But I do want the peace that God can give. And then I’m no longer dependent on man whose breath is in his nostril, nor am I at the mercy of man whose breath is in his nostril. Not the moment that I turn within for God’s grace, God’s peace…even that the Spirit of God may be upon me. This too the Master revealed, “That when the Spirit of God is upon you, you are ordained”—ordained to be the spiritual son.
Don’t forget, in your humanhood, you are not the child of God. In your humanhood, I is not God, or we’d all be individual Gods walking around, and none of us would ever be in trouble.

In our humanhood, we are the natural man that Paul revealed is not of God, knoweth not the things of God, receiveth not the things of God, is not under the law of God. And that’s what’s wrong with this whole human race. It can go to church and pray from now till doomsday, and if it isn’t careful, the roof of the church will fall in on it.

The natural man is not under the law of God, that’s why he can sin, and have sinful appetites; that’s why he can be diseased; that’s why he can be uncharitable, unmerciful. There’s nothing Godlike about him, he’s an animal, virtually a beast. When however, an individual, in one way or another, is lead to seeking, this means, that something within him is trying to break through, because nobody of their own accord seeks God. You can put that down as a rule that has no exception. No human being has of themselves ever sought God, never in the history of the world.

God has to seek you, before you can turn and believe that you are seeking God. And all the time that you are believing that you are seeking God, don’t fool yourself, you’re not—it’s God in you that’s trying to push through, and reveal Himself to you. When you know this, you can stop your search for God, and sit down and listen more, and then God will break through.
Oh no, a human being might seek happiness, and they might seek prosperity, and he might seek success, and he might seek fame, but it’s not given to any human being to seek God. When you find anyone seeking God, you can be assured God started the search. God started it all by trying to break through. And then as we become aware of a hungering or thirsting, it isn’t really we—it’s that God is starting to push through. And because we haven’t yet become aware, there is still that sense of separation.

Now the completion of the search for God never ends, until you realize … whether you receive the message, whether you’re spoken to, or whether it’s just an inner experience, but all of a sudden it dawns: I and the Father are one; or I am Thou; or I will never leave thee nor forsake thee. The moment that I voices Itself in there, you know that that I isn’t man; that I is God. And now, you relax and rest in that I that I am.

And now you don’t have to take thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink, or wherewithal ye shall be clothed. Now you rest, and life begins to be lived out from within yourself. And then it is that you find that you are a benediction to all who come within range of your thought. Not because you’re walking around blessing anybody, but because as you look at them you are realizing that I at the center of their being. You can’t help it, there’s a smile comes to you when you stop to think, “Oh, you don’t know it, but oh, I know it; the kingdom of God is within you.”

And you’d be surprised how many receptive people there are, how many people longing, whom that awakens. You may never get to know them personally; you may never get to know who you have blessed. Although here and there you will find one who has said, “I find something, or I feel something in you.” What is it they feel in you? Only one thing: your understanding of your identity, and your understanding of their identity. That’s what they feel. You are no longer looking on them with: criticism, judgment, malice, hate, unforgiveness—you can’t any more.

You can say, “I know what it’s all about now.” You thought you were man. You thought you were living your own experience. Certainly, if you didn’t seem to have money, you had to steal it or cheat or lie or make up a false ad. If only you’d known I, you would have relaxed, and without taking thought, your own would come to you.
Always remember that the only reason Burroughs could give the world that poem, Waiting, “My own shall come to me” was because he had attained this. As a human being, no one can ever say, “My own shall come to me.” As a human being, you know you’ve got to go out and fight for it, advertise for it, struggle for it, labor for it. It is only when spiritual realization comes to you that you can say: “I can go and sit by the side of a stream, and my own shall come to me.” Sure, they’ll find you wherever you may be, your employment, your art, your whatever it is that is required to fulfill your life.

And here you must remember something: I is God, but I appears as every individual, individually, as much so as fingerprints. In other words, no two of us are supposed to be the same; no two of us are required to do the same work; no two of us are supposed to express art, literature, music, salesmanship in the same way.

Each one of us has an individual gift. A thousand of us may play piano or violin, but if we have made contact with our Center, each one will play it in an individual way. So that it won’t sound the same hearing Hoffman and hearing Paderewski—it’ll sound entirely differently when you hear the two men at the same instrument. And so it’ll be a painter, sculptor, an architect. You might say in these days, “Well, you can accept architects, because they only know one thing—square boxes with lots of glass.” But that isn’t true, that is only because, circumstances have brought that about today. The day will come when not one of these buildings will stand in the land—Not one. They’ll all be pulled down. Because the artistic nature, the God nature that is in certain individuals that makes them sculptors, artists, architects, will come to the fort, and they’ll have to express in individual forms of beauty, art, literature.

But remember, this can only come about when we as individuals begin to understand that I in the midst of me am mighty. I in the midst of me am infinite, because I in the midst of me is God. And now, this Joel selfhood, which hasn’t fully attained that realization, now turns within. Not to somebody else, but to the I, to the center, to the consciousness. And then, forth from this consciousness comes whatever it is that is necessary to my individual unfoldment, which may not at all be your individual unfoldment. You have to go within to the center of your being, the consciousness of your own being and draw forth that which represents the fulfillment of your individuality.

This is why…you know, I think back very often on the ancient Hebrew prophets, and people thought they were something set apart and kind of great, because they could prophesy. I’ll tell you the truth, nothing unusual about it at all. Nothing unusual about it at all, it’s the easiest thing in the world to prophesy. And you’ll never make a mistake. Never! Prophecy is the easiest thing. It isn’t wise to do it for the public, because if you tell them something about next year that they don’t already believe, they’ll crucify you for it, so it’s best not to prophesy in public. But it’s easy to prophesy.

And I’ll tell you why. As you have these spiritual unfoldments, you’ll come to realize that the only permanent thing in the world is whatever it is that conforms to a law of God. This is the only thing that eventually is going to be the permanent status of man.