So it is when you begin to perceive that there is a God. Secondly, that there is a God at hand closer to you than breathing, nearer than hands and feet, and that this God is Omnipotence, the all Power of the universe, and then start to say to your particular Pilate, “Thou couldst have no power over me, unless it came from the Father in heaven. I shall not fear what mortal man can do to me.” Then you will find, little by little, that which you have been fearing is no longer to be feared. That which you have been hating is no longer to be hated. We have maintained the evil conditions of our bodies by fearing them, by hating them, by giving them power. And when we begin—and it can’t be done suddenly—you can’t just all of a sudden say to a cancer, “I don’t hate you anymore or fear you anymore,” because you’d have to be lying a little bit about it. There is bound to be a lurking dislike for the experience.

But, if gradually you attune yourself to the idea that God made all that was made and all that God made was good, where did this evil power come from? Can there be two powers? Can there be an infinite good Power and then some other power besides? And as you gradually abide in that Word of one Power and let that Power abide in you, you will see, probably in small ways at first, that the little things that have been annoying you disappear. And then other small things no longer come to annoy and then gradually some of the larger things of life, erroneous things, begin to disappear.

Now, there is no God to do this for you. You have to do it yourself. God’s work was done in the beginning. And just as the laws of automotive engineering, and the laws of airplane engineering, and the laws of radio, and the laws of television all have existed since the beginning of time, just awaiting man’s discovery. So is this. The Law of one Power has been in existence since the beginning of time. It always has been. And here and there in history, a few have discovered it and have turned their lives and the lives of their immediate followers into miracles. Gautama the Buddha discovered this law 500 years before the Master Christ Jesus. And for a period of forty or fifty years, this Principle healed multitudes in India, under the supervision of Gautama the Buddha and his immediate disciples. But before he himself left this plane, the Principle began to be adulterated and disappeared.

It next appears in the history of Christ Jesus, and he used this Principle for healing, and he taught it to his disciples. Once upon a time, they very nearly missed the way. This is such a simple Principle that, if you’re not careful, it gets away from you and within a few days you forget it, and then it’s gone. And that happened to the disciples. For they came back from one of these healing trips one time and with great joy told the Master that, “Even the devils were subject unto us through thy name.” And he had to rebuke them, “That isn’t true, my name had nothing to do with it, neither did God have anything to do with it. What you have got to learn is that your names are written in heaven. That’s all.” That’s all that we have to know is that our names are written in heaven. We’re under God’s Grace. There’s no power for God to destroy. There’s no power for us to use Jesus’ name over. Our names are written in heaven. We’re under God’s Grace, and there are no other powers. And those who will remember this—but remember it, not like the disciples heal with it today and forget it tomorrow or forget what it is that healed. They will in time bring to this world, you will bring to this world another era of spiritual healing.

You see you can’t use Truth, but Truth can use you. When you’re talking of Truth, you’re talking of Infinity. And to think of human beings using Infinity is rather ludicrous. But a human being can through humility open themselves and permit Truth to use them. And then you will find that Truth is Infinite. Truth is Omnipotent. Truth is all Power. But what is Truth? This is the Truth that there is only one Power. This is the Truth that there is only one Presence. This is the Truth that the Grace of God created this universe, and the Grace of God maintains it and sustains it, and the Grace of God is closer to you than breathing and nearer than hands and feet, and you have nothing to do about it except acknowledge it. Just acknowledge the reign of Truth within you. Acknowledge the Truth is the only Presence and the only Power and the only Life and the only Love, and then you will find how it takes over in your experience and manages it.

Now, you won’t be out of this room five minutes when you will witness something or other that will make you believe there’s a power apart from God. And if you’re not very alert, you’ll agree isn’t this too bad, or isn’t this shocking, or what could you do about this. And if you get by that first five minutes, then the second ten minutes is going to be more severe. And each ten minutes that goes by is going to add more temptation to you to believe or to witness something that is seemingly a greater power than God or something that you would like to have a God do something about. And the response in your life is going to depend on your own alertness. Can you when you are faced with the next temptation? Can you if you witness a couple of cars collide? Can you if you witness a dog run in front of a car? Can you if you witness somebody sick, or ill, or drunk? Can you quickly, quickly within yourself just say, “Be not afraid. There’s only one Power. Be not afraid. God is the only Presence there is.”

Because in proportion of that can you bring healing to whatever situation there is in the world. You don’t have to voice it. You don’t to tell it to those who are involved. You don’t have to proselyte. You don’t have to sell the idea to your family or to your neighbor. All you have to do is keep locked up within you the secret, so that every time this second power appears to you—the power of evil, the power of sin, the power of disease, the power of temptation, the power of lack, the power of alcohol, the power of drugs—that you inside of you, keeping it locked up, to say, “Be not afraid. God is. Be not afraid. God is.” And if God is, that’s all you have to be concerned about. You know, as well as I do, that if you were sure that God is there’s nothing else in this world that could frighten you. The only fear we have is that maybe we’re all wrong. Maybe there’s isn’t a God. And if there is, what good is it to me?

But you watch. Entertain within yourself. And I say to you, too, go and tell no man what things you have seen. Keep it locked up within you. God is. Because God is you need have no fear of any person, any circumstance, or any condition. Sing those words over and over and over again—God is.