To begin with, the world believes and all religions teach, that God is a great power and if only you can get in touch with that power, it will overcome your sins, diseases, lacks, limitations and all your troubles. And as long as you believe that, you’re so far removed from ever attaining the experience, that you’re hopelessly lost. The only possibility you would have while following such religions or teachings, is that your own basic search for God would overcome it and in the end you would surmount it and attain the experience, not because of your teaching you’re following, in spite of it, because there is no such God and the longer you seek to reach such a God, the further away that God is. There is no such God that overcomes the errors of the world. If there were, in all these thousands of years it would have been discovered and the woes of the world would be over.

So, you must start your students with the realization that we are not going to God for a God power. We are going to God to commune, to tabernacle with God, to experience God, to feel God, to speak to God, and to hear God, but not for a power. Any thought of power that enters your consciousness, separates you from God.

Now all religions teach that God rewards and that God punishes and as long as your student is under that belief, you cannot lead them into their harmony, because they will seek to be so good that God will reward them and give up all their errors so that God won’t punish them. And all this time they’re in darkness because God has no interest in your goodness and will not reward it. And God has no interest in your sins and will not punish them.

Is there any reward or punishment for goodness and sins? Of course there is. Of course there is. We set in motion the rewards and the punishment, but not the way the religions of the world teach, not by being good or by being bad. That does not set in motion the rewards or the punishment. What sets in motion the rewards and the punishment is if you sow to the Spirit you set in motion your freedom, your release from this world. If you sow to the flesh, you sow to corruption. And now, again, we do not use these statements in the way that the world’s religions use them. You must impart to your students that sowing to the Spirit means acknowledging Spirit as the source and cause of all that is, acknowledging Spirit as the activity of divine grace, acknowledging Spirit as the presence, substance, power, law, activity of being.

Acknowledge Him in all thy ways. Acknowledge Spirit in all thy ways, acknowledge that Spirit is the source of all. And then you will discover that it will not be very long until that acknowledgement dissolves your sins, false appetites, fears, doubts, greed, lusts, mad ambition. Now the moment you try to dissolve these you are in psychology, and psychology cannot succeed because it cannot make you other than you are. Whatever your nature is, that’s what you’re going to remain until something enters your consciousness that brings about a change.

Let me illustrate that. We have here in Hawaii, an experience that transcends perhaps anything that the world could believe. We have a man in prison who has been in so many times since boyhood that he is just the state’s Peck’s Bad Boy—only very bad, serving one term of life imprisonment for murder and another awaiting execution for a second murder. That’s being fairly bad. But the worst of it is that at no time could he have been mentally right, because he’s been vicious, so vicious that they couldn’t allow him to be near other people.

Well, just to make the story very short, one of our students is working in the prison and the prosecutor who sent him up on those two charges, for life imprisonment and for execution, has gone before the court to have him no longer held on those two charges, but getting ready for his parole. It’s a long story. It’s an interesting story, a fascinating one. But the boy is so completely healed that he is now doing painting, carving, all kinds of artwork that has gained recognition outside of the prison.

Now, can you imagine a psychologist telling him how he ought to be good and how he ought to behave and how he should be and what they would have happen to them? Nothing could happen to him until something enters his consciousness. And that has to enter his consciousness through the experience of one who has experienced, because it can’t be anything human. It has to be something of a spiritual nature.

All right. We have had not less than seven babies, Mongoloid babies, all of whom are now in school taking their regular classes. Now you try to convince a Mongoloid baby how to be a normal one and you will know that you can’t and that there isn’t any truth that you know that would do it. It has to be an experience. It has to be something within yourself that transcends yourself and performs it. But that something else won’t happen while you are saying “Oh dear God, please save this darling child who is so innocent,” or “Please save this man.” No. No. Nothing of that nature will do it. And God wasn’t doing it either. God didn’t enter the prison. God didn’t enter those children, until someone who attains the God experience comes along. Then it happens.

Some years ago I received a letter from an institution in California. It seems that they have an institution in California that handles the cases of all convictions of moral offenses of any and every nature. And those who are convicted have to agree to a certain period of treatment rather than just a jail term because California has acknowledged that moral offenses are not crimes, they’re the products of disease, of illness. And so anyone who wishes to avoid a year in San Quentin can sign up for this institution in California where they receive psychiatric, psychological help from ministers, priests, rabbis, and they are undoubtedly doing a very fine work there. But I received a call from there for copies of our writings from one man, and this eventually spread to nine, and they were so enthused by what it was doing to them that they spoke to the head. And eventually I was invited over there by the head of the institution and I spent a day with those boys there and an hour of that day with the head of the institution, and a part of the day with one of the chaplains, as a result of which we had some very fine healings.

Now recently, as a result of that experience, we’ve had a call from another institution in California, a penal institution, for the writings and from the head chaplain, asking for more information about the nature of this work. Well now, whatever fruitage comes from this work in that regard or the healing of physical disease, you must understand does not come because of all the statements that are in the books because then everyone who has those statements could go out and heal, but rather, because the principles in those books, if they are studied and practiced and followed will lead to this experience. And then, when this experience comes, it is this experience that does the work.

Once you begin to perceive that that God cannot be reached through the mind, you’ll be halfway home. You cannot reach God through your mind. It’s been tried in every religious teaching in the world and every philosophical teaching in the world, every metaphysical teaching in the world. You cannot reach God through your mind. You have got to bring your mind to a place of stillness to where you transcend the mind and your soul faculty receives God, receives the experience. You have a soul faculty. Everyone in the world has, because God created us in His own image and likeness. That means He incorporated in us the nature of His own being. Therefore, we have that within us that enables us to know God aright.