From one of the one’s that responded to the question, what Joel S. Goldsmith material next, Paul said without a doubt: The Heart of Mysticism, a book of the collected IW Letters that Joel wrote. This is why you should use this says Paul:

“This book brings out most of the talks and writings which may be missing in other books”

From time to time I will post a letter here. For the book you can go to Acropolis Books.

Here is the introduction that Joel wrote.


MANY attempts have been made to teach the Infinite Way through a mail course, or series of lessons, but none have succeeded. In our particular work success has come through the personal relationship which naturally exists between Teacher and student, if the student has been spiritually led to the Teacher, and also if the Teacher does not humanly seek students. My great joy is the relationship I enjoy with students and it has naturally followed that those with whom I could not be personally present, must be inspired by means of correspondence.

Study well my original book The Letters, and Infinite Way Letters of 1954 and 1955, together with the Writings, and you will quickly see how the bond thus established between student and Teacher results in definite inspiration and inner unfoldment. It must become clear to all students that the greatest inspiration and spiritual progress will come to those who are spiritually guided to their Teacher and teaching. Pray, pray, pray—for spiritual Light and direction until YOUR Teacher is revealed to you. Then follow diligently, sacredly and secretly in the inspiration that unfolds to you, and one day your spiritual progress will be shouted from the housetops.

For those on the Infinite Way, the Monthly Letter is the point of contact between Teacher and student, and through them every bit of fresh inspiration which comes in our daily work is shared with students instantly, all over the globe. At present these Letters go into over three thousand homes in the United States and Canada, and about seven hundred in England. Some travel to the continent of Europe, of Asia, Africa and Australia; thus students are united in study and meditation and naturally benefit by “two or more” being in one Consciousness—of one Spiritual Household. Do you see now that these Letters constitute a bond between you and me, and between you and every student seriously studying and living The Infinite Way? Do you realize that you can travel through many lands, near and far, and find a welcome from those accompanying us on the Infinite Way of Life? “We are no more strangers”—we are one in the fellowship of the Spirit.

You will be greatly helped in your spiritual life if you will spend a few minutes each day in meditation to realize the Presence of God, and then to “feel” that this Oneness with God constitutes your one-ness with all spiritual being. This Divine Union brings the entire spiritual universe into your individual experience.

Aloha greetings,