The Dice of God Are Loaded 2/4

We may not instantly release this world from it, for there is no such thing. We release ourselves individually first, and then in proportion as we are released, we bring release to those who come within range of our consciousness.

It is true that ten righteous men can save a city. And it is true that a very small group of individuals, who no longer place their confidence in a political party or political candidate, can change the entire election, results of the election. They can absolutely take the evil out of an election, and that doesn’t mean they can elect their candidate or their party. It only means that out of the candidates who are running, that those nearest to the level of spiritual integrity, would find their way elected. And that would be done, only by those, who could give up their faith and confidence in any man or party, realize that all power is in the Invisible.

Yes, let me put it this way—in certain places, votes are controlled by certain interests: for instance in some places, it could be said that the labor vote will control the election in that community; in some other community it could be said that a church would dominate the election, because they’re in the majority, and it would control the election; some other places it would be said that the industrialists have control of the votes in their community and would do it.

And, it is that very belief that perpetuates the evils of our world, our political world, because, the power is not in an individual or in a group. The power is in the Spirit. And, when we withdraw our faith, hope, confidence or fear, and place our entire reliance on the Law, on the Invisible, on this very statement that “though no checks to a new evil appear, the checks exist and will appear, for the dice of God are loaded.”

Now, you say, it hasn’t been that way in the past.
No, it never will be as long as man is placing his hope, confidence and reliance, on man, or as long as he is placing his fear in man.

This only begins to operate in the experience of those who have come to the realization: Pilate, thou couldest have no power over me, unless it were given thee of God; or, infection or contagion…thou couldest have no power over me, unless it were given thee of God; or, there is no power in the visible form; the power is in the invisible essence, substance and law of all form.

Of course, for 90 years now, metaphysical healings have taken place, on the very recognition of the fact, that the power is not in the form or effect, that the germs do not carry the power, the weather or the climate does not carry the power—that all power is in the Invisible. And, to those who have been living in that consciousness, it is safe to say that they have avoided, not necessarily all of the evils of this world, not all of the ills of this world, but, 80 percent anyhow. And that is a wonderful start, in the very first century of the understanding of such laws.

Let us see this. Since everything that takes place in your life or mine, has to take place first within your consciousness or mine. It is within our own consciousness that we have to come into an agreement that there is a law, that as ye sow so shall be reap; there is a law that operates, eventually, to put down the overbearing; there is a law…you can’t name it, you can’t touch it, you can’t see it, hear it, taste it, touch it or smell it, but it exists, and it has brought down every evil form of government that has ever been set up. It has torn down every individual who has gotten out of hand; who has gotten too great for his own britches; whose head has grown too big for his own hat. Every such individual has been brought down to earth, and as you have seen, it doesn’t take forever.

Now, somewhere in this world, a start will have to be made to bring about God’s government on earth. And, you have all witnessed enough to know that God’s government on earth hasn’t been brought about by praying for it. God’s government hasn’t been brought about on earth by all of these warring churches.
God’s government will only be brought about on the same principle that you can bring about health and supply and companionship in your own life. And that is, not by going out and believing that you are going to get God to do something for you, or that some new religion or some new teaching or holding to some thought is going to bring God down into your life.

But, in the one way in which you have been taught, and that is in the realization: that the only real law is a spiritual law; and that material and mental laws are not laws, and only operate as law, while there is a belief in them, a conviction of them, or a hope or faith in them.

But you in your individual life, you prove your health in the degree that you can maintain in your consciousness the fact: that the only operative law, is a law of Spirit.

In proportion then, as you come to see that the things, the conditions and the persons, whom you have feared, have only been power as long as you let them be power, and that you could end that at any time that you could recognize an Invisible. So will you bear witness and be a beholder, if you can look out on this world scene, and realize: I have no reason to fear man whose breath is in his nostril, I have no reason to fear a thousand men united.

Ah yes, on this point of unitedness…Heaven knows there have been combinations of men, combinations of states, combinations of countries—and none of them survive. Go back to your history since the beginning of time, and see how every combination has alternately fallen. Because strength isn’t in union, strength is only in oneness; strength is only in the realization of one being, one power, one law.

That is why in this work, one individual becomes a light; they become a light unto their family, unto their community. If they wish to dedicate themselves to the spiritual life, they can be lights to an entire universe, because it takes only the dedication to a principle, not the dedication to man, but the dedication to a principle. The ability to live inwardly in the continuous realization: I need not fear man whose breath is in his nostril, and certainly I must have no faith in man whose breath is in his nostril, for I am convinced of an invisible Life, an invisible Law, invisible Being.

I hope that every Infinite Way student in the entire world will read an article in the Reader’s Digest of October 1960, which is a reprint from an earlier one: “Why a Scientist Believes in God.” He doesn’t believe in It; he shows you the actual proof that there is a God—probably better than it has ever before been presented by anyone. There could be no room for an atheist after they get through with this article. And the beautiful part of it is, that all it takes for us to attain freedom from fear is a conviction that there’s a God.

Now believe it or not, there are not many people on the face of the globe, who believe that there is a God. When asked, they say I believe in God. But they don’t; few do.

Because, wherever there is a conviction that there is a God, there is no fear. Because the very word itself must signify omnipotence—that would leave nothing to fear. It would signify infinity, eternality, and that would even remove the fear of death. It would have to signify omnipresence, and that would instantly remove any fear of any presence, whether it appeared as a person, or a party or a group, or anything else. Even an ideology—who could fear an ideology in the presence of God? Who could fear bombs in the presence of God? Can’t be done!

Therefore, actually, the solution to the world problem is the solution to individual problem. And it must be solved on an individual basis first in order that it can take root in consciousness.

“There is always some leveling circumstance that puts down the overbearing.” He doesn’t define it, explain it, he states it, “there is always a leveling circumstance”, and there is. Now leveling circumstance is God, Law, spiritual Law. And, he rightfully concludes “the dice of God are loaded”. Because, nothing in the end, nothing in the end, can ever be revealed as power in the presence of God, for then, there would be no God, or God would be on a finite human level. Or limited level, and then it wouldn’t be God, because, the word itself must give to us the feeling of omnipotence, omnipresence, omniscience.

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