This seems to be the time to publish this video and it’s transcript. For those who want to read the essay on Compensation of Ralph Waldo Emerson:

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1960 Hawaiian Village Open Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
365B – The Dice of God Are Loaded – Emerson

Good afternoon…The series of talks that we have had here at the Hawaiian Village Hotel, and over on Maui, could very well have been foundations for the work that was done in Europe and back in New York. Seems strange that this work should have come after the 1960 work, yet there must have been some reason for it. Because if you follow this work that we have had here and on Maui, you will find that it will have a tremendous influence in your own consciousness, in your own being.

The result of it, and I have been over it since its been given, and have read it since it’s already been transcribed, and it has a quieting effect; it has a restful affect; and it has the effect of, shall I say overcoming fear or enabling us to drop fear. And that of course is always a good foundation, for the experience of coming into a deeper awareness, a deeper realm of consciousness.

So, I would first of all say to you, in so far as you can, go over these Hawaiian Village tapes and the Maui tapes as often as you can, hear them as often as you can, and until you actually feel yourself released, as these tapes will do for you.

Now, behind this is something of deeper significance. I often wonder what the effect on the world would be if there could be a few groups of people in the world, devoid of fear; if there could only be a few small groups of people devoid of fear, what would happen to the rest of the world—to what extent would that transfer itself?
Just as in an individual household, when there is one parent only interested in a spiritual study, it’s marvelous to see the effects on the rest of the family—the degree in which fear is lost, the degree in which the major sins and the major diseases seem to be ruled out of those households—where there is even just one serious student in the family.

Don’t forget, I have watched this in thousands of homes, many thousands of homes in this past 30 years, and seen how comparatively free they are, of most of the world’s problems. And that is with just one individual or two at most, being the leavening influence in the entire family.

What then would happen in a community, if there were small groups living without fear? And of course, the question that arises there is: is it ever possible to live without fear; is it possible for an individual, just starting with one, to be free of fear? The answer is, yes, if you know why; if you know why it is that fear is really a nonsensical sensation or emotion.

Now in this past hundred years the world has learned all about the laws of electricity, the laws of electronics, the laws of the atom. Many laws never before known are now known, and harnessed, and utilized. But up to this time, a law, or perhaps series of laws, that have actually been revealed to the world for several thousand years are actually not known to mankind today, not understood, not practiced. And yet, literature is full of these laws, and if they could be known to an individual, they would set that individual free. If they could be known to groups of individuals, I’m sure that the freedom would come—not only to those groups, but to entire communities.

Now let us for a moment examine some of these laws and see what we have been overlooking. And I think that, I do not know of anything, really, better than this to serve as a foundation for the explanation. Now this is a quotation from Emerson’s Essay on Compensation.

There is always some leveling circumstance that puts down the overbearing. Though no checks to a new evil appear, the checks exist and will appear. The dice of God are always loaded.

Isn’t that tremendous?

Now, all you have to do is think back to Caesar, who governed with an iron hand, Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great. We want to come to more modern days, the Czars of Russia, Hitler who couldn’t be conquered, who carried everything before him. Think, go back in history and find dozens more illustrations, and see if you cannot agree that the dice of God are always loaded. That even though at the moment there appears to be nothing to stop the onward march of tyranny, of evil, in one form or another—inevitably, these checks appear and become manifest.

Now, Emerson, and he’s really transliterating from an Oriental teaching, says that there is always some leveling circumstance that puts down the overbearing, but he doesn’t name it. He could have named it, because he knew it. This circumstance is a law: as ye sow so shall ye reap; as ye do to another, so it shall be done to you; whatever you bind, will bind you; whatever you set free, will set you free. Because, all life is really lived at the center of our being, and the outward circumstances are governed and controlled by this inner law. The law is very clear. If you sow to the flesh, you reap corruption; if you sow to the Spirit, you reap life everlasting.
Of course, the question comes up there, what do you mean by sowing to the flesh, what do you mean by sowing to the Spirit? And the answer is this: do you place the power in flesh or effect, or do you place power in an invisible source? In other words, let us look out at world conditions today and ask the question: are we fearing the power of men? Or, if we were going to vote tomorrow, would we be putting our confidence or faith in some man or group of men? And then you’ll know whether you are sowing to the flesh.

Because, if you are fearing man whose breath is in his nostril, you are definitely sowing to the flesh and will reap corruption. On the other hand, if you have any faith or confidence in men, if you have any belief that there is a man or group of men who can save this world, you are equally sowing to the flesh. Because, putting faith in princes has been outmoded for centuries. Putting faith in man whose breath is in his nostril has given us the greatest betrayers of mankind.

Remember that every man who has ever betrayed anyone or anything was first given confidence that put them in the position to do the betraying. You and I have never betrayed a nation, but nobody ever gave us the reins of authority. You first must empower someone before they can betray the power, and so it is.

Whether we are thinking in terms of international affairs, or whether we’re thinking in terms of our own national affairs, it all comes down to: shall I fear what mortal man can do to me; shall I fear human circumstances or conditions; shall I have faith that there is a man, or group of men who can save me individually or the world collectively? The answer is in either case you would be sowing to the flesh, and you would reap corruption.

Now, to begin to understand that there is an invisible law operating. It is called the karmic law—the law of as ye sow so shall be reap. To understand that that law is operating in consciousness would absolutely stop one’s fears! Because, it immediately gives the assurance that evil in and of itself cannot be perpetuated; evil in and of itself cannot stand. And the very moment that we withdraw the power from idols, the minute we withdraw the power from men or organizations, and place that power in the Invisible, we automatically and instantly, release ourselves from any evil that man or conditions can do.