God Revealing Himself as Christ on Earth 1/5

1963 Kailua Private Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
523A – God Revealing Himself as Christ on Earth

Good morning.
What separates the life of an individual from the human experience of both good and evil, sickness and health, abundance and lack, sin and purity, happiness and unhappiness, and the spiritual individual, the individual of spiritual attainment whose life is on the whole a continuity of harmony, is the matter of identification.

First of all, let me say this: Regardless of how high you may attain on the spiritual path, it doesn’t mean that you’ll be forever without some problems or other. It is safe to say from what we’ve seen that most of your problems will be minor ones, and easily resolved. But occasionally, there can be some very, very severe problems come even to the spiritual student, and that is because of the universal world hypnotism. In other words, the mere fact that we are living in a world of other people and we can’t close our eyes to the troubles and problems of our friends or families, sometimes we cannot close our eyes to the troubles and problems of the world, and we come under the hypnotism of world belief. So that at any stage of our spiritual experience, any one of us may encounter a serious problem.

We have, however, one great benefit over the rest of the world that no matter how great it is, even if we face death, it isn’t too major a problem, because we have come to the realization that life there and life here is still life. So it’s just going to be a matter of making the adjustment to life on one plane or life on another. So we’re not quite as badly off as most people who are living in fear of every pain because they’re going to die.

And of course, the world when it faces serious problems has no answer. And it’s a terrible spot to be in, to face serious problems and to realize there are no answers. And that can’t happen with us, because we do know always there’s an answer, it’s a matter of our attaining that answer. The right degree of spiritual realization is the answer.

And so we have something to work toward, because we know that if we were facing the last minute of life on earth, it could be completely reversed in one hour just by the correct realization. No matter what trouble we’re in, if we just have a practitioner or a teacher of sufficient spiritual consciousness, we’re going to be pulled through, almost anything and everything.

But I do want to make this point: That probably we are free of 80% of all the world’s problems on this path…And most of the 20% that might touch us, we meet pretty quickly. And the little that we do not, we will meet eventually. And all of it we will meet eventually, on this plane or the next, and it doesn’t make any difference. But the attaining of this spiritual awareness hinges on right identification. Whether or not you have perceived that I is God, and are able inwardly not to think out from the standpoint of being man, limitation, subject to other laws.

While we know that 500 BC thereabouts, that Gautama the Buddha had this revelation; we do not know too much of the nature of that revelation, or how it was worded. But we do know that in the experience of Moses, we have the full and complete revelation. This we know. Moses revealed it forever to the world: “I Am That I Am.” In other words, in the ancient Hebrew, one of the words for God was Iham. I-H-A-M, as we would spell it today, or probably pronounce it.

But you see, Iham is out here. God. Here’s a person voicing God. They’re not the same. There’s a person voicing God … a person knowing God, … a person thinking God. That’s the sense of separation that brings all of the troubles into the world. But when this man who was a shepherd realizes: “Oh no, I am that,” all of a sudden, that shepherd becomes the leader of the whole Hebrew race, and the liberator of the Hebrew race, and is endowed with sufficient spiritual power to take them right out from under the nose of Pharaoh, and lead them to the Promised Land.

It is said that he could not take them into the Promised Land, because of some fault of his own, of which I can tell you is a mistake and an error. I can tell it to you through revelation. It wasn’t any mistake or error of his. The reason he couldn’t take them into the Promised Land is that nobody can take you into the Promised Land; they can only lead you up to the Promised Land, and reveal this truth to you. and if you can’t accept it, you can’t walk into the Promised Land. Nobody is ever going to take you into the Promised Land, as long as you think there is man and God. Nobody!
They can lead you to the Promised Land by telling you and writing books for you. But it’s you who must attain the realization: “Oh, I am.” Then you walk right into the Promised Land, and you’re right smack in the middle of it: “Oh, I am.”

Now you see, there is no more separation, between you and God. I and the Father, who always have been one; I and the Father now have become one in realization. I and the Father are one is the relationship between God and man: oneness. The life of God is the life of man—there are not two, there’s one. God breathed His life into man, not man’s life. God breathed God’s life into man; therefore, the life of man is God.

God didn’t give man a mind—the mind of God becomes the mind of man. And it is for this reason that you can reach back, and receive impartations from within yourself of a spiritual nature if you’re interested in the spiritual things of life; you can bring forth telephones, radios, television, automobiles, airplanes, and all of the things that have not yet been discovered…and you know why? They are embodied in your consciousness. They were always embodied in Christopher Columbus, in Edison, in Ford, Michelangelo, in da Vinci. They’ve always been embodied in the consciousness of man.

An artist, if he’s a real artist, he doesn’t go to art galleries to look at pictures and then go home and paint. A musician, who is a real composer, doesn’t go-round listening to all the other composers music and then go home and compose. The artist, the composer, goes within his consciousness, and he brings forth his music, his art, his literature. Why? Because his consciousness is infinite, because God constitutes his consciousness. and therefore, by closing his eyes and going within, he’s going to God.

And the Master revealed this when he said: “The kingdom of God is neither lo here nor lo there, it’s not up there in a holy mountain, it’s not even there in the holy temple in Jerusalem—the kingdom of God is within you!” Ohhh. And what does the world do? It continues to look for holy mountains, and holy temples, and holy teachers instead of accepting what Moses revealed, Elijah revealed, Isaiah revealed, Jesus revealed, Paul revealed, John revealed, Buddha revealed … and how many others, I can’t even tell you.

It has been known to so many, but it has been lost. Always … well I suppose to sum it up primarily; you could say it was lost because it was organized. The moment it was organized, we set up Buddha, and we set up Moses, and we set up Jesus, and we set up…always we set up someone, and they became the holy one, and we became the one who sat at their feet and worshiped. They never said so; they never taught that; they never encouraged that. Never! No mystic in the history of the world has ever encouraged anyone to worship them…Sit at their feet to learn, sure; to accept this revelation, and then go thou and do likewise.

Whenever you find one who hasn’t done that, it has not been a true mystic. It has been someone who had some desire to be great, or to be famous, or to be rich. Because the secret is: “That what I am, thou art; all that I am, thou art, all that I have is thine.” Even God reveals that; so that you don’t make the mistake of pleading with God for something. He even says, all that I have is thine… how then after that can you pray for anything? “All that I am, thou art”…how can you look to God for anything?

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