Original Iwihub.com transcript. Transcriber: Hilda Soon and proofread by Zane Maser.

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Primal Mystical Principle—Secrecy
1963 Princess Kaiulani Sunday Series
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 515B

Good afternoon.

On August 16th this year, 1963, we entered into another phase, a higher phase of the activity of The Infinite Way, and all of the papers that have been done since that date and all of the tapes, which are included in two series since that date, carry us into this higher Consciousness. But it isn’t everyone, even among our students, who will feel called upon to enter a higher Consciousness.

Some will feel that they are doing very well as they are. They may feel no inner drive toward anything further or higher, and if so, there is still enough material for them to enjoy whatever degree of consciousness they have attained. And it may be that, at some later time, they will be ready for a higher step. Others, of course, will feel themselves immediately propelled into higher Consciousness.

And, first of all, to explain what I mean by higher Consciousness, I will explain that there are two parts to the message of The Infinite Way. There is the metaphysics of The Infinite Way, and there is the mysticism of The Infinite Way, and you will find both of these in every one of the writings and recordings. You may not have noticed the mysticism or may not have recognized it, but that would only be because at the time you were not yet ready for it and therefore kept yourself busy with its metaphysics.

Now, the metaphysics of this message are most important. It constitutes what we would call the letter of Truth, and the letter of Truth is absolutely necessary, if you are ever to attain a mystical Consciousness or understanding. There are those in the history of the world who have attained some measure of mystical Consciousness and lost its benefits, because they did not know on what it was founded, and eventually it was lost to them. When we speak of the metaphysics of The Infinite Way, we are talking about the revelation of God constituting individual being, your being and mine. We are speaking of one Power—the revelation that we are never dealing in this message with Truth over error or God over evil.

We are dealing only with God as Omnipresence, Omnipotence, Omniscience constituting God, Spirit, constituting man and the universe. Therefore, in our work, there is never an appeal to God for any reason, under any situation, under any conditions, because there’s nothing to appeal for since the nature of that which we have heretofore called evil is the arm of flesh or nothingness. Therefore, not to be fought, not to be battled, not to be overcome, not to be risen above, not to be destroyed but to be recognized as nothingness.

Every time that a healing has taken place through the message of The Infinite Way, you may be assured that it has not taken place because we have an influence with God or because God is doing something for us that God will not do for Protestants, or Catholics, or Hebrews. This is utter nonsense. The only reason that a healing can take place in The Infinite Way is because someone has recognized that since the nature of God is Omniscience, Omnipotence, Omnipresence that the nature of the error, the evil, the sin, the disease, the false appetite must be the arm of flesh or nothingness. And in the recognition of this, that which appeared as evil now disappears.

This is entirely in accord with the Master’s revelation, “What did hinder you? You, the paralysis. What did hinder you? Pick up your bed and walk.” No appeal to God there. Or to the blind man, “Open your eyes.” No appeal to God there. To the woman taken in adultery, “Neither do I condemn thee. Go.” No appeal to God there. To the thief on the cross, “I will take thee with me into paradise this night.” No appeal to God there. And so in the entire message of The Infinite Way, there is no appeal to God, and you will not find any in any of its writings or recordings for this reason: That our work is built on this letter of Truth that God, Spirit, the reality of your being is Omniscience, all knowing, Omnipotence, the all power, Omnipresence, the all and only of that which is Presence. Therefore, “resist not evil,” the Master says. “Resist not evil.”

Well, now you have the Principle. Now you have the letter. Now you have the metaphysics. Now, there are many different types of metaphysics. There is a type of metaphysics, no part of The Infinite Way, which has mind over matter. There is a branch of metaphysics that has thought as power, not The Infinite Way. There is a branch of metaphysics that has the error in your thinking producing the disease in your body, not The Infinite Way.

The metaphysics of The Infinite Way is based entirely on the teaching that God constitutes your being. And, therefore, there is no evil in your being. There’s no sin, no disease, no death, no lack, no limitation in your being, because God constitutes your being. And therefore, anything that you are experiencing of a negative nature, whether it’s in the form of sin, false appetite, disease, lack, limitation, unhappiness, all of this is a universal experience or universal concept, which in your ignorance you who have accepted.

Having been born into a world of both good and evil, you have been brought up to believe that there is both good and evil—good and evil people, good and evil conditions, good and evil laws. And you’ve even been taught, most of you that God is good and evil—sometimes good, sometimes evil, sometimes punishing. And as a matter of fact, some of you have even been taught that, if you have enemies, you can pray to your God and God’ll go out and destroy them for you. Nearly all of the Old Testament has a God that will go out and destroy your enemies for you, and there’s a lot of them in the New Testament too.

But you see that would make God evil to somebody or other, and why should this be since you and your heart and soul know that no one in all this world is better than another as a human. Some may temporarily be good but under certain conditions could be vastly different. Some today could be very evil and under certain conditions could be very good. And I can give you two very clear illustrations of this.