Paul goes on to tell us that all of this changes if so be the Spirit of God dwell in you. Ah, now we come to another story: if so be the Spirit of God dwell in you then do you become the children of God and if children of God, heirs and joint heirs with Christ in God, but only after the Spirit of God dwells in you. Up to that time, you are in this human world living as a statistic and no one can foretell your future except the insurance company. They can almost tell you the day you should put on your tombstone in advance. They have figured it out statistically how many must die of accidents, infection and contagion and falling over in the bathtub. They have foretold by statistics when the next flu epidemic will take place and how many will fall before it. Why? Because in their calculations they do not have to reckon with God, because there is no God to interfere or to deflect their prophecy.

Only those who have found some measure of realization in one of the metaphysical teachings is enabled to say: “None of these things will come nigh my dwelling place and your statistics will not apply to me,” and be fairly safe that you are correct. The reason is that from the moment that you bring yourself into obedience to the Law of God, then do you find that the Spirit of God dwells in you and you are no longer under the law but under Grace. You are no longer under cause and effect but you are under spiritual sustenance.

Now, somewhere back in the most ancient of ancient days, an individual made contact with his source. I am speaking now of fallen man; man whose breath is in his nostrils, this creature who is not under the Law of God. Some one of these at some time made contact with his source and found that in some measure he became free of these laws of matter and laws of mind; that in some degree he was not responding to the changes of weather or the passing infections or contagions. That he was not having as many accidents as his neighbors or that he was not being killed or wounded in the wars of his day and this led him to further and further research. Seeking, shall we call it, and ultimately discovering that there is another kingdom. There is another realm beyond that of matter and mind and he then began to teach.

The root word in this experience is made of the letters KR and in Sanskrit this was translated into the word Krishna. The root word was KR but the word itself denoting Enlightened Consciousness, Enlightment, or Light became Krishna and that state of consciousness having been attained by some individual, the individual became known as Krishna. Actually, it isn’t the name of an individual. Krishna is the name of that state of consciousness which we call illumined consciousness, enlightened consciousness. That same root KR becomes the foundation for the word Christ. And again, a man named Jesus or in his days Jeshua attained that state of consciousness called Christhood and therefore was given the name Christ, although it never was his name and never could be. It however, was the state of his consciousness and so we have come to call it Jesus, the man; Christ consciousness and then combining the two we have Jesus the Christ or Jesus the Enlightened, Jesus the Illumined One and this, of course, is correct.

Now later, as other languages took over in India another word was coined revealing the same state of consciousness of Christhood or Krishna and this word is Buddha. Buddha, likewise, means Enlightened or Illumined. And again, we have a man named Gautama who attains the Krishna consciousness or Christ consciousness or Buddha consciousness and so we have Gautama the Buddha. Always then, there is a man.

Always there is illumined consciousness and when illumined consciousness becomes an individual or when an individual attains this illumined consciousness then it is said that we have Gautama, the Enlightened One, Jesus the Enlightened One and in India they have held to the truth which we in Christianity have forsaken. It was dropped for a purpose.

The truth is that any individual on the face of the globe can become enlightened, can become Buddha, can attain that mind which was also in Christ Jesus, can become, not all in the same degree, of course; there is always the one here or the one there who attains the full measure, the full stature of manhood in Christ but for the most part, individuals attain Christhood only in a measure.

Therefore, in India it is recognized that there have been tens of thousands of Buddha’s in one degree or another of Buddhahood. In Christianity, we acknowledge only one individual having attained and no other individual having the possibility of attainment. That is pure fiction. That is pure fiction!

The Master could have not been a wayshower if he did not have some way to show. He wouldn’t be a wayshower if it wasn’t possible for his followers to follow that way, so his life would have been a complete waste had he ever said, “I am the only one who can be spiritual and you all must remain animals. You all must remain without the Grace of God. But, fortunately we do have scripture to reveal the truth to us that man would hide. The truth is that he came to reveal man’s Christhood; his spirituality and to show forth the fruits of spirituality in healing the sick, in raising the dead and then saying, “Go thou and do likewise,” and “even greater works shall you do.”

Now, in these earlier days, and remember, when you go back before the printing press, you go back to a state of almost complete illiteracy. You find it very difficult to give wisdom of any nature to mankind and so, as an individual here and there became enlightened, he found it possible only to find another individual here and there with whom he could share it and to whom he could impart it. You know that in those days women were not eligible for enlightenment because men had things their own way then and women were reserved for the kitchen. Only men could receive enlight- enment. Of course, that also held back the progress of mankind. Then, as it became possible to write, as the alphabet was discovered about 500 BC, we have the discovery of the alphabet or the creation of the alphabet and for the first time we have writings intelligible to us and on a wider scale hereto, and so we have light spreading a little more than before this period.

Because of the fewness of those who could read and write, the fewness of those who could be taught, those few separated themselves from society and formed brotherhoods and religious orders. And it is these schools of wisdom, these brotherhoods, and in these monasteries that the truth of being was revealed and as you might know, only to a few. The method of enlightenment was principally through meditation. The reason? You cannot impart spirituality through the mind. No one can ever receive illumination through the mind. No one can ever receive spirituality through the mind. No one can attain spirituality by study. There must be an impartation from one who is enlightened to those who are seeking that light and therefore the manuscripts and the oral teachings were only footsteps that were used to lead the student up to the point where meditation could complete the task of impartation.