See in the days of the Bible writings, they didn’t know the difference between the soul and the mind. They didn’t know the difference between spirit and the intellect, except a few who were enabled to say that the letter killeth, it’s the Spirit that makes free. Paul saw that. A few saw that you must have discernment, not knowledge. The mystic who did The Cloud of Unknowing knew it, that you never will reach God through knowing. Only when you reach that altitude of consciousness of unknowing. And that doesn’t mean ignorance. It means where the mind is at rest, and the soul faculty receives the things of God.

Remember, remember always that while no one else may be in agreement with me, Paul is, That the natural man knoweth not the things of God. The natural man receiveth not the things of God. The natural man is not under the law of God, and the natural man functions through his mind. How else does the natural man function? Only through his mind. Even the things he does with his body he functions through his mind. He can’t live without his mind. He can’t move his body without his mind. He can’t love without his mind. Nothing can a man do without his mind. But, with his mind he can’t reach God. Therefore, if you know enough about the nature of God as it is revealed in The Infinite Way you will know enough to stop trying to reach God and relax and let God reach you. In the moment that ye think not, the bridegroom cometh. The bridegroom is the Christ. In the moment that ye think not, that you are not thinking, that you are at rest; not in the moment when your mind is dead; not in the moment when the mind is unconscious. In the moment when you are not thinking, when you are receptive and responsive and your soul faculty unites with God.

It’s called union with God. It’s called marriage with God. And it is when you are so still that the soul of you, which is the individualization of God, comes into awakening. Not that it awakens, no, no, no. You awaken to it. It doesn’t awaken, oh, the Spirit of God in you is in full bloom all of the time. It appears to awaken. But it is we who are awakening to it, but not through the mind.

Now you can see that if your student is looking up to God and wanting God to do something, and trying to get God to come down to him, that they’re out to lunch. They’re just not around where God is. Therefore you must reveal the nature of God. You must take from them all faith that God is going to reward their being good. If necessary point out all the good people in the world who are suffering and at the same time, all the bad people who are prospering, and pretty soon you will convince them that God doesn’t reward good and God doesn’t punish evil, and whatever of reward or punishment comes, is from within our own selves.

Again, everyone teaches that God is a power. Oh if you could just get God power, you’d fix everything that’s not right in the world. But you see, the nature of God is not power in that sense. It may be power in the sense that it maintains two times two is four, or it maintains H2O is water, but it is not power in the sense that it will do something to evil. Again, you have to show the nature of God as something that cannot be used, because every religion in the world is using God. It is making of God a servant. “Dear God take care of my rent next month. Dear God fix my digestive apparatus. Dear God protect my child.” God is always the servant doing your will. But there is no such God. You are not going to make God do your will. You cannot influence God—not by praying, not by being good, not by fasting, not by tithing. You cannot influence God, and unless you can make your students see that, you’re not helping them to come toward the experience, because once they have come to the realization, “Well. I can’t influence God. I can’t get God to do my will,” they’re apt to settle down in peace and quiet and say, “Well God, maybe you can influence me.” That would be a twist.

And so you’ll understand what the mystics mean when they say you must surrender yourself to God, you must yield yourself to God, and you’ll understand why Jesus could say, “Nevertheless, not my will, but thine be done.” Well then it’s foolish to have a will of our own to begin with, even a will to see our friends well, even a will to see peace on earth. Let’s not have any will at all and retire within as many times a day as we can find a minute and say, “Nevertheless Father, not my will be done but thine be done on earth as it is in heaven.” And relax and rest and then be a beholder and see what God’s will is. Maybe, maybe it would include peace on earth! If only we could let that will of God come through, instead of treating it as if it were some kind of a servant that we are going to direct.

Do you see why the God experience can come only when you have relaxed your personal efforts, when you have relaxed your mind, when you come to the realization that there is nothing personal about the activity of God in the sense that God would do any more for me than for you, and that, too, you must bring to your students. Never let them believe that God would do more for Jesus Christ or for me than for you or for them. There is no such God. God is not a super person that goes around and says, “I will do this for you, and I won’t do it for you,” or “I’ll do this for my good Hebrew people, but I won’t do it for you Christian people.” Isn’t that nonsense? God must be understood as universal being. No exceptions in the laws of God.

Actually, if you want to know what the activity of God is like, I can tell you. It is like light touching darkness. It doesn’t do anything to darkness whatsoever. It doesn’t heal it, correct it, change it or move it. It just reveals there isn’t any. And that’s what the activity of God is like. In healing, it doesn’t heal a disease; it just reveals that there is none. It doesn’t reform a sinner; it reveals God’s man who has never sinned. No. No. There is that part of us which has never sinned, never been sick, who was never born and will never die. And the action of God is to reveal that man. To our sense that may remove darkness, sin, disease, lack, but that’s only to our limited sense. It doesn’t really do it, any more than light removes darkness. Light reveals the absence of darkness, the non-entity of darkness, the non-existence of darkness.

And so it is, that which we call the human being, the natural man, has no real existence. He has only an existence in the universal mind which is separate and apart from God. The whole human experience is, you might say, an imaginary experience, a dream experience, which takes place only in the universal mind which does not have its seat in God, and the proof of that is that in the moment that you can still that mind and the Spirit of God comes in, that man isn’t here anymore. That man of sin, of disease, of death, he isn’t here anymore. He is just as absent as the darkness when light touches it. And we say the old man has died and the new man has been reborn. But where did the old man go? He didn’t go any place. He wasn’t there to begin with.

This, of course, you can only realize after you have, yourself, been lifted up in consciousness because the secret of the human mind is not known to psychiatrists or psychologists and for one reason. They are looking at the human mind with the human mind and they have no possible way of doing that objectively by withdrawing from the picture and seeing it as it is. Therefore, everything that’s taught in psychiatry and everything that’s taught in psychology is wrong. And when I say everything, I just mean one hundred percent.

Now Dr. Jung began years ago to see that that was so and so he began changing his teaching over into the spiritual so that eventually he was able to say that every case that we healed of a man over 35 years of age, was healed only through spiritual means. And every failure to heal of anyone over 35 years of age was a failure to lead that person to a spiritual teaching. And he said, not a church teaching. That will never save anyone. But a basic spiritual teaching, a basic religious teaching; that is a religious teaching of the original Master, not as it filtered down through churches.