The Dice of God Are Loaded 4/4

That’s why, except to students who have read, studied for a long while, it is impossible to explain grace. But grace actually is the operation of a law that can only function in the consciousness of those who have put up the sword, and who have also put up their faith, in man whose breath is in his nostril, or in papers, or documents, or unions, or unitedness. And witnessed his own faith, retire to the invisible.

For some this is too difficult because, they must know how it functions and why and so forth and so on. And, for these people it’s hopeless, until they have come to a place of rising above that which must be reasonable.

I know less about the workings of the Spirit, than perhaps anybody else in the world, because I know nothing about it. I only know this, that it works; however it does; it works when there is no fear, and when there is no faith. When there is not even faith in right thinking, when there is not even faith in holding a right thought, when there is not even faith that God can do something, when there is just no fear and no faith, and there is just the realization.

Do you know that if you look out at this world, you can’t find one single trace of error, except in man, and his works. On every other level, Grace operates beautifully. But man has blocked Grace from operating. He has blocked God from operating by his fears and his faith. He fears effect or he has faith in effect, and that’s the one thing that blocks out, blots out the operation of the Invisible in our experience.

And you can watch it, because it operates proportionately. If you only lose a little of your faith in man whose breath is in his nostril, or church, or political party, if you only lose a little fear in ideology, and if you only lose a little faith in the people and things in which you’ve had faith, and drop it all into the Invisible, you’ll watch right from the beginning, that some measure of change will take place. And then you’ll know that it’s only a matter of proportion.

None of us have attained the full and complete freedom, for the simple reason that we cannot attain the full and complete release from fear and faith. The reason is: that neither this fear nor faith is personal—it’s a universal miasma; it’s a universal hypnotism. And, as much as you might individually overcome it, there still will be enough of the universal operating; so that, as I’ve said before, even the most dedicated find that they are not a 100 percent free of the sins and diseases of the world, but at least many, many, many attain three-quarters and more of that freedom. The full and complete freedom can only come, as the degree of the universal fear and faith is lessened.

You’d be surprised, if you could experience the simplicity of meditation—once you have neither fear nor faith. You’d be surprised how easy it is to settle back into a meditation, when you have nothing and nobody to fear, and when you’re not looking even to a God with faith—when you can settle back in the complete realization of “is”. Is—the Lord “is” my shepherd, I shall not fear, the Lord is my shepherd.

The infinite Invisible is, and It is operating. Well you know since finding this, I find it even easier, just to think that the dice of God are always loaded, and just let God and His loaded dice take the responsibility for governing the world.

We owe a great debt to Emerson, greater than we know. And, this is one for which I’ll owe him a little extra handshake when I meet him. The dice of God are always loaded. Isn’t that comforting, as you look out at this world and just realize that the overbearing are brought down, individually, collectively.

In…I don’t know whether it’s one of our books or Letters, but it says that when I look at an individual or a condition, and realize, that there is neither good nor evil in them, that I can immediately settle back in peace. And that is exactly what happens in meditation. The minute you can go into meditation, realizing you’re not going there to get anything, nor to get any powers, that there isn’t any you need—for whatever is in the Invisible, is.

And so when you go into meditation, with nothing to overcome, and nothing to get, in the realization there is neither good nor evil—neither good to be gotten, nor evil to be overcome, instantly you are freed from human thought, and you can settle down into a tabernacling, a communion, an inner communion.

Watch and see if it isn’t true, that the only thing that interferes with your perfect meditation is that either good or evil will come into your mind—either the desire to get rid of evil or to get good. And it is only in the overcoming of that, and that can only be overcome through the realization of this Invisible.
I don’t have to do; I don’t have to do…If I speak of myself, I bear witness to a lie. I don’t have to do; I have to be still—and It does.

That too in meditation is a stumbling block—I. I must attain this; I must attain that, or I am trying to be still. There should be no I trying to be still. Because it doesn’t make any difference whether you’re still or not—God is! God is—being still isn’t going to make God do more than God is doing.

The only thing that’s going to bring God into your experience is your own degree of realization that there’s neither good or evil. And so if you want to make noises, make noises—good will still come into you.

Nothing shall by any manner of means harm you, and not a thing in the world is going to do good for you. Being still won’t do it; being noisy won’t prevent it—it’s a matter of realization. Is there an Invisible? And, is the law, the karmic law inevitable?—as ye sow so shall ye reap. Then let the evil ones do their sowing. They will do their reaping, and someday awaken. Well I guess that completes it.
Thank you, thank you.

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