The secret becomes, knowing this truth, living in this truth, abiding in this word: I am; all that God is, I am; all that the Father hath is mine. Then you’ll understand all of The Infinite Way writings, because over and over and over, they repeat the Masters words: “I have meat the world knows not of; I have hidden manna; I will never leave me nor forsake me; I was with me before the world began; I will be with me unto the end of the world.”

And whatever it is that I even think that I need or want, I have only to go within my own being. And if I’m just still and patient, the assurance will come: “Be not afraid, it is I; I am thy bread, thy meat, thy wine, thy water; I will never leave thee nor forsake thee.”
It always has, ever since my very first spiritual experience, that has been my mode of life. Every time that I seem to be separated from any sense of good or any form of good, I’ve only had to go within for the realization, and the assurance is given me…I go before thee to make the crooked places straight.

And, as you read again now, the writings of The Infinite Way, you will see that the secret of The Infinite Way is in the word I. That’s the secret. Even if you go back to my basic textbook, which is the very first book of all, The Infinite Way. You will see that it is founded on God appearing as man. Not God and man, not man going to God. But the whole Infinite Way book is the revelation that God appears as man. Then all that God is I am, all that the Father hath is mine, and so the secret lies in going within to that I which I am.

You see, you don’t know Joel at all. You’re so far from knowing Joel that if you really come to find out some day, you’ll be shocked at how little you ever knew him. You don’t know him at all. Joel doesn’t even know himself yet fully. And the reason is that I am Joel, and I haven’t yet solved the full secret of I. When I find the full secret of I, I’ll have the full name and identity of Joel.

But what has made The Infinite Way a worldwide activity and so widely enjoyed and accepted is the fact that it is revealing I. But it isn’t only revealing I as the identity of Joel. If it were, it would have a lot of followers: of non-thinkers, idol worshipers, but it hasn’t that kind of followers.

And the reason is that Joel isn’t glorifying himself, as I… But he’s telling you with every breath in his body this is the truth about you. Wake up; wake up! You are I. I is you, and infinity is the nature and the extent of your consciousness, and your consciousness which is God. God is your consciousness. Turn within; turn within!

Joel didn’t invent this; it’s a re-discovery. Every mystic has known it; dozens of them in this library have discovered it. Some have been able to pass it on to one or two—Lao Tzu did. Just to one or two.

I don’t know that Jesus was able to pass it on to anyone, really—any of his disciples. But eventually Saul of Tarsus did catch it from the Master, and Saul became Paul. And eventually, he who did the manuscript that is now the Gospel of John also caught it from the Master.

Whether or not anyone of his immediate disciples caught it, we certainly have no record. There’s no record of any one of them that caught it. And all of these other mystics usually found one or two or three.

Gautama found several, but unfortunately, those who didn’t catch it, were able to take over; while those who did catch it, seeing the hopelessness of it, just wandered off by themselves. That may have happened in the Master’s time too.

Now the whole secret of harmonious living is embodied in the word I. And when you realize that I is God, and it’s the only name that you can use for God. All the others are merely…they’re not synonyms for God; there are no other synonyms for God. Those that are called synonyms for God are not that at all; they merely describe attributes of God.

When you say, “God is love,” love is not a synonym for God, because it’s not a synonym for the fullness of God. Love is merely one of the attributes of God. When you say that God is mind or intelligence, it’s not true. Mind or intelligence is an attribute of consciousness, of God.

And so it is that when you say God is spirit, that is not true, because spirit is actually the substance of God, or consciousness is the substance of God.

The only time that you are really declaring God is when you say I. This is the only word in any language that declares God. In fact, when you read in the Bible about “the Word,” spelt with capital “W”—the word is I. The word is I. When you are told “to live in My Word”, the word to live in is I. And the way to live in it, is to recognize: I and the Father are one, not two. God the Father is also God the Son.
When you try to separate God the Father and God the Son, that’s when you’ve got a religion that cannot work. And on the other hand, the moment you have one individual who claims to be God the Father and God the Son, you have a religion that cannot work, because God the Father is God the Son of every individual on the face of the globe—saint or sinner.

I and the Father are one, is a spiritual relationship that was established in the beginning before Abraham was. From the beginning, I and the Father have coexisted. I have lived in the bosom of the Father, from the beginning. And even when I went forth to walk on earth, I never left the bosom of the Father, because I and the Father are inseparable and indivisible.

And the Master so recognized this that he was enabled to say, which heaven forbid that any of us should say out loud today, thou seest me, thou seest the Father that sent me.

Now remember this is the truth, but don’t ever voice it. There’ll be a man with a white jacket running after you. Thou seest me, thou seest the Father that sent me, for I and the Father are one; and all that the Father is, I am; and all that the Father hath is mine.

And therefore, since I know that God is spirit, then I know that all that the Father hath must be spiritual. So I do not go to the Father for loaves and fishes. I do not go to the Father for houses or automobiles or employment.

That was a metaphysical blunder. A metaphysical blunder that delayed this revelation taking over mankind, because it never has been true that you could go to God for loaves and fishes. It never has been true that you could go to God for houses and for automobiles and parking spaces. It never has been true. God is spirit, and you must worship God in spirit and in truth. And therefore when you go to God, go to God for what we might call, the gifts of God, the grace of God. You might say, “What are these?” And the answer would be, “Let’s not worry what these are. Let’s not be concerned.” Just let’s go for God’s grace. Turn within, because the kingdom of God’s within you. The I of you is God, turn within to this I for Thy grace, for Thy peace.

Ah, the Master says, “My peace give I unto thee, not as the world giveth.” Don’t you ever forget that. That’s on almost every page of The Infinite Way writings. My peace is not the peace that the world gives. Well, those who only want the world’s peace better stay away from God, find their own way of getting it.