It is very much like the original, old time pearl divers. Nobody ever had to watch them. They weren’t going to steal any pearls. Pearls had never gotten into their consciousness as something valuable. They were just something you found down below. Later when there was an awareness of what pearls were, you had to start setting watchers over them. So with the diamonds. Originally nobody had to watch the diamond miners. Nobody wanted those pieces of ice all covered with dirt. Now, they have regular watches there. Somebody has become aware of the nature of diamonds.

And so it is that you can read a book that has the most profound secret in the world and never recognize it, unless it has already entered your consciousness to such an extent that you can identify it. Ah but, it is quite different when you go to speak or reveal such a secret. That’s different. The moment you voice it you hit up against somebody’s ignorance. And if you think ignorance isn’t a brick wall, you try to hit up against it sometime and watch it bounce it right back at you.

Now, from now on, there will be more and more spiritual experiences taking place in the lives of our students, because we are at that stage where it has been given to me that our students are to be taken into that realm of experience. But I hesitate to see it start, until every student knows that they should keep secret and sacred every spiritual experience that they have and even those things that may be called demonstrations, harmonies, healings, supply that may come as the fruitage.

Ah, please don’t give testimonies about them. Don’t tell them to your friends or your relatives any more than you can help. Try to act as if they were just the natural thing, not some kind of a miracle that took place because somebody gave a treatment, or knew a truth, or said a prayer. The one thing we do not need is to advertise our healings or demonstrations. Keep them secret, and God will shout them from the housetops in the consciousness of those who are ready for them. And the others, it would be no good for them to know it. No good at all.

Just because so many of the books are in public libraries and so forth, you’d be surprised, but maybe you wouldn’t, at how many letters we receive just saying, “Oh, I heard that you wrote a book that you can heal anything. Will you please heal my cancer? Or will you heal my child of this?” No interest in what the message is, no interest in God, just an interest in being healed of something.

And you see, you have no foundation there. And, therefore, the only thing you can do is write back and say, “Indeed yes, you just get this book or that book, and begin to study, and then we’ll watch what happens. ” And then, of course, you don’t hear anymore. You know that’s a bad word—study. And it’s a very bad term—read a book. Bbrrrr, anything but study and read a book. It’s almost as bad as saying—let us pray. That’s a very bad word.

But, first of all, let me impress this upon you. I am not interested in creating a world religion. I am not interested in being known as a world figure, so don’t think that in advertising it, it’s a favor to me and et cetera. I will tell you right now what my interest is. My interest is that every individual who has an inner yearning for God attain the experience. That’s the only yearning I’ve ever had. It was my original yearning to know God aright, and the only thing that I hoped for in life is that those who also feel that they would like to experience God and find this message that they succeed.

I know full well that in proportion as they succeed, they will have better health, better supply, better human relationships, more peace on earth. They will be a bigger influence for good in the world but without opening their mouth. Don’t you think for a minute that you can write letters to the president and congress and tell them what we have found and have them say, “Oh, let’s all have some of that.” Don’t you believe it but also do believe this. That as you attain some measure of God awareness and hold it secret and sacred within you, you will be an influence in all of the congresses of the world. It’ll be a silent influence.

You won’t find yourself famous. They won’t build monuments to you. But in your own silent way, you will be contributing to the health and harmony of your family, of your friends, of your relatives, of your community, and ultimately of the entire world. But you will only do it by maintaining a secrecy based on the knowledge that what you experience is sacred. Hold it within yourself. Then as others come seeking, do to them as you were done by. Give them a pamphlet. Give them a book, or recommend a book, or send them to a library. And let them come up also easily, gently, gradually, through the letter, through their own efforts, because the greatest mistake of the metaphysical and the spiritual world is believing that you can help them into heaven. And I tell you from thirty-two years experience you will never help anyone into heaven. Never anyone. I never have in my life.

What I have discovered is that those who had the capacity attained it and their association with me and this message helped. But it wasn’t I that did it, and it wasn’t The Infinite Way that did it. It was their capacity, and those that didn’t have the capacity didn’t attain it, even when I spent days and weeks and months pouring this into them as I have with some in the days when I believed that I could help you into heaven. Believe me, I’ve tried to help quite a few. Haven’t yet succeeded with one.

All I’ve succeeded in is this. If you were building a bonfire of spiritual hopes and attainments, I probably could strike the match and light it. If you were developing a spiritual capacity within you, then, I because I have been lifted up, I can lift you up a way. But remember, it isn’t I doing it. It’s your capacity. Without that I can do nothing. Without your receptivity, I can do nothing. And I can tell you, I wouldn’t be afraid of crucifixion. If I thought I could, I’d be on the next plane for Washington having a little talk with Mr. Kennedy. Indeed I would, because he is in the position right now to do a great deal of good. And if I thought I had the capacity to give him one iota of this, I’d be knocking at his doorstep.

Now, you know I haven’t, and I know I haven’t. And it is for this reason that you have witnessed how we have sat here all year, just our own little group, without advertising, or proselytizing, or trying to bring in the City of Honolulu. No, I have been very satisfied to let the few come who came in the beginning, and then one added here, and two added here who were drawn. And, on the whole, you cannot deny that I have been a benefit to you, that I have only been a benefit to you in proportion to your own capacity to respond to the things of God. That’s all.