And, then in that realization our fear goes. And when the fear goes, the object of the fear disappears! Always when fear goes, the object of fear goes, because the object of fear is only fear itself externalized. And there cannot be a fear in the presence of a realization of spiritual law! Spiritual law does not overcome other laws, spiritual law being infinite, omnipotent is the only law.

And therefore, probably that is what has made it difficult throughout these years—this spiritual law is not evident to human sight or hearing, taste, touch or smell. And it can only be observed, by its effects. So it becomes necessary to really see the history of this world and see how inevitable is the downfall of whatever is wrong.

On the other hand, if only you could watch; if only you could be separated from your own lives long enough to see what has happened in only the last 50, 60, 70 years, in the way of bettering this world. If only you could see the permanent good that has come into this world in man’s relationship with man, in nation’s relationship with nation, then you would know; then you would realize how close we are to the end of all of these national and international disputes, not differences. No, no, no!
As long as we are humans, there must be differences of opinion, and differences of interest in a minor way. But, see only the change that has come into this world in commercial relationships, international relationships, and so forth. You’ll see, that taking the overall picture—there has been a gradual elimination of many of the evils that existed 50 or 60 years ago. And there has also been a gradual coming into focus of more harmonious relationships, on a permanent basis.

Undoubtedly evolution is doing its work; undoubtedly there is this silent invisible operating in human consciousness bringing about this change. And, we are now witnessing probably the last of these overbearing peoples or nations as the adjustment is made to clear up some of the evils that have existed the past two or three hundred years. We are right now in the process of adjustment, as much or many of these evils are being dispensed with.

But we can hasten the day, not only for ourselves individually, which isn’t of too much importance, except that it affects the demonstration of the entire world. In the overcoming of our fear through the realization of an Invisible, which is a presence, which is a power and which is overturning and overturning and overturning until He come whose right it is.

There is an Invisible! Therefore, you’d be surprised what a great contribution you could make to the world, by not going out into the world to fight these so-called evils, but by having additional periods of meditation, for the realization of the impotency of these, and the impersonal nature of these evils. Instead of fighting certain men, instead of fighting churches, instead of fighting political parties—just to sit home and realize the impotent nature. Let them do the fighting, and find as they did in ancient days, that the enemy fights itself and destroys itself. It does, if only we don’t enter the battle, but can sit on the sideline in the realization of the impotence of that and those, who appear to be the overbearing. (Pause)

The…I’m searching for the word, outstanding or the major premise in my individual experience, has always been, since this work began, the realization that there is an Invisible. Now I’ve called it an Infinite Invisible, and I have been able to withdraw from the battles of the world. I have been able to withdraw from the battles to earn a living, the battles to compete, the battles, even to carry this message out. There are no battles connected with this, no proselyting, no fighting, no arguing.

There has been an absolute inner realization that the might of the world is an invisible one. And, not only that It is invisible, but that It is good. And, a relaxing from either physical or mental fighting gives It the opportunity to come forth into expression.

Whereas, to engage in might or power, physical might or mental power is an ignoring of the greatest force there is in life, greatest power, the all-power, the only power, that which is the real power.

And, it has been misunderstood, because language is difficult. When Gandhi spoke of nonresistance, the whole world believed that he meant “do nothing”. But he didn’t mean that, because his nonresistance resulted in the freedom of India. So it wasn’t do nothing, he was doing something so constructively that it did what all of the previous fighting never could do. So it is.

We had a Civil War that was supposed to free the Negroes—it never did. Negroes are only now being freed in this country. They weren’t freed through a war; they were freed through the evolution of consciousness. The only freedom they ever gained from the Civil War was a freedom from being sold on a block. But aside from that, they were kept in the same slavery they’d always been in. Work from sunup to sundown, and not get paid for it. The Civil War didn’t save them from that. Evolution, this operation of an Invisible, that led them step-by-step and step-by-step until now—now they’re coming into their freedom.

And so it has been, there have been wars, Boer War in South Africa—all being undone, because it didn’t accomplish its purpose. But there is a silent invisible force, performing its function of freedom. Freedom and abundance and literacy, and all the rest of these things that we know to be necessary and to be good. So it is.
No one can define that which they have faith in. They can only feel that there is an Invisible. I see it as I look out into these trees; ten years ago I spoke of it here. Seeing them one day without coconuts, and a few days or weeks later with coconuts, and asking why and how? And then realizing an Invisible power overcoming gravity, overcoming resistance, almost a nothingness appearing outwardly as very solid form.

So you can see it in your gardens as you see your bushes without flowers, and then with flowers, and you realize too that there is an Invisible, and It’s operating, It’s bringing forth after Its own image and likeness.

To fear, men, circumstances or conditions, is to make idols. To have faith in men is to make idols. But to understand that without the use of physical or mental force, there is always a spiritual Invisible, a Law in operation, a Love, a Life, Presence, a Power, and then the ability to rest back, let It function. This is the Grace that brings about the changes in our human experience. This is where the power of Grace comes into expression.

There too, there isn’t a class ever held, that someone doesn’t send a question up: what do you mean by grace?

And it can’t be defined; it has to be felt. The power of grace is the power of the Invisible. It isn’t something earned or won; it isn’t something that you wait until it strikes you; it is something you bring into expression, by the withdrawal of fear from man whose breath is in his nostril, and withdrawal of faith in man whose breath is in his nostril. And when there is no longer fear or faith, the power of Grace comes into expression, and brings forth everything and everyone needed in our experience.