It took me a long time to wake up to the secret of Jesus Christ. I awakened to it—the hard way. But when I did and went back to the Bible, I knew what he meant. In his own hometown, he did not many mighty works. In Jerusalem, he said, “Oh, oh, oh, I would but you would not.” And I awakened, and if Jesus Christ couldn’t do it, then, “Oh, Joel what are you trying to do?” Joel became a little more settled at home.

Do you not see that you are here not because you were sent for but because something within your own nature brought you? And, therefore, you will attain in proportion to your capacity to receive. I am, always have been, and will continue to pour out all the Father giveth me. I’ll pour out to you. But remember that I have no illusions. I can do no more for you than your capacity to receive, and part of your capacity will be demonstrated by your understanding of the word, secrecy. If you can understand secrecy to be an actual substance into which this Truth is being poured, then you agree to keep it there.

And every experience you have—healing, supply, companionship, human relationships. Every time you witness someone being healed through your consciousness, keep it locked up. There is only one exception to that rule. You can share with your teacher, because when you share with your teacher, you are pouring into your teacher’s secrecy, and what you pour to your teacher is being received, welcomed. And, therefore, the deeper and further you go, the greater will be the revelations your teacher will give unto you, because then you will have the capacity of secrecy to receive it, and embody it, and hold it in there, as if it were a seed being planted in the ground.

And now, this truth that has been revealed to you and that you bury in your consciousness, in the secrecy of your consciousness. Don’t look out tomorrow to see if a great big tree has grown with fruit. The truth that is given to you is a seed. It can’t ever be anything more than that, regardless of how profound it may be. When it’s given to you, it is a seed, and you have to take it into your consciousness. You have to nurture it, and then you will witness how it will develop, and expand, and come forth as fruitage. Then you will find some friends, some neighbors, some relative who will say, “What is this Truth you have?” And then you better turn on your heel and walk away, because they don’t mean it. What they mean is tell me about this fruit you’ve gotten and how you got it. Their eyes are on the fruit, not on the Principle.

That is all Pilate wanted to know about. Not what is the secret you have locked up in you, but how do you multiply loaves and fishes, and how do you heal the sick? How do you influence these multitudes? Very often you’ll find that, as you begin to show forth the fruitage of spiritual living, that many, many will come to you asking. And if you’re not spiritually wise, you’ll blurt it out, and then they’ll say, “Oh that’s nonsense. I heard about that.” And then you’ll be left with less than you had before, because you’ll have an empty feeling. You’ll just have an empty feeling, as if you’d given away a great pearl, and now you haven’t got it anymore. They didn’t take it, and you lost it.

It doesn’t mean that we do not share. Nobody should share more liberally than we but be satisfied to share milk. Be satisfied to share books, or tapes, and gentle statements of Truth. Be satisfied to give healings to the fullest extent that you can but always remember this. You will have experiences. You will tabernacle with God within you. You will witness the Spirit of Christ in some experiences. You will witness your teacher under many wonderful circumstances and many wonderful ways. You will receive Truths in consciousness. You will hear the still, small voice. Because remember, if you remain on this path, that is what must inevitably happen.

But when you do, do not make a circus out of it. When you do, do not try to convince somebody else. And do not think that you’re going to save your friends or your relatives by telling your wonderful experiences, because they’re going to make mockery of you. And at best, they’re going to say, “All right, remove this lump from me.” And then you’re going to say, “Is that all you got out of what I said?” And the answer is “yes.” That’s all they got.

And so today, I’m giving you what must forever be, not for today, but forever be remembered by you as the first and most important Principle of the mystical life—Secrecy. Keep locked up within you what you know, and what you experience, and then share the letter of Truth, the Principles of Truth but not your experiences. Let each one have their own experiences. You know, there are some books available that tell all about the great wonders of the Hindus, the Swamis, and the teachers, and so forth, and how they walk on the air, and demonstrate food out of the air, and so forth. And people buy those books, and you’d be surprised how quickly they want to do the same thing and literally. And that’s about as far as you’d get sharing your experiences.

Go show the priests. Don’t hesitate to share with your teacher, with your practitioner, if you really have a knowing practitioner, one who is showing forth their spiritual life. Don’t hesitate, because in that sharing, they can increase it for you. In fact, that’s how it comes to you by their being lifted up. You are lifted up into this experience. You wouldn’t have been without the teacher or the practitioner.

Well, all right, good afternoon!