Let me illustrate that: If we have here, let us say, a human being, a student taught only in the teachings of the world, accepting literally two powers, having no understanding of the nature of deity, the first step in leading that one to the spiritual light must of course, be through oral explanation or the written word. Then, through the practice of that which is imparted orally or in writing, the student begins to perceive that which heretofore was unknown to him and consciousness begins to respond to it. Let me illustrate that step by step as we go along.

It is the common belief, even in this day that there is a God who listens to prayer and answers prayer. No person can make spiritual progress while believing that. That must necessarily be overcome before even a little bit of spiritual progress can be made. Why? Just imagine what kind of a god you would be believing in if there was a god that was withholding something until you or somebody else came along and asked him to release that good unto you. Imagine what kind of a god would you be worshiping if you believed that God was answering, “no, not until you go to church more often or until you read more pages out of this book or until you attend the communion service” or some other such nonsense. Imagine what kind of a concept of God a man is entertaining who believes that which is really deity is withholding anything from anyone at any time for any reason.

Think of that. Think what concept of God a person is entertaining who believes that God can give something today that God must have been evidently withholding yesterday. Think of the narrow concept. Think of the concept of God one entertains that believes that God would be more partial to the Hebrews than to the non-Hebrews or to the Protestants than to the Catholics or to the Christians than to the Pagans. Think! Think what manner of God an individual is entertaining who believes for a moment that that which is God’s own creation is less dear to him on one side of the border than the other, or with one color skin than another or wearing a crucifix, or a star, or a …………….?

Now, you see that you take this individual who is immersed in the paganistic concept of God and you have to begin with oral teachings, with written teachings to bring that student to the place where he can accept, “Oh! Oh, now I begin to see, the Kingdom of God is within me.” It isn’t somewhere off on a cloud nor is it hanging on a crucifix nor is it over in Mecca or Rome but the Kingdom of God is within me, closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet.

Oh, now we are having something different to deal with. And this God, this God is not a withholding God because if God could withhold why not have God withhold the sun from the sinning farmer, why not have him withhold rain from the sinning farmer, why not have god withholding fish from the sinning fisherman? Why should God allow crops to grow for a sinning farmer? Why should a businessman succeed if he is sinning? If God could withhold his success from him; oh, the very moment you begin with a few simple statements of truth, our student begins to lose his ignorance of God, his darkened sense of God and he begins to see light. He begins to understand why the God that forgave the woman taken in adultery, the God that forgave the thief on the cross, the God that forgave through Jesus Christ is not a punishing God but a forgiving God. There is no God holding an individual in bondage to his sins. Man alone holds himself in bondage, but not God.

Step by step through the written and spoken word, the individual begins to lose this state of ignorance which is a state of darkness and begins to receive light on the Nature of God, on the nature of spiritual life and spiritual law and in that proportion, this individual loses fear of this world.

In proportion as an individual begins to know God aright, in that proportion does the individual lose their fear of what mortal man can do unto me or mortal mind can do unto me or what mortal conditions can do unto me because he begins to perceive what Jesus Christ taught, “Thou could have no power over me unless it came from God,” or to the crippled man, “What did hinder thee? There is no power but God. Get up and walk,” or “open thine eyes,” to the blind man. So you see, little by little darkness drops away and light begins to shine and then in that state of preparation the student is brought to a place where it is no longer necessary to talk through or read through, but an absolute stillness takes place in which spiritual light can enter from within one’s own being so that as it has been written: “All men shall be taught of God.” And so it is, that ultimately a teacher fulfills his function up to a certain place and then the very moment the teacher has brought the student into conscious contact with his source, with God, then God takes over and becomes the teacher and after that the teacher and the student become associates for they are now both teachers.

Evidently in these schools of wisdom, they discovered the secret of meditation; of reaching ultimately a point in which the individual could feel within himself a presence other than himself, an incorporeal presence, a spiritual presence and yet unmistakably there. And with that as a start, the student is led step by step until there comes an experience which is called communion. In this stage of meditation, an individual becomes aware of a presence within and an idea or thought can go from the individual to this presence and the response can come back from this presence to the conscious awareness of the individual and this state of meditation, which is the second state, is called communion. And this is where an individual is enabled to rest and relax, well aware of the fact that there is a He within me that is greater than he that is in the world.