You don’t have to worry then whether you have to care for one person or take the obligations of a family or a community. If you’re doing it through bread alone, then you have your worries ahead of you. But if you understand that you are feeding, supporting, supplying, healing through the Spirit of God, then the amount of numbers that are involved are no different to you. Whether they say it’s fifty dollars or fifty thousand dollars, it would mean nothing in your experience if you were saying, “Numbers don’t interest me. If I have the Spirit of God, it’s complete. If I don’t have the Spirit of God, I can be badly off without one dollar.”

Yes, yes. Even when it takes one dollar to feed a person, they can starve without that dollar, and the dollar can be as hard for them to get as the ten dollars for the next person. But when you are in agreement with this teaching of the Master that man shall not live by bread alone but by every Word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God, that the Spirit of God it is that feeds men and clothes him. The Spirit of God heals them. Peter and John revealed the same Spirit that raised up Jesus Christ from the dead will quicken also your mortal body. So they learned this lesson that it is the realization of the Spirit of God that meets your every need, and then you will not be concerned whether that need is a headache or a cancer. You will not be concerned whether that need is ten dollars or ten hundred dollars. It will be all the same, because to the Spirit of God, there is no limitation in any way or any form.

So here we have with the true idea of forgiveness and the true idea of gratitude. We have two Principles that can result in the change of anyone’s life in far less than thirty days, if they put it into practice. Always remember this: every lecture, in every class, or as a result of every lecture, as a result of every class, there are some peoples whose lives are changed; and later they come to me or write to me and tell me that from that moment their lives have been changed. I can say, “Thank you,” but inwardly I smile, because I know that it wasn’t the lecture that did it, and it wasn’t the class. It was the use they made of it, because at that same lecture and the same class there were so many others who, if they could come to me or write to me, would say, “Your lecture and your class has done absolutely nothing for me.” And I know in advance that that’s true. And I assure our students that I am not making them any promise that coming to this lecture, or attending my classes, or reading my books will in any wise change their lives. It is what they do with it that will produce the change.

Should you, for instance, any of you, embark on a program of daily forgiveness and daily gratitude, not for things, but gratitude for the Spirit of God that underlies this universe, you will find a change in your life in thirty days—less than thirty days—that will appear to you as a miracle.

And I would like now to give you another one of these Principles. And this one is one of the major Principles of The Infinite Way message and is one upon which our healing work is based. I might safely say that whatever healing work is accomplished in The Infinite Way is accomplished through this Principle. It is one that I discovered in the Master’s teaching, and it is one which you will not find exemplified or made much of anywhere else in the literature of the world. You’ll find it in passages, but you will not find it used as a Principle of life. But it really constitutes one of the major Principles of our work.

And that is this. There are not two powers in this world, as there seems to be. Philosophy talks of two powers—the power of good and the power of evil. Religion tells of two powers—the power of God and the power of Satan. Metaphysics tells of two powers—the immortal and the mortal. But, in The Infinite Way, we go back to a very ancient teaching and one that has appeared several times in the mystical history of the world, but so far as I know, only once was it used as an actual Principle of life and that was in the experience of Christ Jesus.

He did not acknowledge two powers. He did not acknowledge that God cured disease. There’s nowhere where he says that it does. He did not acknowledge that God multiplies loaves and fishes. He did not acknowledge that God did anything to error anywhere. As a matter of fact, he didn’t even call on God in his worst troubles. When he was about to be crucified, instead of turning to God for help, he definitely said to Pilate, “Thou couldst have no power over me, unless it came from God.” Later he said, “I could call on legions of angels.” No need for it.

The secret of the Master’s healing was in the fact that he acknowledged God to be the only Power and the all Power. And he never tried to use God for any purpose. He never tried to use Truth for any purpose. He said to the sinners, “Neither do I condemn thee.” To the sick he said, “What did hinder you? Rise, pick up your bed, and walk.” Or he said, “Stretch forth thine hand.” Or he said, “Open thine eyes.” Or he said, “Be thou whole.” Never once did he say, “Oh God, come down and do something for this poor sinner or this poor sick,” because he didn’t acknowledge that there was any power for God to operate on, since God was the original, creative Power and the maintaining and the sustaining Power. And so he knew that whatever suffering we are having, we are having because, for one reason or another, we have accepted two powers, and all he had to do was correct that.

So we find in this work, it isn’t that God heals disease. It is only that disease has no power or rather it has only the power that common consent gives to it. It has only the power that you are willing to give to it by your consent. Once you learn consciously to withdraw power from disease, it has no more power. In the same way that, yes, this came up one time in the treatment of alcoholism when it was apparent that those involved were fearing the power of alcohol. They were enjoying it and yet fearing it. It was only when they could agree that there was nothing about alcohol that could be enjoyed that they could also see that there was nothing about it to be feared, and the release came from both the joy and the fear. If you’re going to hold to one, you have to hold to the other. If there’s joy in it, there may be reason to fear it too. Now watch this, if it were true that God is the all Power, then would there be any power in alcohol? Even theoretically, you can see that you can’t have all Power in God and some power in alcohol too. But if you took the power out of alcohol, you would not only take its evil power, you would even take its enjoying power, and thereby you have overcome it.