When you can accomplish those two commandments, you have gone beyond the law and you have come into Grace. Now then, taking the first steps of learning the nature of revealed truth, the nature of God, the nature of Christ, the nature of your own individual being as it really is; not as it humanly appears but as it really is, coming to know this even intellectually, and then beginning to practice it, leads to an inner quiet that makes meditation possible.

To the average human, meditation isn’t possible. To close the eyes means to set up a boiler factory inside. To close the eyes means to set up all kinds of thoughts going round and round and round. But, working with the letter of truth, that part of our work which we call Practicing the Presence leads to an inner stillness and this makes meditation possible, and then in meditation this area of consciousness that we call ‘My Kingdom’ which is within you, ‘My Kingdom’ that you touch consciously or in your stillness, it touches you. But at any rate, you feel it; you realize it, and you know that from this moment on there is a presence within me that goes to prepare mansions for me. There is a He within me that is greater than any problem in the world, and a He that performs that which is given me to do. And in that, we relax more and more of our physical and mental efforts and we attain a greater degree of spiritual light and spiritual unfoldment. Then, we have begun to experience that mind which was also in Christ Jesus.

From then on, it becomes a matter of, well, I believe really it is the Grace of God to what extent we are able to stick to this path until the real light comes. I have witnessed in the experience of many that at the beginning of this period of light, trials and tribulations may come. There may be desires latent in the mind or body that come to the surface and this has a way of discouraging the young student who says, “Now, just as I’m getting on the path, this had to happen. Well, I guess it is not for me.” Others find that it begins to change their way of life and they come into an experience of lack or limitation and they may feel, “What is the use? Before when I was being an ordinary human, things went fine, now I am getting a little bit spiritual and all is gone wrong. Well, I guess this isn’t for me,” and many, many, many, many who have a beautiful start on the spiritual path are thrown aside by trials and tribulations which they feel they cannot endure until the testing time is past.

Strangely enough, equally as many are turned aside by prosperity and health. You will be surprised how many turn to the spiritual path either lacking in health or lacking in supply and through their spiritual contact begin to experience these; they experience health and they experience supply and they go out and start to enjoy it and that is the end of their spiritual days. They have gotten what they wanted, not spiritually, just some help and some supply, and really and truly that is one of the things that take many, many from the spiritual path. How many I have seen who have become antique collectors because they always had a latent desire for those and no, they can indulge it and of course, that which made that possible goes out the window.

So it is, that both trial and tribulation is a severe testing ground. God isn’t giving it to us, rest assured of that. It is a part of our experience that is necessary. On the other hand, prosperity and success are trials and tribulations to the spiritual students and many fall aside on that. Those who can survive the ills of fortune or the wellbeing of fortune and still determine to attain spiritual realization; these go forward into some degree of mystical experience and the attainment of the Spiritual Kingdom.

You might ask, of what benefit is it to go beyond demonstrating health and abundance? Isn’t that enough for this lifetime? For some, it is but not for those who have gone far enough to see that this human existence is only a doorway into a greater experience. That whatever it is that we experience here on earth is only a preparation for experiences to come because it would be impossible for God’s creation to die. It would be impossible for the child of God to disappear into unconsciousness. Therefore, it must be understood that life goes on beyond the grave, and that the only preparation we have for that life is the preparation we have attained here, just as the preparation we had for our adult life comes during our childhood and school age and whatever foundation is built in us in childhood and school days becomes the foundation of the life we live as family men and women or business or professional men and women.

There must always be preparation for every experience and so if we are to live beyond three score years and ten or twenty, then the preparation that we have today determines the degree of our experience at that time, and of course, it is well for those who have attained their life in God for they will truly discover that in knowing Him aright, they have found life eternal and life harmonious.