So that, when you see a teaching like socialism or communism, don’t hesitate two minutes, you can prophecy right now…it’s doomed. Why? It takes away from man his freedom, and his individuality. He’s got to be a part of a mass. He’s got to be a part of a herd. He’s going to stand on line to collect his income. That can’t last, because the I is crying out for escape.

Not only the Hebrews cried out for freedom from Pharaoh, but the Russians under the Czars cried out for freedom; the English cried out for freedom, till they got their Magna Charter; the French cried out for freedom, until the guillotines ran up and down the streets.

Don’t ever hesitate to prophecy that the end of socialism and the end of communism is in sight. Because man is crying inside of himself for freedom, because man isn’t man. God is man, and God is not going to stay locked up in you forever. And God is not going to stay locked up in a trade union that tells you how much you can earn and when you can’t earn it. No, all of these things are doomed. Anything that restricts or limits is doomed.

And if you go back to the Hebrew prophets, you’ll find that the only thing they prophesied is that those of you who are living in limitation, or holding others in bondage are going to be destroyed, and those of you who are seeking freedom, are going to attain. That’s all they ever prophesied. All the prophets of doom prophesied the doom of those who were Kings, those who were tyrants, those who limited. And it’s just as easy to prophesy that today.

God is the mind of man, and the mind of man will not be limited, or restricted, or held in bondage. And don’t you ever think that it will. It will break through.
There have been countries, as in the days of Pharaoh, even in modern days; there have been countries that prevented their people from receiving education. And do you know that the very people responsible for that didn’t know why? They, themselves couldn’t tell you why. There’s only one reason…you can’t hold an educated man a slave. You can’t hold an educated man in bondage. The moment a man begins to know, he begins to be, and you cannot hold him any longer.

So remember this: because the I of man is God, start right now to be a prophet, and prophecy that the ultimate fate of man is freedom. He doesn’t have to bring it about by wars; he doesn’t have to bring it about by rebellions. Gandhi saw that. Sit still and know I am God. Be still and know I am God. Pretty soon those out there will begin setting you free, and they won’t know why.

Yes, you can prophecy. The fate of this world is freedom from sin, from disease, from death, from bondage, from limitation. And the beginning of that freedom comes with the realization of the nature of I. Resist not evil, just be still and know that I am God. That’s enough. That one truth will begin to break all of the crusts of limitation, and outside powers that bind you. Just be still, be still and know that I am God. I will never leave thee. I am thy bread. I am thy intelligence. I am thy safety. I am thy security, and live in the word I.

But be careful, be careful. It has always been lost by revealing it to the unprepared thought. Always, always. It has made people believe that they humanly were powers. “Oh, I am God!” Then they began to be God. And you see, they not only destroyed themselves … I could tell you of movements that have existed down through the ages—broken up, started again. Every time some group learned this secret that wasn’t ready for it, and that thought that it meant personal powers, or that it could make me a power over you, or make you a power over your nation. It’s not meant that way.

You do become a power unto everybody, but a power of Spirit, a power of love, a power of life, a power of liberty. Not a power over the private lives of anyone.
Be still. Be still and know that I am God. And it is on this point that secrecy must become the absolute law with you. I tell you that if you reveal it, you lose it. And you’ll be sorry, because you probably will not regain it in this entire lifetime on earth. It has never been known that anyone lost it and regained it. Not in any one lifetime. There have been people in past times too, who learned this and lost it. No history exists of anyone who ever regained it.

And therefore, we do not reveal it. We may teach it. We may impart it as we are here, as Jesus did with his disciples, as Gautama the Buddha did with his disciples; because, we are not really violating secrecy. We have really become one consciousness, one mind, and one life. We have really become a body, in which my interests are yours, and your interests are mine. And our interest isn’t personal, it’s worldwide.

I do not live for myself, and pretty soon you’re going to discover, that you can’t live for yourself. You cannot know this secret, and just live a personal life for yourself. To some extent, your life will have to be dedicated. But don’t let it be dedicated to telling this to anyone until in the course of time you find students and become convinced that they’re not sitting here looking for loaves and fishes, or how to rule the world, but how to be a greater dedication to the world than they already are.

Then is when you can gently, gently, gently lead up, and if you’ll read The Infinite Way books again, you’ll see how gently it is led up to, in every one of the books. And then you’ll say, “Why Joel, I thought you were telling us something new out there in Kailua; why, you’ve already said this in every one of the books.” Yes, but many of you haven’t seen it there. And when you go back you’ll discover it there. But you’ll see that it’s been touched so gently, so lightly that only those who have eyes to see will see it, only those with ears to hear will hear it.

And that leads up to this: From now on, normally and naturally, you should have more spiritual experiences than you have ever had in your life. And if you have had none, you should begin to have them. Because all our work now is at that stage. But, keep those experiences within yourself—do not share them with anyone. Your teacher yes, your practitioner yes, but not husband, or wife, or friend, or relative, because no one but your teacher is at your state of unfoldment when you are having those experiences. Therefore, no one is going to be able to understand them.

Keep them within yourself and let them multiply. Let them deepen and let them become enriched. Never fear them. Although some of them come in a form that sometimes frightens. Well, the reason is that anything that we’re unfamiliar with can frighten us.

The student with whom I first meditated after I’d had my own experiences in meditation and who felt that she wanted to go far…One day we came to a place, where evidently she was about to have an experience, and it took the form of her feeling that she was falling down all the way from the sky to the earth. And, she got frightened, and she just screamed and opened her eyes and said “stop!” She was afraid of falling. And she’s never had a spiritual experience since, has never accomplished a meditation, and this is more than 25 years ago. Never has since. The fear, I suppose, keeps coming back, “Supposing I do fall.” I don’t know where you’re going to fall from or to since you live, and move, and have your being in God.

And others have physical experiences. I went through that phase when it seemed as if the whole stomach was going to vibrate and vibrate and vibrate. Sometimes even my heart was being pulled up and down, like a physical experience. And I would just look down like that, and watch it. But I’ve known others to have an experience like that, and get afraid of it.