Well, recently the man who is now the head of the Freudian psychiatric movement, a Professor in Vienna, has made the same acknowledgement; that until we know God, and until we become aware of the spiritual universe, we will not succeed. So they in Vienna are changing the Freudian teachings as they changed the Jung teachings, to bring it into a spiritual sphere. And what does a spiritual sphere mean? Let me sum it up for you this way: it’s not a teaching, it’s an experience. Until you come to an actual experience of God, the feeling of God, awareness of God, something or other that lets you know God is, in spite of all that you can see out here to the contrary.

Now, once you begin to see the subject of God, in the way God is revealed in the message of The Infinite Way, your whole nature begins to change because you stop this mind trying to reach out to God. It stops you from praying. It makes you laugh at yourself when you think that God is here to do your will. It makes you laugh at yourself when you stop to think that you could influence God to do something that God isn’t already doing. What kind of a God are you praying to? And so all of this begins to change your attitude and enable you to settle down and settle down.

And then you come to the next subject, the nature of error. Well now the world knows what error is. It’s very evil. It’s a terrible power. It’s got the world in its grip. It’s giving us juvenile delinquency and gambling and drug addiction and rape, arson, murder, wars. Oh everybody knows what evil is. How do you do something about it? If only we could get God. But in this message you have it clearly revealed in every book and every class: The nature of error is the arm of flesh, or nothingness. Resist not evil. This is the Master’s teaching. Put up thy sword.

Now you will discover that almost as much attention is given in our writings to the nature of error as to the nature of God. We have lots of students who for years and years will say, “Oh well, you know Joel’s touched a little bit on that subject, and don’t pay too much attention to it.” But you’ll notice that they’re the ones who don’t heal very well, until they come to an awakening and find out that that’s the mystery of a healing ministry. When you can sit down in your healing work and not battle the appearance, not fight it, not try to remove germs out of somebody’s body, not try to remove lumps and fevers, not try to remove insanity, but sit down quietly at peace. Put up thy sword. Resist not evil. They have only the arm of flesh. And you can rest in that inner peace and quiet and assurance that there is only one law, spiritual law. All else is imaginary. This experience can take over and then the healing takes place.

Now until this last month, was there any more powerful law in Materia Medica than that sitting in a draft or getting wet feet would give you a cold? Wasn’t that a pretty stiff law? You could hardly avoid a cold, could you, if you sat in a draft or got wet feet. Now, all of a sudden Materia Medica informs you it never was a law, it was a superstition. It was an old wive’s tale and you can’t get a cold that way. Ah yes, but you had many a cold that way. Yeah, but it wasn’t from the wet feet or the—no, it was because we doctors frightened you and told you that that would give you the cold and you believed us. See that? Now in the next five years nobody in the world will ever catch a cold again from a draft or wet feet. Why? Well everybody knows it’s not a law, it was just a fairy tale, so they’re not fearing it.

Well, what is to prevent them saying that germs do not give disease that we thought it did, but that germs are very natural, normal things. If God created all that was created, maybe he created germs too. And therefore, our theory, making it a law that germs had to give you a disease, why shouldn’t they eventually come to the realization that germs do not cause disease, when we have been proving now for the last ninety years that we can heal germ diseases without antibiotics. Have we not?

In Christian Science, in Unity, in New Thought, The Infinite Way. Have we not been healing germ diseases? Why we have made it impossible for tuberculosis to last by proving how many cases have been healed metaphysically. We have healed all kinds of grippe and flu without medication of any kind. If germs were destructive powers causing disease, do you believe that we could have ever healed one case? No. Not one. Not one. If there has ever been a case of tuberculosis healed, spiritually, then germs are not the cause of tuberculosis. If there has ever been a case of flu healed or pneumonia or grippe, then the whole germ theory is wrong, because we have used none of these anti-germs to heal with. Nor have we exercised a power over germs or fevers. Germs cause fevers? They’ve been healed by the wholesale in every one of the metaphysical movements by people who really had it.

So, while stating that error isn’t power, and that germs don’t have power, will not heal anything. If you will work with that principle until the realization: of course it can’t. Of course, if Spirit is, if God is, then you’ll find the healings. And this will explain to you why many people cannot heal who are very good students of truth. Because as long as they have only the letter, they’re only saying it with the mind and it isn’t the mind—it’s the mind that causes it, so the mind is not going to cure it. It’s only these beliefs in the mind that cause all these errors, and therefore it’s not going to be another belief in the mind that’s going to cure it. You’ve got to transcend the mind and when you’ve transcended the mind, all of these things that the mind declares are proven unreal.

So, I give this to you: for yourselves, work earnestly with everything that The Infinite Way writings say about the nature of God, the nature of error, because when you have, you will now understand the nature of prayer. Prayer is no longer words or thoughts. Prayer is no longer asking God to do something or expecting something of God. Now prayer has got a whole new meaning. And, as I see it, prayer is a state of silence in which I become receptive to the word of God. Prayer is a state of silence, where the mind is still and the spiritual faculty is alert and receives the grace of God. This is prayer. So prayer has nothing to do with getting God to do something. Prayer has nothing to do with getting God’s power to destroy something. Prayer has nothing to do with influencing God. God forbid that prayer should be used to tell God what to do or influence God or bribe God.