God As My Being 3/4

And so it does not take from my health or my strength to speak millions of words or to heal thousands of people and when necessary to feed, or clothe, or house them for there is no lessening of the supply which I am, of which I am constituted. And so, only in your realization that God constitutes you, and you therefore, are the temple of God and the “I” which you understand to be your individual being, is the Son of God, the Oneness with God, and that God is appearing in, through, and as that Son. God the Father and God the Son for these are one and this one is infinite.

As you realize this you begin to let good pour out from you and through you and you stop looking for it to come in to you. You stop expecting it and you open out ways for the imprisoned splendor to escape and very soon you will find the source never dries up. The outflow never stops. It is like our trees at home, our fruit trees, the papaya. As long as we take the fruit from the tree, the fruit multiplies itself and gives off greater and greater numbers every season. The very moment you stop taking the fruit from the tree, the tree dries up and no more fruit comes forth.

And so you will find that this is the story and the secret of our lives. It is the secret of our infinity. It is the secret of abundance. It is the secret of living an abundant life. And the Master told us that, I am come that ye might have life and that ye might have it abundantly. And always remember this “I” that is come to give you your abundant life is within you. It is not a man who walked the earth two thousand years ago. But the man who walked the earth two thousand years ago is telling you of the “I” that is come to your experience, the “I” that is within you, to give you life and to give you life more abundantly. But you must begin to live it. You must begin to express it and not lay it up in storehouses where moth and rust corrupts.

Now I’m not speaking of dollars. I’m speaking of all the other things that we store up in storehouses: the love that we do not express; the forgiveness that we do not express; the cooperation we do not express; the understanding we do not express; these are all treasures which we are laying up inside of us so that eventually it can rot away. Only in letting forth love, understanding, forgiveness, gratefulness, appreciation, joyfulness, only in giving forth these can they be multiplied and returned unto us because the secret is that the source of all is the “I” of my own being. The “I” that I am. The “I” that is one with God. And to which God is forever saying, Son, thou are ever with me and all that I have is thine. Only begin, pour, pour, pour, share. Let it flow forth and the flow will increase.

Let us stop for just a few moments. And we are going to meditate and take these truths into our consciousness now consciously so as to be sure that you have them there.

For as many years as I have been in this work our students have been hearing that there is no matter, as such, that what the world calls matter is really Mind. That Mind is the substance of all that appears as matter. Last month Dr. Von Braun, the scientist, physicist, announced in the newspaper the great discovery that “mind is matter.” So that now makes it official, and it makes it respectable, too. You no longer need be afraid to mention the fact that mind is matter, because you have supreme authority.

But in the realm of science the discovery that mind is matter is up to now of relatively little importance because there must yet follow, what practical value that knowledge can be. What can you do with the understanding that mind constitutes matter? That mind is actually the substance of matter, and of course I have no way of knowing what great discoveries they will make. But from the little that we know, we do know that when the discoveries begin to appear, they will be something beyond the wildest dreams of man. We, of course, make use of this knowledge only in our healing work. It is of importance to us only in our healing work. But it will be of importance to the world in many other ways.

Once it is understood that mind is the substance of matter you will understand the scriptural passage, If you sow to the flesh you will reap corruption. If you sow to the Spirit you will reap life everlasting. In other words, mind imbued with ignorance produces a body of sin, disease, age, and death. Mind imbued with spiritual truth brings forth a body of harmony.

The reason is—there is not mind and body, but mind is the substance of the body and therefore the truth that you take into your mind becomes of the substance of the harmony of your body. Whereas taking into the mind sensuality, ignorance, lust, hate, jealously, envy, these things produce in the body their own image and likeness because the mind is the substance of the body.

This does not mean that there is a “cause” separate and apart from God. It means that on our human level of life when we accept these negative emotions we accept the world’s belief about them which is their cause. In other words, as ye sow so shall ye reap, and if you persist in holding to the world’s concepts you can only demonstrate the world’s concepts, therefore you must choose this day whom you will serve.

Now, if you will remember this, and this is a stepping stone toward attaining the mystical consciousness, if you will remember this—your mind imbued with truth becomes the substance and activity and law of harmonious body. In the degree then, that you maintain spiritual truth in your consciousness, in the degree that you pray without ceasing, in the degree that you hold the word God ever alive in consciousness, in the degree as you realize that the “I” within you is the Son of God which is the heir to all of the heavenly riches, in that degree are you building for yourself the “temple of God” body. Know ye not that your body is the temple of God? It is indeed when your consciousness is the temple of God, when you keep your consciousness filled with God, with the realization of God as the substance, law and activity of your being. When you keep your consciousness filled with the realization of God’s presence and power, your mind is then so imbued with truth that your body becomes the showing forth of your state of mind.

Now remember, your body at this minute is showing forth your present state of mind. And if you continue to live in the worldly way of thoughts, and if you accept the worldly standard of powers, in time your body will show forth threescore years and ten, or twenty, whatever it may be, but it won’t be pretty.

Whereas if you continue to abide in my word and let my word abide in you, if you will continue to abide in the realization of Christ as your true Sonship, you will find that your mind imbued with this truth will appear outwardly as healthy flesh, as healthy body, as normal bodily activities, and there will be no reason for it to be worn out at threescore years and ten or fifteen or twenty.

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