This lovely Flow To God Entry is from Hilda S., the picture is by Inez S.


Truly Ready For You

GOD sits next to me and speaks,

“My question for you now, my love

Are you truly ready for me?”

I answered GOD without hesitation

I walk in beauty on the light of you

I listen in joy for the sound of you

I see in bliss at the sight of you

I am truly ready for you

I melt inside with the thought of you

I speak in fervour the way of you

I sing in earnest the song of you

I am truly ready for you

I am fortunate for the love of you

I am lucky to be in love with you

I am empty to be filled by you

I am truly ready for you

Then God says,

“Your readiness compels a loving path for you

And brings about the fulfillment and celebration of me alongside you

As I have always been ready for you”

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