God As My Being 4/4

You see, the body must follow our state of consciousness, it could not be otherwise because our body is the showing forth of our state of consciousness and we can determine it. The world cannot. Only those taught in spiritual truths can do this because the others believe that there are powers external to themselves acting upon them and they accept the world belief that climate is doing it, or weather is doing it, or food is doing it, or age is doing it, or sin is doing it, whereas all that is doing it is our acceptance of the universal belief in powers apart from God. And as you abide in the truth, thereby giving up idolatry, as you abide in the truth that God alone is power and God is present where you are, and God is the substance of your consciousness, of your mind of your being, of your body, you will quickly show forth a changed condition of body, a more harmonious one, a more youthful one, a more vital one. And this is likewise true of the mind.

According to the world, the mind also runs down. They are retiring far too many people at 65 who have wonderfully developed minds because the mind doesn’t run down, it becomes more mature and more acute. Ah, but you say, “I know lots of people at 65 and 70 whose minds have run down.” Indeed they have. They have let them run down with lack of use. They have let them run down because of their acceptance of the belief, “Oh, I’m getting to be sixty, I’m getting to be sixty-five,” and they let themselves down. This need not come nigh thy dwelling place. Your mind will become more mature, more active, more wise every year that you live on earth if you live to be a hundred and some, if only you will abide in the word and let the word abide in you. Pray without ceasing. Draw on the infinite Source that is within you and always above all things realize:

God constitutes my being. God is the measure of my being. God is my understanding, my mind, my soul, my spirit, God is my life and all that constitutes me flows forth from the ‘I’ that I am—My divine Sonship.

You see, let it be clear. Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. It isn’t what anyone else is thinking. It isn’t what anyone else is knowing. There are no powers acting on you from somebody else’s mind, unless you submit yourself to them. Ah, yes, you can make yourself a slave to anyone. You can submit yourself to hypnotism and say, “Look, my mind is no good let your mind take control of me.” You can do that. You’ll be sorry for it, but you can do it, and in the same way you can malpractice your own mind and say it’s worthless. But it isn’t. God is your mind and unless ye know that truth that truth cannot make you free from the belief in minds many or the power of other minds.

All power flows into your experience from within your own consciousness and you are the one who must determine what the nature of that power will be. Do not let the world belief of outside powers govern your life, but rather take your stand on this truth:
God has given me dominion over everything on the earth, under the earth and above the earth. It is a God-given dominion and I will not dissipate it. I will not pass it over to another. I will not permit astrology to govern my life. I will not permit laws of any name or nature to govern my life, because my life is hid with Christ in God. My life is the divine Son of God life. My life is a spiritual life and I hold it so in my consciousness.

Then you will find that the Master speaks truly when he says, If you abide in this word, if you let this word of mine abide in you, you will bear fruit richly. But if you do not abide in this word, if you do not let this spiritual truth abide in you, you will be as a branch of a tree that is cut off and withereth.

Choose ye this day whom ye will serve. It would be a blessing if all the world could awaken to the fact that they can choose, but the time is not yet here. It is given only to those who have been led to some spiritual teaching, to some one of the mystical teachings that reveals God as individual being. These have the choice; these can choose whether I will accept my divine Sonship through conscious knowing of the truth or whether I will continue to abide in the lazy, the sensual, the ignorant thoughts that would try to permeate my consciousness if I permit them.

And so it is. Let us always go back whenever we feel ourselves slipping. Let us go back first to the word “God” and realize that God constitutes my being and God manifests himself as the Son which I am.

Thank you until we meet in class.

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