I remember we were having some morning meetings in Hawaii a few years ago, and as usual, they had the tape recorder turned on taking it down. And the theme for many, many mornings was, “God is.” And later that was incorporated in a book, which is now available, “Living the Infinite Way.” And it was probably a year or so later that I met a Hebrew rabbi who was interested in talking with me about this message. And at one point, we came to this very thing, this very idea of “God is.” Well now, I hadn’t come across anywhere in literature this strong, strong idea that “God is,” and that’s all we need to know. But he told me that he remembered, from his university days, that one of the ancient Hebrew mystics discovered that, and he sent me to the book where I would find it. And sure enough, I found this passage that was spoken and later written, spoken in the year 1100. He says, “It makes no difference what we say about God. God is good, or God is love, or God is life, or God is all, or God is present. We say just as much when we just say God is.” For he said, “That is all we rightly know about God, that God is.”

And so you will find, too, in your own experience, when you come to that miracle day in your life, and when you come to it, be assured you’ll never forget its date. When you come to that day when you have clear realization that God is, you’ll never again care what form of error comes nigh your dwelling place. You’ll be able to laugh at it. And it’ll never come nearer than that. And the same, as you look out into the world and witness the horrors that it is experiencing, you also will be able to say that the secret is that God is, and when men know that these discords will cease. All error will disappear from the face of the Earth, as we individually come to the realization God is. What have I to fear? Is there a power apart from God? Is there an activity apart from God? Is there something apart from God? Then how could God be Infinite, if there were? How could God be Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient? How could God be all in all, if there really were reality or power to the discords of life?

And so you’ll find eventually that most of the discords that touch you are doing so because of your acceptance of the universal belief that they have power. When you suffer from them, it isn’t your fault, because it was the universal belief of them that brought them into your mind. But if you continue to suffer from them and do not overcome them, it will be because you neglect or do not see the rightness of what I am saying to you here today. You can begin with any moment you like to come into the agreement that if God is then there is no power to person, place, thing, circumstance, or condition.

That is our major Principle. Not that we have a secret that heals disease. Not that we have a God that will do more for us than it will do for Protestants, or Catholics, or Hebrews, or Mohammedans. Personally, I wouldn’t believe much in that kind of a God that would do more for one than for another, and I wouldn’t like one of those Gods in my life. To me, the only God there ever can be is a universal God, a universal Being who is no respecter of persons but to whom all are equal. When you have that kind of a God, you then have a God that is Omnipresent, and Omnipotent, and Omniscient. And of that God, then you can say, “We need not fear what mortal man can do to me. We need not fear what mortal condition can do to me.” Then we will say to the withered arm, “Stretch forth thine arm.” Or to the impotent man, “Rise up and pick up your bed.” Or to the blind man, “Open your eyes.” To the others, “What did hinder you? Where is this power that’s confining you? Where is this power that’s holding you?” And as you do that, you’ll find there is no such power. You have merely believed in such a power and given it power by your belief in it.

So you must come to see this. I say you must come I’m speaking now to those who feel that there is something in The Infinite Way that can come to mean something to them. You must begin to know that there is not good and evil, that there are not two powers. And that doesn’t mean that you won’t often be tempted with sin, disease, death, lack, or limitation, accident, and what not. But that, at each temptation, you are able to rise up and say, “What did hinder you? Who said you’re a power? Thou couldst have no power over me, unless it came from the Lord. I shall not fear what mortal man can do to me. I shall not fear what mortal condition can do to me.” And then you will find that, in a very short time, you will have the dominion over this world that was given to you in the beginning. In the beginning, we were given dominion over the Earth, and everything in it, and above it, and beneath it. But little by little, we gave dominion to the stars and astrology. And we gave power to the Moon, and we gave power to the Sun, and we gave power to food. We give power to climate. We give power to drugs. One by one, we surrendered our bits of dominion, until in the end, it’s a wonder we reserve enough of it to live by.

Now, we begin all over to draw back unto ourselves our God-given dominion, the dominion that was given to us in the beginning. Not that I of myself have anything, remember that, but by the Grace of God I have dominion over all that exists. And, therefore, none of these things may be permitted to have power over us.

Now all of this takes a program of conscious effort. Nobody succeeds with this by sitting down and waiting for something to happen. Nobody succeeds with this by waiting for some unknown God to perform miracles. In this experience, each one of us becomes a law unto the situation. In this, we assume again God-given dominion by realizing that all power has been vested in us by the Grace of God and that no power has been given to person, place, or thing over us. It is for that reason that the Declaration of Independence said that all men were created free. It didn’t say they remain free for long. They were just created equal. They don’t stay equal very long, but they were created equal. All men were created equal, because to all men is given the Grace of God. How much of it you keep and how much of it you surrender that is your individual experience.

Now, I just remind you that we have three Principles here today: gratitude and not a gratitude for things but a gratitude for the Principle that operates behind the event. We’re grateful for the Spirit of God that reveals Itself as harmony, whether it’s a harmony in a minor way or a so-called major way. We have the Principle of forgiveness. The Master’s teaching is full of it—forgive seventy times seven. If you go to the altar to pray and there remember that any man has aught against thee, get up. Go out and make peace with thy brother, then return to the altar. In other words, if you are holding anyone in judgment, criticism, condemnation, don’t think that your prayers are breaking through. They’re not, because you are holding the barrier. Therefore, within yourself, make peace with all men through the power of forgiveness. You may not be able to reach those individuals whom you have offended or who have offended you. That has nothing to do with it. This concerns your relationship with God. Do your forgiving within yourself. If you can’t do your forgiving outwardly, do it within yourself.

Third, there is but one Power, and as fast as possible train yourself, discipline yourself not to give power to person, place, thing, circumstance, or condition. Don’t even give power to the calendar on the wall to age you. Because remember, that is the only thing that claims to have power to age you is the calendar. If you didn’t have calendars, you wouldn’t age. I wish you could see the natives who haven’t had calendars and see what they look like as they approach our years. You will find that they have no such signs as we have. But then they don’t know what year it is, and they don’t know how old they are, and they don’t know that time is passing. All they know is when it’s spring and summer, fall and winter. They know when it’s fishing season. They know when it’s hunting season. They know when it’s producing season, and that’s all they know, and for that reason age touches them but lightly.

There is one island in the South Pacific, which is under the government of New Zealand. And they do not permit a white man to land on that island, except one day each six months a government inspector goes there just to be sure that everything is running in order. And the reason is that no one on that island has ever been diseased, and no one has ever died, until they reached a very ripe amount of years, and then they have no disease. They just go to sleep at night and wake up in the next plane of existence. And they want to leave it that way, so they keep the white man from bringing calendars and pills.

With these three Principles to think about, and perhaps a little reading about them in the writings, it shouldn’t take you very long to decide whether or not this message has something for you. And if it has, there are all the writings available, and as Miss Porter has told you, these recordings are available, and she can tell you where and when. The monthly letter is my personal point of contact with our students, and it always contains a lesson for that month’s study and the news of what’s happening, because in the 9 ½ years since this work has been started, since the publication of “The Infinite Way,” it has traveled well around the Protestant world and many interesting things have happened.

Those of you who unite with us tonight, I will be happy to continue where we left off today. Thank you. Bless you.