God Revealing Himself As Christ On Earth 5/5

There’s nothing to be afraid of if we’re in God, and if God is revealing Himself. There’s nothing to be afraid of. Sometimes if you read stories of initiation, spiritual initiation, you’ll discover that in these initiations you have to go through terrible experiences, and that is true, you do. But the thing is, to make up your mind that that’s the way it’s going to be, and be a beholder and go through. Because as long as it is a God experience, the only reason that it appears to be a terrible experience, is that it’s unknown to the human mind, it’s unknown to us. It’s not like anything we expected, and therefore, we think it’s terrible. And it isn’t when it’s all through, if we can stand long enough to go through.

Secrecy is the womb of the spiritual life. It is where we take every experience, right into that womb of secrecy … sacredness. It must be sacred. Another one of their evils of the human world is that it looks on human conception and birth as if it were something human, and sometimes even evil or sinful, and at the best, physical. And you see, it misses the whole point, because it isn’t, it’s something sacred.

It is another individualization of God appearing. That’s what it is. And in that light, it isn’t a human being that’s born, and it isn’t the product of a carnal act that is taking place. It is I and the Father becoming one, and out of that oneness is coming another one. When our young couples, through spiritual study, realize this, and realize that conception is not a carnal act, not something to be afraid of, or ashamed of, or something that’s merely an act of pleasure—that actually it is a part of the nature of living, then you will discover that the seed will be held as something sacred, not vulgar. And it will be buried in the womb, and it will be held there sacredly and secretly—as if we’re waiting now for God to appear—Christ incarnate. We’re waiting now for Christ to appear. All of those months of gestation of Mary, is the waiting for Christ to appear, the Son of God to appear.

And when we wait, when our youngsters now wait with the understanding that they’re waiting for the incarnation of Christ to appear, parentage will be something sacred. Children will be something sacred, and we will begin living spiritually on earth.
Well, a lot of people would like to convince us then, that if we’re spiritual, there will be no sex relationships. But if that is so then, we’ll be so spiritual that we won’t have to eat either, or drink water. And I don’t believe that for a while we’re going to reach that. I do believe that, our spiritual life for a long time to come is going to be lived on earth. And the method of this progressive life will be as it is now. Only instead of being accepted as just a human act, it’s now going to be understood as God’s way of revealing Himself, or His son on earth. It’s God’s way of expressing Christhood on earth.

And then the whole of this life is going to be as sacred as we in our groups have witnessed it between ourselves. Just remember that all over this world where we have been meeting for years, and years, and years, seventeen years in groups like this—every one of our groups have been sacred.

We’ve had no, we’ve had practically no nasty experiences in our thing. Our whole lives have been sacred; our whole relationships have been sacred. So why can’t the rest of the world carry that out too? And they will the moment they know that I is God.
Thank you.

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