Here are the newly uploaded tapes for today. All from the year 1962

The Function of the Christ in You

The Spiritual Kingdom Made Tangible 

The Mystic Marriage

Nature of Spiritual Power

Joel gives very practical instruction in the Function of the Christ in You the following:

That is why The Christ is in us, to show forth God’s Glory—in healing, in forgiving, in redeeming, in supplying. And you see, unless we open ourselves this way, and say: “come, eat, and drink, I can heal the multitudes, and I can feed the multitudes.” And invite, not outwardly out here, but spiritually up here—invite the world to your spiritual household; invite this world to come and eat and drink; invite this world to come and be healed. Not through advertising—through inner realization: “thank you Father, I know why The Christ is here in me, I am willing for it to function, I am willing to heal and to feed and to forgive and to redeem—all whom Thou sendest me.” Then you have opened yourself, you have exposed yourself, and you’ll find this—that as The Christ functions for the benefit of others, you are included.