1960 Chicago Open Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
324B – God as My Being – A Meditation

Good afternoon.
I think that last night led up naturally to this conclusion: Last night, you remember, we took up the subject of supply. Not merely the supply of dollars, although certainly not excluding those, but supply in its larger form: supply of health, supply of companionship, supply of home, supply of understanding, supply of all that goes to make up our experience. And it was given to us that this supply does not come to us and therefore it would be fruitless to pray for it to come to us or to expect it to come to us … just as wrong to expect it from God as to expect it from man.

Now, I think that the entire subject will clarify itself when I tell you that the basic premise of our entire work, the one on which all of this work is founded is that God constitutes individual consciousness. This really is the foundation stone of our entire work. If you omit this, you omit everything else or make everything else of no importance and of an undemonstrable nature.

The only possibility of demonstrating the principles of the Infinite Way is in accepting God as individual consciousness, that is, as your consciousness or mine, individually and not that your consciousness is a part of God: not that you are a part of God, heaven forbid that God should be divided up. God is one … indivisible, infinite, omnipresence and since I and the Father are one, God manifests Itself infinitely as the one I Am, or the one you are. Until you see God as your consciousness you cannot possibly hope to bring forth the fruitage of the message of The Infinite Way.

It may seem strange to look around a room and see a hundred people and try to understand that God is the totality of each one, and that God being indivisible, all of God is manifest as each one, but it becomes a little easier if you ask yourself, “Can I be 100 percent honest and if so, would that not leave no honesty for my neighbor?” “Can I be wholly moral and if so, how could this be and any morality be left for my neighbor?” “Can I manifest love, the full and complete measure of love, and if so, how would this leave any for my neighbor?” And the answer is, as you so well know, each and every one of us can show forth …we don’t all do it; we can all show forth complete integrity, complete morality, complete honesty, complete fidelity, loyalty. And therefore we can at least in a measure see how it is that each one of us can show forth all of God’s glory, all of God’s love, all of God’s life. The whole immortality of life can be expressed by each and every individual.

The eternality of life, the infinite nature of life, all can be shown forth by each and every one because each and everyone of us has the right to say, I and the Father are One. Son, Thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine, and when the Father says, all that I have is thine, He is not taking it away from someone else to give it to us. But the allness of God can be expressed through each and every individual on the face of the globe to the extent that they can understand that “you are the temple of God.” In other words your consciousness is the temple of God. Your consciousness is the outlet for God’s grace and God’s glory. Your consciousness is the inlet and the outlet. Your consciousness is God Itself individually and infinitely expressing Itself.

Surely, if you try with a cold analytical mind to grasp this it may elude you because it does take the inner, the spiritual, the intuitive consciousness to be able to discern that God is closer to you than breathing, nearer than hands and feet and yet that this is true of all individuals everywhere.

It takes spiritual discernment; something that some of the old Hebrew teachers didn’t have, to understand the Master when He says, The kingdom of God is within you. And that doesn’t mean that there are millions of kingdoms of God with one of them in each of us, but rather that the kingdom, the whole kingdom, the entire kingdom of God is within you and God Itself constitutes that kingdom. God is your consciousness, and through and from your consciousness you can bring forth the infinite nature of your demonstration. It is because of this that we are not limited, except that we are limited to our own acceptance of God as individual being.

If we think of ourselves as separate and apart from God, we are then limited to our human selfhood, to our education, to our environment, to our home life, to circumstances. Once we begin to perceive the spiritual nature of our being we are no longer limited to our own limitations but now we can draw upon the infinite nature of God’s being. The Scripture says that His understanding is infinite. What good would that be to you or me unless His understanding could be made our understanding? Unless His understanding can become our experience, really what difference would it make if God’s understanding were infinite? It could hardly benefit us. But it does benefit us, demonstrably so, the very moment we realize that:
“I am not limited to my education or lack of it. I am not limited to my environment or lack of it. I am not limited to human circumstances or conditions because God constitutes my being. And I can draw on the infinity of God for my experience And if I need more education or if I need more experience, if I need more opportunity, if I or need more of anything else, it will come into expression as I realize God as constituting my being.”

And the same with the body. While in this present age we may not demonstrate the fullness and completeness of the immortality of the body, we can demonstrate it in some measure. We can begin to watch the years fall off of our shoulders. We can watch the effects of age disappear from the body as we begin to realize that the life which is God is the life of my being and therefore my life and my being are as ageless as God.

The amount of years that have elapsed since I appeared on earth has nothing to do with my age because my age has nothing to do with time. It has to do with the timelessness of God’s life which is the only life that I can live. I can have no life separate and apart from God without really destroying my life and since there is but one infinite life, this must be my life and it must be your life and it is ageless not because of me but because the nature of God is agelessness and therefore my life is ageless.

And so it is I am not limited to the ideas which I gather from books, from education, or others’ opinions since His wisdom is infinite and this Divine Mind which is God, is the mind of individual being, then my wisdom is infinite because my wisdom is but God’s wisdom individually expressed. And, therefore, I can turn within to that infinite Source which is the mind of God and draw forth, really, infinity … ideas unto infinity. I can transcend anything in the nature of limitation brought about by lack of education, or erroneous education, or false education, limited education, I can transcend all of these by turning within to the infinite storehouse which is closer to me than breathing, nearer than hands and feet, because God itself or God himself is my being.