So it is with supply of any nature. We limit it, first of all, by believing that it comes from my salary, or my investments, or my husband, or my wife. We limit it by believing that it has to have a normal human avenue of expression. It doesn’t at all. It most likely will come in what will appear as some normal way, but it need not. Such limitations we impose upon ourselves. Actually, to understand that our supply comes as the grace of God and then not condition our mind to expect it to come through the salary, or the dividend, or the husband, or the wife, or the business, but continually to remember:

“My income is really not measured in dollars; it is measured in my understanding of God as constituting my being and the grace of God as being my sufficiency in all things.”

And so as we de-limit ourselves, as we un-condition the mind so that we present to ourselves an unconditioned mind, one which does not set limitations upon ourselves but permits ourselves to be flowing expression of God, then we find that there are no limitations and all the limitations that have been set by man are thrown aside.

“Truth,” as Browning tells us, “is within ourselves.” As Jesus gave it to us, The kingdom of God is within you. And so it is that in the last analysis the truth of being by which you live must come from within yourself. You cannot forever live on statements written by other men and women. You cannot forever live on teachings that have been the life’s blood and experience of others because these are given to us as way-showers. And the “way” that it shows, is back to within ourselves where we may all be taught of God. So you will find that regardless of what else you may derive from the message of The Infinite Way, the major point that it will continually bring to your awareness is: meditate, pray, go back within yourself and commune with God and be taught by God. It is as possible for you to be fed, clothed, housed by God as it was for any of the mystics of the world who have demonstrated God as their wisdom, as their supply, as their food, or clothing, or housing, or raiment.

Truth, love, love, love that we are always expecting from someone else. Love that we are always asking someone else to give us or show us. Love that we are always seeking … shouldn’t be so. Shouldn’t be so. That very love is within you and you should be drawing it forth from within you and sharing it with those who do not know its source. You should be able to go to the storehouse of love within yourself and be able to share with those who do not yet know that they have locked up within themselves the infinite storehouse of love.

Looking to man for love is like looking to man for supply. It is, after all, having faith in princes or seeking good from man whose breath in his nostril, whereas all of this time God is our very being and God is the infinite nature of our being and is pouring itself through—not visible until through our own turning within we find it coming forth.

There again comes realization, understanding … Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. You cannot, you cannot bring forth any greater measure than your ordinary humanhood until you perceive God to be the source and substance of your being. Until you see God to be the activity of your being. Until you see God to be the very law of your being. Then, once you understand God as the source, the substance, the law, the cause of all that touches your life you will then be drawing forth from the infinity which God is and you will be able to heal the multitudes or feed the multitudes and have twelve basketsful left over.

There is no such thing as limitation in any direction or any form except the limitation that you accept from human belief. It is in the same way that the powers of good and evil that exist in this world are only powers because of our acceptance. When Adam and Eve were told not to accept the powers of good and evil, we are told they violated this and accepted it and their acceptance of it gave it power over them. And the universal acceptance of it gives it power over us. Until we, individually, take from the world of effect its power and place power where it belongs—in God, all power belongs to God and God has given us dominion by virtue of expressing His power through us.

It is a very simple thing to accept the world belief that there are external powers. Probably I should say it is difficult to make the transition, to withdraw power from the material forces and the mental forces of this world. Actually there is no more power in the material or mental law than universal belief gives it and we individually accept. At all times we have the prerogative:

Thou shalt love the lord thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul and with all thy mind. Thou shalt acknowledge God alone as power. Thou shalt not bow down thy knee to anything on the face of the earth that exists as effect whether it is a thing or a thought. Thou shalt not bend the knee. Thou shalt not commit idolatry. Thou shalt not give power to things or thoughts but rather give all power to the Invisible, the kingdom of God which is within you. The divine Presence, the Christ, the spiritual presence, call it what you will.

There is within each one of us a divine presence which was originally prophesied as the Messiah and mistakenly believed to be a man. There is that within us which was recognized long before the days of Jesus as the “Buddha Mind”, or the “Buddhi,” or the “Light,” and it is the Christ and it is within you and it existed long before Jesus did. Before Abraham, was “I” Am. Before Abraham was the light of the world was within you. And this light is Christ, or the son of God, or the presence of God, which is one with the Father and to which the Father says, Son, thou art ever with me and all that I have is thine.

And so we come naturally to this: In mystical language the Master said, I am the bread, the wine and the water. I am life eternal. I am the way and the truth. I am the resurrection. Had he been speaking of a man, the corporeal man named Jesus, the world would today be helpless and hopeless because that man is not physically present. Therefore, His statement must have meant something other than this human being walking in Galilee and it probably meant exactly what it said. “I” will never leave thee nor forsake thee. “I” am the bread of life. “I” will be with you until the end of the world.” And so, God which constitutes your being, is made manifest individually as the Son of God which “I Am” And each one of you may repeat within yourselves:

God, the Father, manifests and expresses Himself as Son of God, which “I Am” and this “I” that is within me and which constitutes my being is my supply, is my health, is my safety and security and in case of death it is my resurrection. This “I” is all there is that it is closer to me than breathing and nearer than hands and feet. This “I” that is my true identity is the substance of my eternal life. It is the substance and activity of my wisdom. And this “I” which “I Am” which certainly can never leave me nor forsake me is the source of my good. And because of this I can share liberally, because the source is never depleted. It makes no difference whether I heal the multitudes, or feed the multitudes, there is still no lessening of my supply because “I” is the supply and “I” is the Son of God, ever one with the Father and all that the Father hath is manifest as “I” the Son and therefore infinity is the nature of my being.