—but who along with this says, “Of course I want to be healed, but that is not my major problem. Above all things, I want to know God. Above all things, I must know God. Above all things, I do not want to pass from this earth before I have come face to face with God. I want to know the secret behind this universe. I want to know the cause of life.” You can see by the fact that there are so few, relatively few, who turn to spiritual healing, how few there are who have that deep, intense desire to know God.