But we can ourselves put up our arms against each other and against the world, and prove in our individual experience that since I and the Father are one, no weapon that is formed against me can prosper. And as I prove it for myself as an individual, very soon someone notices it and invites me to Manchester, England, and there twenty hear it, and out of that twenty, eight or nine or ten find some measure of proof of it, and then in a few years we have forty or fifty and a hundred, and all without asking anybody to lay down their arms, without asking anybody to adopt our way of life. Just simply by living it individually myself and then you yourself, gradually the word spreads.

And so it is that in just about seventeen years, starting with one individual, we now number about sixty thousand households in this world, and all by the same means in which this work has grown in Manchester, by one witnessing the life of another, by one witnessing harmony in the life of another and being attracted to it. So eventually we will embrace the entire world, not by preaching, not by proselyting, but by actually proving in our own experience that I have a hidden manna. The grace of God is within me; and this grace of God provides meat, the substance of life, everything needful to harmonious existence, and then, by this example, others begin to find their way to it.

One of our most joyous experiences now is witnessing the amount of churches in many parts of the world that are using Infinite Way writings in their church work, seeking also to experience what we have experienced, that there is a hidden manna. Sometimes we call it the hidden manna; sometimes we call it the Christ, or the Spirit of God within us. What we really mean is that I in the midst of me is God. The divine Selfhood is my individual selfhood. That constitutes my real being. Whatever there is of me that is not living up to that standard, is the degree in which I am not consciously, fully consciously aware of my true identity.

In other words, in a measure I may be clinging to my “Joelhood,” and in that measure I fall short of showing forth my Christhood. But that is true of each one of us. That was true of the Master, who even in the last hour found it necessary to ask his disciples to remain awake with him and pray with him, because there was enough of the Jesus still left that needed the upholding of his disciples, and so with us. The time has not yet come in my experience when I can say that I do not have to turn to some of our students and say, “Uphold me,” because I do, and I don’t hesitate about it. I have no shame about it, because I have never yet claimed that I have fully attained.

Whatever measure I have attained, that I have attained, but I cannot claim the ability to walk fully on the waters, and therefore I have no hesitancy in saying, “Give me some help.” I think I have told you about the time I went on the platform with a very bad cold. At the end of the hour, I had no more cold. And then the people came up and said, “Oh, what a wonderful demonstration!” I said, “I don’t think so. There were two hundred of you out here. I’m sure you were all giving me treatments. If this work is true, it had to work.” And so it is, if I am human enough to catch a cold, I will not hide it from you, and then if you notice it, and you are about your Father’s business, you should heal it before I am off the platform.

So it is then, that we embody within our own consciousness that which is to fulfill our lives. Well now, the question is asked here, since it was in one of our recent Letters, that Jesus embodied his disciples within his own consciousness. Surely you must see how true this is, that until he raised them up, they were but fishermen. Therefore, for them to have been lifted up above the human stature of fishermen or tax collectors, it was necessary that his consciousness raise them up. Their consciousness could not do it. It was only as they were touched by his consciousness that they were raised up, and therefore, they were really the product of his consciousness, and his consciousness raised up for him his disciples. No one else could have done it. Even the Bible doesn’t say that anyone did it for him; he himself raised up his disciples from fishermen, tax collectors, and whatever the others might have been.

So it is then, that in our work you have witnessed here the work of two of our teachers from the States, and recently, just last week in Chicago, we had five of our teachers on the platform. And I am sure, definitely sure, that my consciousness had to draw them to me out of the world, and then because they were not in spiritual work, but in housework and schoolwork and business work, they were raised to the level of teacher consciousness. And since no one else has been out doing it for me, it must be clear to me that whatever it is operating in my consciousness as Infinite Way activity, this it was that raised them up, and therefore they are a part of my consciousness, and I am a part of their consciousness.

Jesus drew the disciples to him because they were of his household, and they became of his household, and he became of their household, and they become one, even as we have become one. If you are in business, and you require managers, foremen, executives, you have to draw them to you out of the world. No one can do it for you. You must draw them to you, and you must raise them in consciousness to where they can function at the level where you want them to function. And therefore you will discover that it is the activity of your consciousness that draws to you your good.
In this way we avoid harming others. Let me show you: In my work here in Manchester, I have drawn you unto this work. My consciousness has been the central point; and the activity of God, of truth, in my consciousness has drawn you. The fact that you remain must prove that from this contact, from this consciousness, you derive benefit. Now if this is to be a spiritual experience, nobody must be harmed by your being here, but rather, others must be blessed. Then you see, we are not in competition with anyone. We are not depriving anyone of anything. We are drawing unto us our own, and then you in your turn, are drawing unto you your own, but always with no loss to anyone else.

This must always remain uppermost in your thought, that if you are to claim God as your consciousness, then you must claim your consciousness to be a benediction or a blessing unto all who are drawn to you. Therefore, you cannot benefit at their expense. You cannot bring harm or loss to them. You can share with them, and they can share with you, but it always must be to the benefit of each other. No one must lose by becoming a part of my household or yours. No one can lose by becoming a part of the household of God, of the consciousness of God.

It is for this reason that you will witness that in our work you are not bound by any memberships; you are not bound by any dues; you are not bound by any obligations. The reason is, you are set free in God consciousness, so that you may freely receive, freely give, freely share, and yet be under no bondage to any man or organization. Now, if you hold yourself in the light that God constitutes your consciousness, be assured of this: no one will ever be bound, circumscribed, or finitized by coming into your spiritual household, by coming into your consciousness, but rather all will be set free to multiply loaves and fishes, or to witness them multiplied.

When the Master said the way is straight and narrow, and few there be that enter, he didn’t tell why, or if he did, it has been omitted from the New Testament. He may have told it, and it may have been omitted, because it is a tremendous day when you come face to face with the fact that you are responsible for your life: for its success or for its failure, or whether you are a healing and comforting consciousness to the world or a destructive one. In other words, choose ye this day whom you will serve. Will you allow God and spiritual truth to fill your consciousness day and night, and night and day, so that your consciousness may be a benediction and a blessing? Or will you continue, as we all have done humanly, to allow envy or jealousy or hate or malice or bias or bigotry to hold forth in our thought and therefore be destructive to those who come into range of our consciousness?