But I must now reveal to you a Principle. You’ll find this mentioned in the writings, but now I’m going to give it to you with full force. Because without this Principle, I will tell you in advance, you just as well might, you can just as well give up hope of making progress. Violate this Principle that I give you and all the rest that you’ll ever get from us will be waste, so far as you are concerned, because everything is based on this primal Principle.

“TELL NO MAN. TELL NO MAN.” Go show the priests but tell no man what things ye have experienced. When you pray, pray in secret, because if you pray to be seen of men, you will gain their praise. All you will lose is God, nothing else. When you do your benevolences, do them in secret, because if you do them publicly, you will be praised of men. You may even get written up in the newspapers, and here too, the only thing you have to lose is God. But I can tell you this, don’t think that there’s any if, and, or but about it; you do lose God. You do lose God the moment you violate Spiritual Secrecy. Go tell no man what things ye have seen or experienced, what things of a spiritual nature that you’ve experienced.

You know sometimes, in the past, we have prayed and had healings, or supply, and then felt that we were doing God a favor by getting up and telling about it. We advertise it to all our friends how profitable it was to pray. What good things we got from it. Uh-uh, no, no, let me tell you that is the finest way in the world to lose God.

You see—mark this now—the Kingdom of God is within you. Now, very gently, repeat that to yourself. The Kingdom of God is within me. Do you see now that you have nothing hidden from God? Not a thing. Right in there where you are God is. And, therefore, the God that seeth in secret rewardth openly. The God that seeth in secret shouts your virtues from the housetops. In other words, without advertising, without promotion, those who are meant to find this message find it, and they come here from the far parts of the world, as most of you have experienced here. And where ever else you may have been in our work, you have found people from all parts of the globe who were not sent for, not advertised for. Why? Because they were seeking something and not shouting it aloud to their fellow men but inwardly seeking, and then outwardly they were led to where it could be found.

Any of us could seek advice from our fellow men as to whether we should follow this religion, or that religion, or this teaching, or that, and we could get as many opinions as there are teachings. And then where are we?

But no one in all of this world can go within themselves secretly and sacredly and say, “Father lead me, direct me” without very, very soon being led right where they should be. There is no one message in the world that is meant for everybody. We are not yet at that level of Consciousness that every one of us could receive the same. There are still those who want a religion of demonstration of things, and there are those who want a religion of the demonstration of the presence of God, and there are those who must have a religion of emotion. And so to each his own, and if each one goes into the temple of their own being—silently, secretly, sacredly—they’re going to be led right where they should be and where they can be fed with their own type of meat, given drink of their own nature of drink.

And, therefore, the Principle that I am revealing to you today is in one word “secrecy.” Secrecy. Keep locked up within yourself every spiritual experience that you have. You can share the fruitage of it but not the experience, and the reason is this: The natural man receiveth not the things of God. The natural man knoweth not the things of God. And you can be assured that if I had started out when I was the only Infinite Way student and had gone on a platform and said that for two months I had been under inner initiation and given a message, somebody would have ordered the doctor with a white coat.

Why? Who, who is ready to receive a message like that? Ah, you say, “I am.” Yes, probably so. Many of you have been witnessing the fruitage of this message for a good many years, and you must believe. You must; you’ve seen enough fruitage. You must believe. And that’s the only reason why.

So it is, you may have a spiritual experience, and it may produce for you the most wonderful results. And you try to tell it to some member of your family, or your friends, or your neighbors, and you’ll soon find them walking on the other side of the street and rightly so, because they cannot see through your eyes. They cannot know through your mind, neither can you expect them to understand something that they have never experienced or witnessed.

Now you know there must be people in this world to whom we could say that we have flown around in the air who would just about run away from us, that would be so unbelievable. Secrecy is a Spiritual Principle. It is actually… secrecy is actually a substance that is as real and tangible as that glass. Secrecy is a substance that holds within it your experiences, and holds it there, and holds it there, and keeps on manifesting it. It is almost like seeing the sun up in the sky, and it would appear as if the sky is surrounding the sun and holding it up there.

Well, just that way, secrecy is a substance. Don’t ever think that it’s just a word. It’s an actual substance; and when you incorporate your spiritual experiences in secrecy, it is held fast there to manifest, and manifest, and manifest. Only be sure that you tell no man, because then you have broken the pattern. You’ve broken your substance, and your substance and your demonstration all collapse at the same time.

What may we share? We may share the milk of the Word. We may share as much as our friend or relative can at the moment receive. You know, even when we publish a book like “Thunder of Silence,” do you know that secrecy is such a power, that I know that not one person in a hundred who has read it has discovered the secret. Not one in a hundred. Not one reader in a hundred knows that there are secrets in that book that have never been revealed. The reason is that they can’t find them, because they haven’t yet come into the range of their experience.