1964 Manchester Closed Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
560A – Scriptural Meditation – The Hidden Manna

Good evening.
By now I am sure that you know the real, inside secret of the message of The Infinite Way, and that is that God constitutes individual consciousness; that God consciousness and “man” consciousness is one and the same. And therefore, everything necessary to our unfoldment, not only from the cradle to the grave, but on into our future lives, is already embodied within our consciousness. And, as Browning has told us, we must open out a way for the imprisoned Splendor to escape.

Now this is a complete reversal of the human way of life, which would start us off as nothing and nobody, and then start us acquiring from outside, gaining our good by strife and struggle, from outside. This spiritual way of life completely reverses this and tells us that I have meat the world knows not of.

I have hidden manna, within myself, within my own consciousness. And this is brought forth clearly to us if we start with Moses and watch him wih his Hebrew people fleeing from Egypt, and noticing that Moses was able to produce a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. Now where would he find these? Out here in the air? Up in the clouds or the sky? Where would you go to find, if you needed it, a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night? What kind of magic would it take to produce this out of nothingness, and the answer is it never could be accomplished.

Moses had had the God experience. He had realized the presence of God within him, that the place whereon I stand is holy ground, that I Am that I Am, and I and the Father are one. By realizing this, the Father appeared outwardly in whatever form was necessary: cloud by day, pillar of fire by night, manna.

It is said that the manna fell from the sky, but is there any manna up in the sky to fall? No, no, no. There is no manna up there. If manna is to fall in your life, it must fall from your consciousness, even though it may appear to float down through the air, or it may appear to come in the mail, or from an inheritance, or from a success in business, but never believe that it happens out here. Every successful man or woman knows that their success is a product of their consciousness, and that those who continuously fail, lack something in their consciousness.

When we begin to realize this, we lose our dependence, not only in man whose breath is in his nostril, but also in some far-off God that is going to look down upon us and take pity upon us, especially if our eyes have been opened and we have witnessed twenty or thirty or forty years of living and seen how totally God ignores the sins and diseases of this world, and the lacks and the limitations. Certainly, you must know then, that there is no hope from that God.

Yet God is. But again, all mystical teaching agrees that the only God there is, is the God that is “closer to you than breathing and nearer than hands and feet”, even as the Master said, within you. Once you acknowledge this, once you acknowledge that I have no life apart from God, I have no soul apart from God, I have no consciousness apart from God, therefore, I have access to God, to the storehouse of God, to the infinity of God—not to a little bit of it. There’s no limitation. God has never divided anything, for God is Spirit, and Spirit cannot be divided. Spirit is a totality, and we have access to the totality of Spirit once we recognize that I and my Father are one; that the consciousness of God is my consciousness; the life of God is my life; the love of God is the measure of my love.

We are joint-heirs with Christ to all of the heavenly riches—all of the heavenly riches, and all of this, remember, not taken from one another, but shared with each other. Without this sharing, there can be no acknowledgment that I have meat. Now we come to the Master…. Oh, we could go through the Hebrew Testament and point out the experiences of Elijah, of Isaiah, of many others, to show how they drew forth from their consciousness that which was needed at any given moment.

In particular, I remember that great experience of the Hebrews, when the enemy that was attacking them was so much greater than their own forces. They were so tremendously outnumbered that they ran to their Hebrew prophet in despair. Oh, the enemy comes, and so much greater than we. And their prophet could say to them, Fear not. Fear not, in spite of all of those numbers, fear not. They have only the arm of flesh. We have this hidden manna, this secret that I and my Father are one. We have the Lord Almighty in the midst of us, and they only have temporal weapons and numbers.

You will discover individually that this is true, that regardless of the problems that face you, of the numbers or amounts or degrees or depths of problems; that as you, instead of fighting them, instead of looking at the material numbers and amounts and degrees, realize: I have hidden manna. I have the Lord God Almighty in the midst of me. I have meat the world knows not of, and the world has only temporal weapons, which in the presence of God is nothingness. And you will discover individually, that you can meet your problems, not by trying to solve material problems materially, not by trying to defeat your enemies with greater numbers or greater weapons, but by realizing that the Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, and the world has only temporal weapons. I have a hidden manna, a hidden grace, and he that is within me is greater than all these that are in the world.

And so, you will meet your individual problems, and eventually someone in the government will come forth and discover what you have done, or what a half a dozen among you have done, and will say, “How did you achieve it?” And some day we will find whole nations putting up their arms and saying, “The enemy has only temporal weapons, but we have a hidden manna.” And then we’ll learn to rely on it. We cannot ask that of governments now, because we cannot take their god away from them, and their god is weapons and dollars or pounds, and this is the only weapons of which they have any knowledge at this moment. Therefore we cannot say to them, “Put up your arms.” It would be like leaving them defenseless.