Steps Leading to Illumination 1/5

Original transcript. Transcriber Inez and proofread by Linda and Zane

pdf 317a-steps-leading-to-illumination
1960 Denver and Kansas City Open Class
By Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 317A

Good Evening.
Our work always starts with meditation. This is because meditation is really the foundation of our lives. Meditation is that which enables us to put off mortality and put on immortality, at least in some degree. Behind this lies the fact that originally we were children of God, that is, in our original state, that which is given to us in the 1st Chapter of Genesis as the story of spiritual creation in which man is the image and likeness of God and in which man is good; God looked upon all of his creation and found it good.

This original Being, this child of God is pictured to us as Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, living the ideal life; life without pain, the life without sorrow. Somewhere in the history of the world, man separated himself from this primal estate, from this Divine Being that he originally was and we find a race of man, well, probably better described as primitive man or the cave man; cannibal. In other words, centuries and centuries ago we find man in a very low state of humanhood, next really to an animal state. This is a far cry from man in his original spiritual perfection and whereas for centuries it wasn’t known how this change took place, how man lost his spiritual standing, we do know now that it came about because of the acceptance of a belief in two powers.

You see, the truth is that there is only one power, that which we call God or the first cause of the Divine Principle of Life. This really is the only power and it is entirely a power of good. In proportion as we return to a state of consciousness in which evil loses its power, in that direct proportion do we return to our original state of being…there is no other way.

There is no other way of overcoming humanhood, of overcoming the experiences of humanhood, that which we witness on earth as wars and rumors of wars, sins, diseases, death or the very sad thing that we witnessed this particular week, the tragedy of watching tens of thousands of churches celebrating Christ outwardly, in their edifices and still so badly divided among themselves. The pages of the newspapers must be filled with the horrors of white against black, Jew against Gentile and all the rest of these horrors that infest this earth while we hypocritically go to church tomorrow to celebrate Christianity, as if Christianity would play any part in human experience today except as a far off dream.

However, the ability to get back into Christianity, into the Christian life, into the Spiritual life, is dependent upon an individual’s ability to rise above this belief or overcome this belief in two powers. Now, as long as there is a physical universe, that is, a physical sense of universe, there must be these two powers. As long as there is a mental universe there must be two powers, for the two powers of good and evil always function on the material and mental planes of existence.

In other words, we can use our minds and the power of our minds for both good and evil. We can use our bodies or in fact, the entire physical universe for good or for evil and therefore, to get back into that original harmony which is our birthright, it is necessary to go beyond the realm of both matter and mind and reach the realm of Spirit, in which it is discovered that there are not two powers. There is only one and in whatever measure we attain realization of this, we can demonstrate it in our experience. Actually, that is the basis of Spiritual Healing.

In physical healing or material healing, you always have one power being used over the lesser power of the disease. You have the power of medicine or the power of surgery or the power of lights or whatever power may be used. This is used over or against the powers of the disease. In the mental realm you have the same thing; you have the power of mind over matter or you have the power of thoughts over things and of course, we know to a certain extent there, laws do operate. They don’t operate permanently in any event but we at least can benefit in a measure by the use of one power over another. As a matter of fact, that is the theory behind warfare. We are always going to use a power over our enemies and of course, the power that has the strongest might always overcomes the enemy.

Now, if you watch this in spiritual healing you come to an entirely different principle. In Spiritual Healing you use no power whatsoever. In fact, Spiritual Healing is based entirely on the principle of non-power, that is; the practitioner who has attained some measure of the realization of one power by virtue of doing nothing physically or mentally, making himself or herself a transparency or an instrument who watches, beholds, as that which we call disease or sin or fear dissolve and evaporate because no power is being used against it.

The very moment you would use a power, you would be back in the realm of either matter or mind. The moment you can resist the temptation to use a power, you will witness that which is called the lesser power, the negative power, as it dissolves.

Now Paul, in Romans, makes it very clear that we, as human beings are not children of God, we are not spiritual, we are merely mortals. We are creatures, we are mortals who cannot please God and we are not under the Law of God, and of course, in your experience so far, you know that that is true. You know a human being is not under the Law of God or he wouldn’t be dying of sin, of disease or poverty or slavery. None of these things ever happen to the person who is living under the Law of God. Therefore, all of our discords come only because we are living in a sense of separation from our source, and this makes of us the creature who is not under the Law of God, neither indeed can be.

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